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How To Woo A Woman: The 9 Commandments Of Seduction (Men Exclusive)

When was the last time you got a woman into bed?

Well, I guessed so.

If you are tired of being knocked over like a child that no female pays attention to, then let me show you how to woo a woman, seduce her, get her into bed and keep her by your side for as long as you want.

Who is this article for?

  • Virgins.
  • Nice guys who desperately do everything to please her (but without results).
  • Men who can hardly get laid, ending up to pointless masturbation to fulfill their sexual needs.
  • Men in a relationship where the woman dominates them (Believe me, this is an incredibly common phenomenon. Nowadays, males are so emasculated that women control and lead the relationship)
  • Men who spend tons of money and time to woo a woman, but with no results other than getting exploited.

All the above suck completely, but don’t worry if anything of these is true for you. It’s only temporary.

The days you didn’t have the success you wanted with women are finally over.

As soon as you read, understand and apply the 9 commandments of seduction you will get women drooling over you.

What’s more, you should read these even if you are in a relationship or even if you get laid regularly.

If you don’t live by these rules, you might have some fun nights here and there, yet you will hardly maintain a successful relationship.

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to accelerate your seduction-meter.

Ditch the Men’s Magazines and the crap dating advice, ditch the foolish pick-up lines and ditch the internet porn.

After all, you have ALREADY figured out that what they say doesn’t even work.


Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. You would be in the bed licking some pussy.

(I am sorry, but the truth hurts.)

However, today is the day you are going to learn how to woo a woman without losing your dignity, flattening your wallet or simply feeling like an idiot.

Follow the 9 commandments of seduction and your dating life will change radically from the moment you do so.

how to woo a woman

Commandment #1: Show Her What She Has To Lose

The 1st and most important thing I would like you to do, is a radical mindset shift.

Most men live their lives trying to get the affection of women.

And that’s why they CANNOT get it!

Isn’t it ironic?

After all, you have been told that if you are nice, polite and kind, then you are going to get the girl.

There is nothing wrong with these behaviors because politeness and kindness are traits of a gentleman.

Yet, most men tend to confuse being a gentleman with being a puppy.

Both are kind, nice and polite.

Yet, the difference lies in the details.

On the one hand, the puppy is a follower and on the other hand the gentleman is a leader.

NO serious woman on this planet wants to date a puppy for a long time. If she wanted a puppy, she would go to the pet shop and buy one.

Hence why women despise and reject men with the puppy-mentality.

The puppy-mentality is: “I will do whatever it takes to make you happy, even if I don’t like it sometimes. Just because it makes you smile.”

Isn’t that what a puppy does?

The puppy is always trying to please its owner and make him happy.

Wake up!

While a real puppy can do that and it’s really really cute, it’s repulsive for a woman to see a man behaving that way.

Here is the difference:

  • Men-puppies act as if the woman is the prize they have to win.
  • Real men act as if they are the prize that the woman has a chance to win.

My friend, if you don’t see yourself as the price, then you will never have a chance to woo a woman and get her into bed.

You are the prize that she has to win. Not the other way around.

You have to believe that if she doesn’t want to be with you, then she is the one to lose a tremendous opportunity, while you DO NOT have to lose anything.

If she doesn’t want you, you can always move on to the next one.

This vibe should be conveyed through your actions and non-verbal behavior. You won’t actually tell her that, but that’s the way you should program yourself to think.

Commandment #2: Make The World Revolve Around You (E.g Be More Selfish)

Prioritize yourself and your needs. NEVER put someone else’s needs before yours.

And this includes any woman, even if this woman is your mother, your ex, your girlfriend, your wife, your sister or even the holy trinity.

You do what you want to do with your life with no apologies and no regrets.

If you want to go out at night with your female friends, you go out and do not apologize for it.

(Note: keep your integrity and self-respect high, because this doesn’t mean you can disrespect her and cheat her behind her back. It’s another thing to have fun with your friends while showing respect to your girlfriend, and another to be a jerk, cheating her with the 1st opportunity you get.)

If she wants you to go out together, but you prefer to stay at home and work on your business, then you stay at home and do not apologize for your choice.

Remember Rule #1.

You are the prize. Not the puppy.

Real men do not apologize for being themselves, while puppies obey their master’s will without hesitation.

As a real man, you should make the whole world revolve around you, including her.

This doesn’t mean being a jerk, disrespectful or anything. It means that your needs come first and you owe no apologies to anybody for prioritizing your life.

“But, I see so many men being nice and having good relationships.”

Well, appearances can be deceiving sometimes.

You can try to be the nice guy who is not selfish and can’t spell out the word “no” to his girlfriend without sweat running on his forehead and his heart rate going up, pumping blood like crazy.

You can try to see what happens, but I warn you for the result: you will probably get cucked.

She will be talking or even having sex with someone else behind your back.

When (and ONLY IF) you discover it, she will claim that: that “her feelings are confused”, that “she felt neglected and wanted attention” or that “it just happened.”

how to woo a woman

This is pretty much how the lives of most modern men end up…

Do you want to avoid experiencing this harsh feeling of betrayal?

