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Wall Street Playboys: A Blog Every Aspiring Winner Should Read

I have already written a resource post with some of the best blogs/resources you should check out.

But when someone/something really makes me say “wow” (like Greg O’Gallagher or Victor Pride), then I want to write a special post.

Today’s post is about Wall Street Playboys – a blog about Life, Finance & Wall Street.

While I am not interested in Wall Street, I am hugely interested in Life and Finance. And I guess you are too, if you are reading D&C.

The people behind Wall Street Playboys say they are real Wall Street Professional and as it turns out: really rich.

While anyone can claim whatever he wants on the internet, these guys seem legit.

You can understand it if you carefully see the way they operate, write and think.

Rich people think differently.

Another thing I enjoy about this blog is that they are not afraid to separate the winners from the losers  and weed out people who are mediocre, regular and conformists.

As you become more and more successful, you start realizing that you have no time for average people who aren’t eager to learn or change.

Wasting your time to change someone who doesn’t want to change won’t lead anywhere.

The solution?

Ignore these people. For instance, it’s better to have 5 truly valuable friends than 50 average friends.

Choose quality over quantity.

Save yourself from the hassle, losing time and overall disappointment that “quantity over quality” involves.

Who Should Read The Wall Street Playboys?

wall street playboys

Everyone interested in becoming richer, without only speaking  from a financial standpoint.

Being rich is a state of mind.

The money you have in your life is only a reflection of your wealth.

Becoming rich is not only about having tons of money – it’s also about having rich relationships as well as mental and physical health.

This article explains it perfectly: What Is Rich?

Read it a few times to make sure you understand everything covered in there.

If you find yourself easily offended by what’s said in that article (or the whole Wall Street Playboys blog) then maybe you are not ready for success.

If their advice triggers your brain to think differently – out of the box – then that’s a great start.

Ultimately, if you are interested in making more money, living a better life and becoming successful, add Wall Street Playboys in your reading list.

Some Of The Best Wall Street Playboys Posts To Check Out:

  1. The Brutal Truth About Friends
  2. Money Making Machine
  3. The Definite Guide To Doing The Opposite
  4. You Don’t Want To Sell? Too Bad

These would be enough to start with. You can find several valuable articles on their site.

I would recommend spending a few days to get through each category – both Life and Personal Finance contain lots of wisdom nuggets.

Also, be sure to follow the Wall Street Playboys on Twitter.

Their tweets often convey tons of knowledge condensed in less than 140 characters that Twitter allows for each tweet.

PS: Read the blog.

It’s Dare and Conquer Approved.

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Wall Street Playboys: A Blog Every Aspiring Winner Should Read

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