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“Why Am I A Failure?” – Because You Are Too “Soft”

why am I a failure

Has this question ever crossed your mind, but without being able to figure out a way to change it for real?

Here is what you might have tried, but didn’t help you:

  • Watching motivational YouTube videos
  • Browsing Instagram for inspiration by looking at profiles showcasing the joy of the luxury lifestyle.
  • Working harder and harder and putting more hours in what you are already doing, but without much success.
  • Wasting your money by hiring a “success coach” who has never been successful.
  • Going to “Success Mastermind” seminars and trying to make the law of attraction work for you.

In the beginning, you were asking yourself “why am I a failure?”

Now, after all this ongoing, futile effort and disappointment – you dramatize it, wondering “why am I such a failure!”

You cannot understand why you feel like a failure in life, even though the answer lies in front of your eyes.

It’s so obvious, that if the answer had two hands, it would slap you hard on both cheeks to wake you up.

You are not a failure. You are just too soft.

A wise man has once said:

“Adversity makes men, and prosperity makes monsters”

Victor Hugo’s words were really prophetic, even though he said that about two hundred years ago.

Modern convenience has definitely turned most men from warriors and conquerors to effeminate weaklings, sissies and wimps who can’t stand up for themselves and get what they want out of life.

Real men are builders, decision makers, mission-driven, unapologetic and strong.

Most modern men are excuse-makers, time wasters, submissive and weak.

The reason you feel like a life failure, is because you are not following your calling as a real man.

You have succumbed to the instant gratification derived from meaningless masturbation, modern comfort, paid sex, video games and processed food.

It’s not that you “are” a failure. It’s that you “have become” a failure as a result of your daily actions.

“Why am I a failure at everything I do” is a stupid question to ask because you already know the answer.

As Einstein wisely said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

You have to change what you are doing on a daily basis.The reason you feel like a failure is because you are constantly NOT doing what you are programmed to do as a man.

Modern comfort can be convenient, life-saving, efficient and satisfying. But if you are not careful, it doesn’t need much before it turns you into a wimp.

Or something worse…

Will you let that happen to you?

It’s entirely in your hands.

But if you want to stop feeling like a failure in life, you have to toughen up.

You feel like a failure, because you have become soft.

Therefore, to stop feeling that way – you have to become a mentally, physically and spiritually stronger version of yourself.

How To Toughen Up:

8 Ways To Stop Being Soft & Feeling Like A Failure 

Let me show you how to become the unapologetic, strong and relentless warrior you were born to be.

It’s not really easy, but it’s really simple.

Do you have the balls to pull it off?

1. Kick Some Asses & Punch Some Faces

Do you know what’s the one thing men have been doing since the birth of humanity?


Whether that’s fighting for survival, fighting for kingdoms or fighting in the ring, there is no single part in the history of the world that men have not been fighting.

Most modern men don’t even know how to punch.

If they saw their wife getting raped they would stand still and watch to avoid getting beaten…Disappointingly enough, some would even like the spectacle!

Why do you think Cuckold porn videos have lately become so popular?

According to Playboy:

When neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam analyzed the contents of a billion online search terms as research for their 2012 book A Billion Wicked Thoughts, they discovered that “cuckold porn” is second only to “youth” in heterosexual porn searches. (For the more literary-minded, a quick search for “cuckold erotica” on Amazon yields hundreds of books, including such clever titles as The Cuck Club and Lucky Cucky.)

It’s absolutely pathetic, but it’s real.

While I do not encourage violence when there are more civilized ways to solve your problems, if you have never taken a punch – then the odds of being a real, dominant male are not in your favor.

Men are born to fight, jump, kick, punch and run.

They are not made to sit down all day in front of an office – obeying to their superiors – and then going back home to watch TV.

I am not suggesting going out and beating people. And I am clarifying it because many people are so stupid to realize it.

We live in a civilized world and you can now enroll in a martial arts class – regardless of where you live. If you have internet access, you are most likely to have a martial arts instructor close to your place.

I would recommend boxing, Thai boxing, kick boxing or MMA.

The purpose here is not to learn self-defense, but to make yourself tougher. Get in the ring, throw some punches and take some. It will make you a better man.

More confident and assertive. More self-assured and more powerful. And most importantly, less soft and afraid.

2. From Hot To Cold

It was the Sioux Indian boys that used to open holes in the ice, jumped in the cold water and stayed there for several minutes.

This was what made them “men”.

I know that a hot shower is pleasant and rewarding at the moment you take it. But if the Indian Boys could jump in the freezing water, then what’s your excuse for not having the mental strength to even take a cold shower?

It takes discipline and persistence to stay under the cold water and not turn the switch to the hot, when the temptation is there.

The devil in your head tells you that the weather is too cold for having a cold shower.

Ignore the evil voice of instant gratification and persevere while the cold water keeps running on your body.

When you are out, you will be feeling like a brand new man.

3. Take The Stairs (The Elevator Is For The Old & Injured)

I live on the 4th floor.

Yesterday, I went out to the local supermarket to get some groceries.

It’s just 5 minutes from my home, but it was 12 pm in the noon and the sun was flaming hot. It was probably over 35° Celsius.

As I was walking back to my home, I was carrying all the groceries and two 9L water bottles. I found myself walking under the annoyingly hot sun while sweat was slowly running on my cheeks and forehead.

I was really tempted to take the elevator, and I had the perfect excuse to do it.

That’s when I realized I was thinking “softly”. I toughened up and took the stairs.

3. Seven Day Nutritional Detox

According to the famous health & nutrition book Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss, the average person consumes 71 pounds of artificial sweeteners a year.

That’s 22 teaspoons of sugar, per person, per day.

