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3 years ago

What To Do If You Hate Your Job

what do do if you hate your job

Is there anything you could do when you hate your job?

Most of the times, there is really a lot you can do. Even if you despise your job but can’t quit because you need the money desperately.

Dealing with a job you hate is easy…only if you make it in the 1% of people that don’t have a “real job”, but still get paid well.

It’s saddening that if you search Google for “what to do if you hate your job” you get shoved down your throat a bunch of nonsense advice that leads nowhere and makes you despise your job even more.

“Post a visible reminder that this job is only temporary”

Hey Google, what is this non-sense? Is that piece of advice really helpful?

You can post a million reminders and you will keep hating your job, guaranteed. It might make you feel better temporarily, but soon enough, you will be hating it again.

Don’t believe me?

I just got back from the gym where I witnessed it first hand…

The story below illustrates my point:

It’s 8.45 pm. The gym is closing at 9 pm. I have to keep pumping iron like crazy for 15 more minutes before it’s over.

I gotta make every single minute count. I must get the most out of these last 15 minutes. I have to be fully immersed into the workout. 

This intense focus is what gets you results in the gym…and beyond.

Suddenly, my focus got lost because the lights turned off. But why?

I see a man in his 40s going around and trying to put the weights back in the rack. He looks like being in a hurry…strange.

He is in a hurry! He wants to get over with it. He wants his suffering to end as fast as possible..

As much as I want these last 15 minutes to last an eternity, he wants them to go by as fast as possible so he can get back home.


Because he hates every minute in the gym.

He works there. He cleans. He puts the weights back on the racks, mops the floors, takes the rubbish out and prepares the gym for the next day.

Why is he in such a hurry?

Because he hates his job. He is getting paid close to nothing. Perhaps 2 euros per hour. Who knows? Maybe less.

From his appearance, he looks like he is suffering. He seems weak, underfed, tired and resentful.

But he hustles…unfortunately, to no avail.

I’ve been meeting him there for 2+ years.

He looks exactly the same. He does exactly the same things. Nothing has changed in his life.

Regardless, I keep pumping iron, almost ignoring him. I take a minute to go to the bathroom. When I return, my bottle of water is gone. What the heck?

I look at the nearby trash can. I figured he must have thrown it there. The weights I was using? Back on the rack.

For a moment, I was furious. I would want to smash his head on the rack for messing with my things and disrupting the flow of my workout.

But that was it, just a moment of instant rage. I didn’t even say a word to him and silently continued my workout…

You see, I could put myself in his shoes. I know what it means to be working at a job you hate, for a low-pay. I could understand why acted that way.

So, I keep pumping iron.

8.55 pm. Only 5 minutes left till the gym closes. I keep pumping iron like crazy. A girl approaches me, and asks me if I am finished.

I notice the gym’s logo on her t-shirt. From the overall look, she should be a fitness instructor. But I’ve never seen her before, so I assumed she was another temporary member of the staff.

In the two years I’ve been going to that gym, I’ve seen dozens of young kids that have just gotten their degree in Sports Science “working” there. For low-pay, you guessed it.

Perhaps even for no-pay. Just for a mention in their resume…What a joke!

They sell their times and lives, and of course, they hate almost every moment they are doing it. Yet, they don’t stop…

Instead, they wait impatiently until it’s 8.55pm so that they can leave a little bit earlier. That’s their shelter, their hope…

And some gym freaks like me, “deprive” them of these 5 extra minutes of relief.

It’s such a shame they do not understand that they have deprived themselves, not only of these 5 minutes, but for 5 years in college and for 5 decades from now to their last days…

It’s so unfortunate and disheartening.

They wait impatiently for the moment they can leave, only for a few hours because they will have to return the next day. And the grind will begin again…

I want to get mad because they are interrupting my workout.

I want to get mad because it’s annoying to tell a customer they have to leave. I used to work as a waiter for a low pay like them, but I would never rush a customer out of the door so I could leave earlier.

I want to get mad, but I don’t.

Fortunately, I do not have to live like they live.

I am grateful for that. I am so grateful I can leave my…”job”… anytime that I want. That I can work anytime I want. That I can skip the work altogether if I want.

And because I am grateful for these blessings, I don’t get mad at them for messing with my workout.

What would be the point?

It’s their choice to be in a rush. It’s their choice to always try to leave 5 minutes earlier because they hate their job. It’s their choice to never change. It’s their choice to get paid low….

Thankfully, my choice was to never be like them.

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What To Do If You Hate Your Job: Lessons On Happiness & Getting Paid More

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