Stop being a nice and obedient puppy.

Prioritize yourself. Do what you want. If she doesn’t want to stay, the door is always open.

Should you be afraid that she might leave you for another man?

No. After all, you are the prize. She is the one who loses it the moment she leaves you and will be instantly replaced.

(Feminists can at this point freely get mad, cry and whine for what I said!)

Of course, women aren’t supposed to be replaced like if they were a car or a soulless object.

But if a woman is disrespectful and doesn’t treat you the way you want to be treated, then there is no reason for her to be in your life.

Obviously, another woman will take her place. You won’t become a Mormon.

Commandment #3: Be Lavish With Your Gifts (But Scarce As Well)

Gifts are the best way to seduce people in general, not only women. Showing selective kindness to any woman can be to your advantage.

For instance, my girlfriend is years by my side.

She was here when I didn’t have anything. She stayed during the hardships.

I paid for a 1-hour long session of relaxing massage & spa for both of us. That’s the kind of the nice gift a gentleman gives to a woman that deserves it.

Be very careful. There is a very fine line you don’t want to cross.

  • You shouldn’t give such gifts at the first date or during the first months.
  • You shouldn’t give such gifts consistently.

What’s given consistently is scorned as people start considering it as normal. Your gifts should be rare, surprising and completely unexpected.

Ditch the bullshit dating advice and ditch the flowers and chocolate for the Valentine’s day.

You can offer her a gift, but on your terms.

Only when the woman next to you deserves it and has rightfully won it. Never, ever make a gift to win her attention or keep her with you.

That makes you a puppy again.

A female that stays with you only because you pay for her clothes, housing, vacation, etc is a gold digger.

Women taking advantage of your wallet should be kicked out of your life immediately, unless you are aware that you don’t have a loyal girlfriend, but a high-end courtesan.

Make gifts, but do it in an unexpected way. That’s how you really woo a woman.

Women like surprise, suspense and mystery.

Women hate attention-beggars and men-puppies. That’s why they cuck them behind their back with real men.

One final, yet significant note.

If you are about to give a gift to a woman, prefer an experience that will be remembered and arouse her emotions for a long time when she thinks about it.

If you buy her a pair of shoes, she will get a shot of instant gratification and that’s it.

If you rent a hotel suite, buy two bottles of wine and have sex all night, she will remember it for years (and want more of it!).

Commandment #4: Never Accept Cheating

A man who respects himself doesn’t tolerate any cheating behavior and doesn’t give any second chances.

If she cheats on you, you simply say “goodbye”.

A woman who cheated you doesn’t respect you. If she doesn’t respect you now, she will never will.

No promise of change should make you back down on your words. You should be a rock. If you give her a 2nd chance, she will likely cheat on you again.

If it happens once, it’s probably because she is a slut and it’s not your fault. If it happens twice, it is your fault and you are the sucker my friend.

No second chances.

Make that clear from the beginning. If the conversation ever goes to cheating, make it perfectly clear that you don’t tolerate it for any reason.

Should you be afraid that she will leave you for someone else?

Well, you dummy, if she cheated on you, she had already left you.

All in all, if you have the right mindset I talked about in #1, you shouldn’t be afraid that she will leave you.

If you have the prize mentality, she is the one to lose by leaving you.

You have nothing to lose.

Commandment #5: Arouse Her Emotions & Interest

Women are mostly emotional creatures.

First of all, you must learn to use your words in a way that stirs up emotional reactions.

That’s not only useful for seducing women, but for your life overall.

Women do not communicate on a logical level to the same degree as men. Do not try to reach them logically, using facts and arguments.

Do try to reach them emotionally, using hints and implications. You can make vague and controversial statements as their imagination will do all the work for you.

Secondly, you must understand that the woman who will be by your side, is your female equivalent.

What’s your female equivalent?

It’s the reflection of your personality, success and character to the opposite gender.

For instance, Barcelona’s football star Gerrard Pique is married to the famous singer Shakira.

Both are rich, famous and successful.

how to woo a woman

On the contrary, an average-guy who is fat, broke and unsuccessful will be dating his female equivalent.

Not Shakira.

There are some exceptions to this rule. Yet, it works almost like a miracle.

So, the higher you move up to the ladder of success, you are going to date women that are hotter.

However, there is something more that plays a significant role – no matter how successful or rich you are.

You have to be interesting.

(Not so simple.)

Because you can be successful/rich, but incredibly boring – with nothing to showcase except your wealth.

Travelling, having lots of new experiences and trying new things on a daily basis is what makes a man more interesting.

Solo trips, living in a foreign country, skydiving, dance classes, reading books or whatever.

Spend your money and time on things that have a valuable return on investment.

Quiz: What’s going to make you a more interesting man? => 1) Playing Call Of Duty 2) Backpacking in Asia

Valuable experiences and insights add up to your personality and accomplishments. This “increases your level” and when this happens, you start dating women of a higher level.