You love and crave sugar. The bad news is that the more sugar you consume, the more you crave it.

The good news that the reason you feel like crap is that you eat like crap.

The solution is simple. Get rid of it for at least 7 days.

Minimizing your sugar intake doesn’t only positively impact your health, but also increases your overall focus, productivity and endurance.

Remove all sweets, sugars, chocolate and processed foods from your diet schedule.

If it comes in a plastic bag or package, then you don’t eat it.

You can freely eat meat, eggs, chicken, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruits, veggies and legumes or whatever is less likely to be coming from a factory.

(Milk is obviously crossed off your list of allowed foods)

For the next 7 days, you are only going to eat nutritious, healthy, whole foods. Your body will thank you later.

NOTE: Nutritious and healthy doesn’t mean with terrible taste. Check out Kino Chef for healthy, nutritious and mouth-watering recipes.

4. Eat Some HIIT For Breakfast

The average man wakes up and eats a breakfast consisting of processed foods, sugars and additives.

He follows up with a sugary Starbucks coffee (or any other type of coffee) along with vanilla muffins or chocolate cookies.

The smokers finish their morning routine with 1 or 2 cigarettes.

That’s too easy, too soft and too pathetic. It doesn’t require any character strength to do that.

Let me suggest a better alternative. Begin your day with eating HIIT.

(No, it’s not a new brand of cereals!)

HIIT or high intensity interval training is an incredibly powerful form of cardio.

Not only do you increase your strength and endurance, but you also burn extra calories and unwanted fat.

Do it every other day, right after you wake up. Do it consistently and the difference will also show on your physique:


(That’s the program I am doing every other morning)

And I bet the girl in the video is in better shape than 98% of people who watch it.

5. About Running Errands And Doing Chores

When I was a teen, I used to “work” with my uncle.

However, his medical clinic is 1 hour away from his house by car. And my house is 20 minutes away from his house.

Normally, my parents would give me a fast ride. There was one day though, that I decided to take the bicycle.

I was cycling for over 60 minutes at a fast pace with a BMX bicycle (not the best choice for long distances) – and this amazing muscle pump in my legs lasted the whole day.

You don’t need to do that every day. But if you have the choice between walking/cycling and driving to where you want to go, make the right decision.

It’s ridiculous to see people driving 2 blocks away when they could easily walk, jog or cycle and combine their daily errands with improving their fitness.

Don’t take the bus/car – just walk, jog or cycle.

6. Eat Nothing For 2 Consecutive Days

Intermittent fasting is so amazing, that I cannot stand eating breakfast anymore.

While I usually skip breakfast and just push my first meal 5-8 hours after I wake up, there is a version of fasting that’s slightly more hardcore.

It’s called the 48 Hour Fast.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Saved time on food preparation and washing the dishes.
  • Makes staying lean and ripped effortless.
  • Increased productivity and focus.

The biggest benefit?

You are going against your body & mind’s tendency for comfort, balance and saving energy.

Instant gratification is the most forceful enemy within. Each and every time you indulge yourself in instant pleasure, you are becoming weaker.

Fasting is an extremely effective and powerful way to exercise your self-discipline and toughen up.

Just drink plenty of water and some black coffee in the morning. Don’t worry, you are not going to starve to death.

7. Do Not Masturbate – Go Out And Get Laid

Masturbation is another pathetic form of instant gratification – especially when combined with internet porn.

Once again, harnessing your sexual desires takes lots of willpower, but definitely pays off when you do it. Not masturbating makes you feel incredibly more masculine. I can vouch for that from personal experience.

Falling into the temptation only saps you of precious energy and makes you feel weak and tired.

Raise your standards, be a real man and go out to get laid.

Do you believe that Dan Bilzerian is surrounded by all these women because he used to spend his time masturbating?

Firing up another French/Italian Rivera trip in June with wild @bp2269 #FuckingLoveItaly

A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

Most men would feel intimidated by Bilzerian and therefore use the excuse that “women just want him for his money”.

To a certain degree, that could be true. But it’s not really the case.

Dan is a masculine man.

There are also other rich celebrities – such as Seth Rogen – who do not live like him.

Question for you: who would you consider more likely to spend his time masturbating? Bilzerian or Rogen?

why am i a failure

Even if they were just regular people and they didn’t have the money they have, who do you think women would find more attractive?

(Looks like 101% of you voted for Bilzerian.)

Masturbation is just an easy solution to satisfying your sexual desires.

This makes you feel like a failure.

Calibrating your social skills, dressing like a boss, making lots of money and working your ass off in the gym to become ripped is a harder option, but much better over the long-term.

This makes you feel like a million bucks.

Notice the difference?

8. Do 100 Non-Stop Push Ups 

Do you feel like you are such a failure?

Then try to do 100 straight push ups. If you cannot do that, then you are a failure – because you are not in top-notch physical shape.

Most men working typical office jobs, wouldn’t even be able to do a set of 10 push-ups with perfect form.

After all, the big belly touching the floor cuts the movement down in half.

In the worst case, you should be able to do 10 sets of 10 push-ups. That’s the minimum acceptable standard for a man to be called a man and not a woman.

Toughen up, remind yourself that your origins come from warriors and start doing daily push ups.

You have to be tough enough to do 100 push ups, non-stop. That’s the goal.

Spartan boys would easily eat 100 push ups for breakfast.


Man up, toughen up and do what it takes to turn your life around, stop feeling like a failure and blaze your own path in life.

Until Next Time,

Keep Daring And Conquering,

Damian Pros

PS: What are you going to start doing right now to toughen up?

Let me know in the comments and then SHARE this post with your friends on social media to help them become tougher!

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\"Why Am I A Failure?\" - Because You Are Too \"Soft\"

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