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How Spending $500 For A Washer Dryer Made Me Thousands Of Dollars

washer dryer

Each week I have lots of clothes I need to wash.

I go to the gym and lift heavy 3-5 times per week. When I come home, everything I wear + a towel goes directly to the laundry basket.

I also have dancing classes 4-5 times per week and practice every day at home.

As you can imagine, I have lots of clothes to wash.

Washing them by hand could literally destroy my productivity, but using a washing machine isn’t ideal either.

Not only because clothes take forever to dry – but hanging & pinning the clothes as well as taking them off the clothesline is a pain in the ass.

I even noticed that each time I wash my clothes, I spend around 20 minutes in total for hanging, pinning and unpinning them.

I value my time a lot, and I would like to save these 20 unproductive minutes, even if it only happens three times per week.

Unlike most people, I consider my time insanely important

I will never be waiting in a line in the supermarket to get a 10% coupon.

Neither will I ever camp outside a store for 10 hours to get the new iPhone or Air Jordans (people really do this!).

That’s crazy. No doubt about it.

But what about spending $500 just to save 60 minutes per week?

Isn’t that a waste of money?

As I discovered and you will discover too, it’s NOT. Actually, it’s a profitable INVESTMENT…

How Spending 500$ For A Washer-Dryer Saved 2880+ Minutes Of My Time

washer dryer

My new washer dryer.

At the first glance, 60 minutes every week seem insignificant. This is less than 10 minutes per day…

But, 60 minutes every week is actually 2880 minutes every year.

That’s 48 hours every year.

If you think about it, I can now live and enjoy 2 more days every year than anyone else.

Aren’t 2 more days every year something worth paying $500 for?

If you asked someone dying, he would say that 2 more days would be a god-sent gift. He would gladly pay $50.000 only to live two more days, let alone just $500.

However, most people believe that they are probably not going to die anytime soon.

As a result, they think they have endless time to spend. Which is obviously false, but most people realize it too late.

You DO NOT have endless time, and you have to savor every moment of your life.

You have to be willing to spend as much money as needed, in order to buy more time.

I see people afraid to spend money in order to save their time.

After all, you can always make more money. But you can’t make more time. It never goes back.

Doesn’t it make sense to spend money in order to save time?

Spend All Your Money To Save Time – Not All Your Time To Save Money

In fact, most people value their time so terribly that they are eager to spend many hours of their lives – provided that they save a few bucks.

I heard a man the other day saying that he drove 3 hours to the nearest city, to claim a $50 check for kitchen appliances.

I instantly knew this man was poor.

No rich person would ever do that.

On the other hand, men like him are afraid to spend their money when it comes to saving a few minutes of their time!

I told someone I know about my new washer dryer and how it saves me about 8.5 minutes a day. He laughed.

He told me that I shouldn’t waste my money like that…

A little did he knew that I made thousands of dollars by doing that.

A few months ago, it was the same person that spent 3 hours outside of a local Supermarket to get a 15 Euro coupon.

That’s how much he valued his time: 1 hour => 5 Euro.

Isn’t that a waste of time?

He could be making thousands of dollars during these 3 hours, yet he made the choice to save 15 bucks.

What’s more, if he knew he would die in a week, he would never do that. But now that he thinks he has his whole life ahead of him, he spends his time like it’s junk.

Most people spend their time to save money instead of spending their money to save time.

They are so freaked out about paying $20 to take a cab to the airport and go there in 20 minutes that they pay $5 to take the bus and get there in 60 minutes.

How much do you value your time?

When I work on Fiverr, I spend the least amount of time possible. I hired others to work for me and invest their own time.

That’s how I can get the best return on investment for my time.

I do everything I can to make sure that my time is invested in the most profitable activities.

I don’t even think about an hourly rate anymore.

Your final goal  should be to not care about an hourly rate and get paid for the results you bring.

Never put a price tag on yourself.

You should never say that your value is $X per hour, because no matter how high X is, your time is invaluable.

Not to mention that you can fall in the trap of underestimating your value and settling for less.

washer dryer

This is an ad I found.

Someone is offering housekeeping services at 3E / hour.

I don’t doubt that the person behind the ad may be in need of money. But this ad shows what putting a price tag on yourself means.

If you do that, stop  it.

If you can’t stop it immediately – which is totally understandable – try to stop it as fast as possible.

Spend Your Money To Save Time Even If You DON’T Have Money

The excuse most of you say when it comes to spending is that you don’t have the money to spend.

“Rich people have money to spend, so they can freely do it. But I don’t have money to spend, and I have to save as much as I can” – poor Jack complains.

But Jack doesn’t understand that rich got rich by spending money on the right things, even when they once were poor.

When you invest your money on the right things, eventually you end up making more money than you spent.

The washer dryer saves me just 8.5 minutes a day, but I invest these extra minutes to reading a book.

At this pace, I will be able to read about 1 extra book every 3 months. That’s four extra books per year compared to what I was already reading.

These four books are going to make thousands of extra dollars.

I invest my money on anything that could save me time, as this allows me to redirect my time to more profitable activities.

Remember: Spend money to save time. Don’t spend time to save money.

Pour Conclure

Your time is one of the most valuable commodities of your life, because it’s irreplaceable.

Making back the money you’ve spent is possible. Money isn’t irreplaceable.

On the other hand, the time you spend will never come back.

Have you ever thought how much time you have lost or keep losing in seemingly unimportant tasks?

Like washing your clothes. All these together add up.

Even if they seem insignificant if you look at them from a day by day perspective, they aren’t if you think about them from a long-term perspective.

I don’t say you should be obsessed with everything you do, count and save seconds from everything. That’s not enjoyable.

It could only be more stressful.

What I want to show you with this article is:

[bullet_block style=”size-16″ small_icon=”12.png” width=”” alignment=”center”]
  • How much you should value your time.
  • That you should stop putting a price tag on yourself.
  • That you should spend money to save time when it makes sense to do so.
  • That you shouldn’t spend time only to save a few bucks.
  • Even small changes in time management can make a big difference in your life.

That was all for today.

Until Next Time,

Keep Daring And Conquering,

Damian Pros

PS: Which are the most tragic things you have wasted your time on?

Do you have any good time management tips that could save lots of time for someone?

Let me know in the comments and then SHARE this post with your friends on social media to help them understand the importance of their time!

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How Spending $500 For A Washer Dryer Made Me Thousands Of Dollars

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