This sounds really like playing a PC game, but if you think about it, life has a lot of similarities with video games.

Commandment #6: Have A Mission

No woman wants to date someone who is boring, a lazy slob who sits on the couch all day.

Women want men who have a mission in life.

They will hardly ever admit it. Most women say they want respect, humor, caring etc.

But what they are really looking for?

A man with a mission.

Someone who is not just a time-waster, a beer-drinker who only cares about his football team winning the big game.

A man without a mission is a man unable to evolve and grow into a better version of himself. Women are easily bored and if you don’t grow as a man they will get bored of you pretty soon.

Find your mission.

Grow as a man every single day and move towards your goals.

Winning over your goals, whether these are financial, mental or physical will help you win over more women.

how to woo a woman

Commandment #7: Play With Absence

Never be willing to see a woman at any given time.

If you are always available, see will soon consider your presence for granted.

Take a break. Don’t see her a couple days. Go out with your friends.

Or invest time in your personal growth.

Your absence and contempt will only increase her need to see you.

Just like the more saliva you add to a stamp, the stickier it becomes – the same happens to girls.

If she is attracted to you, the more you try to “avoid her”, the more interested she becomes.

But, be careful while doing that, because it could backfire.

For that reason, this should mostly come out naturally. Keep in mind Rule #1 and Rule#2.

Prioritize yourself.

Lastly, if absence doesn’t work in your case, there is an other extremely effective way to increase her desire.

Tap on the emotion of jealousy.

I only recommend doing that in the beginning of a relationship. Or in case that you are not really interested. Don’t try that on a long-term, more serious relationship.

How can you do that?

Simply create a situation where you are surrounded by other hot women (and make sure she notices it!).

It could simply be something like dancing with a hottie in the club, hugging a girl and walking together or even a Facebook photo.

All these show one thing. That women like you.

It doesn’t matter even if you are dancing with a girl you are friends with for 5 years. Just seeing you with another women makes her jealous.

When she notices that there is competition in the game, she will try harder to win you over.

Commandment #8: Look Staggering

A – Get in shape.

B – Upgrade your style.

If you only did these 2 things, you could dramatically increase your success with women. If you dress sharp and also have a great physique, you will easily get 50% more women into bed.

Your goal is not to just look good or “be fit”. You want to be staggering. You want women to notice you when you walk by.

First impressions always matter. Only losers don’t pay attention to their physical appearance and that includes both your style and body.

You don’t have to become a fashion/fitness model.

But the more you improve your body and style, the more attractive you are going to look.

Don’t listen to pick-up gurus telling you that you don’t have to look good to get the girls. That’s just an excuse fat/lazy people came up with to stay average.

You have to work on your looks, because looks matter.

Either way, every man who respects himself oughts to pay attention to his looks.

Commandment #9: It’s A Numbers Game

Have you ever thought that the reason you can’t get many women into bed, is because you are simply NOT approaching enough women.

If you have a hard time talking to females and making them fall for you, then you have to push against your comfort zone and approach more girls.

At the 1st stage, you have to acquire the courage to talk to girls. You don’t have to try to make them like you, get them into bed or anything.

Just talk to any woman you can see.

Approach a girl and ask her to tell you what time it is. Ask a random girl on the streets where you should go to find place X (even if you know where it is).

Just make yourself comfortable with talking to women. Go out for a walk. Do that every day, 1 hour per day for a week.

At the 2nd stage, you need to learn how to keep up the conversation and become more interesting.

Do the same thing, but try to increase the length of the conversation to about 1 minute. Then leave.

At this point your goal is to rewire your brain and feel comfortable with 1) approaching and 2) talking to a woman you don’t know.

It’s NOT to get their number, it is not to impress and it is not to get laid.

Do that for another week, 1 hour a day.


If you invest only 2 weeks in doing this, you will be better at picking up girls than the average Joe and you will notice a significant difference in your confidence.

If you are not willing to invest these 2 weeks in yourself, then you are doomed to masturbating to internet porn, never seeing or touching real titties.

After doing that, you only have to follow the previous 8 commandments of seduction. You will have more success with girls than you ever had.

If you successfully do this for 2 weeks, you can extend the challenge for more as you will see that the more time you invest in, the more interesting it becomes. And the more girls you get.

How To Woo A Woman: Conclusion 

That’s how you woo a woman and make her thirsty for your love and affection.

No pick-up lines, no fancy game theories, no complication, no bullshit.

Only real talk.

You can spend all your money on pick-up training courses and achieve nothing, or you can try the above path which is laid here for free and see the difference.

Keep daring and conquering.

Until Next Time,

Damian Pros

Bonus Tip:

When you finally get a woman into bed, here is the secret that will keep her there forever. Each and every time you have to fuck her like it’s the last day before you went into prison. Keep that in your mind before and during sex. If you do that, she will be always waiting patiently for the next time.

Bonus Resources:

A good book to read on the topic is: The Art Of Seduction By Robert Greene

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How To Woo A Woman: The 9 Commandments Of Seduction (Men Exclusive)

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