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Lessons Learned From Victor Pride After Reading 150+ Articles For 28+ Hours

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What You Learn From Victor Pride After 7 Consecutive Days Of Reading Bold and Determined.

Some months ago I stumbled upon a website called Bold and Determined and a guy named Victor Pride. I have found a lot of valuable advice by reading some random articles.

After that point I was reading Bold and Determined every time that Victor published a new article

(Update, May 2020: Victor has taken a different life trajectory. Bold & Determined is now defunct. The information in this article is the only remaining knowledge from the old Bold and Determined site. It’s still outstanding advice, despite Victor’s quitting blogging and entrepreneurship forever.)

However I haven’t read a lot of articles written before 2015. And I thought it would be a good idea to read them now.

Since I have finished my monthly book reading schedule 1 week earlier – I decided to spend the remaining week reading all the articles that Victor Pride has written on Bold and Determined in the previous 5 years.

At first I wanted to read them all. But after 7 consecutive days of reading about 4 hours per day I have read about 150-200 (lost the count).

I decided to stop today because I have to start a new book tomorrow. But even if I haven’t read all the articles as I wanted to do initially, I still got many of valuable tips.

No matter what I read, I always keep notes. Either on a notebook or in a commonplace (if I read online).

So here I am presenting you the most important notes I wrote down in my commonplace after 28 hours of reading over 150 articles from Victor Pride:

How To Become Successful, Get What You Want & Crush Your Goals:

★Don’t invest in other people or material objects. INVEST IN YOURSELF!

Most people chose to spend their money to fulfill their materialistic needs. Unfortunately, this causes three serious problems.

1. Emotional attachment to non living materials.

2. Debt because of loans that you take to pay for all these things.

3. Wasted money that you could use in a better way.


You should invest them in yourself. Spend your money only on things that will make you a better person or will bring you more money.

★ When you are broke you must be actively doing whatever you can to change your situation. There is no room for rest until you have succeeded. How can you rest when you are broke?

★ A real man must have two things. Money and balls. Most importantly balls, because with balls you can make money. With money you can’t make balls.

★ You must have a reason for everything you do. Then back up this reason with a plan and execution of the plan.

victor pride

★Do not invest in stuff. Invest your money in networking, business and traveling. Invest your money in improving yourself.

★In order to succeed, you have to spend your money. But you have to spend it wisely and only at things that matter. Things that bring you the most value. Don’t worry about the cost of the investment. Worry about not investing in an opportunity that could change your life.

Working for someone else isn’t safe at all. You could be fired any time. When you work for someone you sell your time for less money than the money you could make on your own.

★Don’t ask if it’s going to be easy. Ask if it’s going to be worth it.

★Instead of complaining about what successful people have that you don’t, study what they have done. Learn from them. Reverse engineer their success for your own benefit.

Even if inspiration isn’t there, you have to show up and do the work – this is how you create art.

★ People hardly succeed because they don’t think big and over the long haul. They care about what they can get now.

★ Ignore the doubters. They don’t know what’s inside your head. Only you know. Trust your gut instinct and don’t seek for approval from anybody.

Nobody will believe in you unless you have already achieved something. But even then, they will doubt you if you strive to achieve more.

★ Don’t fake it till you make it. Be it. Lead by example.

★ Don’t be a passenger in the car of your own life. Don’t ask for permission. Take your own choices and face the consequences. Good or bad.

★ Being a lone wolf doesn’t mean you really have to be lonely, living in solitary confinement. It means you don’t need constant attention, that you are self-reliant and in charge of your life.

★ Your attitude is what determines your success. You have to be a pro from the get go.

RULE 1: Never Say “I will do it and I will see how it goes”

RULE 2: Say “I am going to do this, and I won’t give up until it works”

Do everything like a professional from the very beginning.

Tips On Saving Money, Making Money Online & Using Money The Right Way:

★ Buy used, search for cheaper prices in the internet, buy in bulk or wait for a sale to save money on your purchases.

★Word of mouth and a great product = BIG MONEY. Build THE BEST product that helps people – give it for free to 500 people – let word of mouth show and use their feedback to sell it.

THE BEST has no competition! Even if there are a million other websites. They are all poop. Who cares how many they are?

★If you want to work from home you have to be a pro. The fact that you are working from home doesn’t mean you are allowed to goof off all day. Act like a professional. Get the work done and then do whatever else you want to do.

★Benefits Of Working Online

  • More free time for yourself. If you want a day of you can take it.
  • Bigger motive to become better – the more you work the more money you make. In a job, you will make the same money no matter how good you are

★Sell your products “subtly”. Don’t push. Just mention them here and there and offer a solution.

★The Internet is the best money-making tool in the entire history.

victor pride

Tips For Aspiring Bloggers:

★Your posts must create one of the following reactions to readers:

  1. Wow!
  2. Aha!
  3. Get inspired as hell!

★A blog has a very lower monetary investment than any other kind of business while having the potential to make decent money.

★ You can make money from your blog by making your blog an authority. You don’t need niche blogs. Each great article you write is a niche site by itself, that builds your main’s site reputation and authority.

★ Diversify your income in 2 ways: affiliate marketing and satellite sites. Satellite sites are designed differently and do different things than your own blog, but they carry the same authority.

Build multiple sources of income but not multiple sources of focus. Keep your focus on 1 thing.

★To be successful you have to be relatable. You have to express yourself. Be you.

★If you want to make it work, you have to treat your art-blog-writing as a real business.

★When you are an artist you have NO COMPETITION. No one can re-create you. You might leave long hair and do the moonwalk but you will never be Michael Jackson. You can shave your head and become huge but you will never be The Rock.

★If you want to make money blogging you have to walk the walk before talking the talk.

Tips On Lifestyle & Mindset For Winners:


If you want to be happy with your life you have to work in a space that is fulfilling. Nobody is really happy just by sitting in his bed or at a beach drinking mojitos. This will become fucking boring in the end.

Live Below Your Means

If you want to get out of the 9-5, you have to get rid of all unnecessary bills. You don’t need to buy luxury, buy only what you can’t live without. The right time to buy luxury is when luxury seems cheap to you.

★ 3 Things To Do When You Wake Up To Be More Productive:

1. 10-30 minutes cardiovascular exercise.

2. Cold shower

3. Dress like a winner wolf.

★ Being Even More Productive:

Your goal shouldn’t be just to finish your tasks. You should try to finish them ASAP. Always set short deadlines to finish your work.

★ Finding a temporary job and enjoying a steady paycheck is a dead-end. Waiting until something better comes is not a strategy for winning. The better will never come if you don’t take action, if you don’t take a risk.

★For most people, being location independent means traveling to South America or East Asia and living with $500-1000 per month. You can live pretty decent in these countries with that money. Even better than decent.

Damian’s note: my idea of location independence is making $50,000 to $100,000 a month, and living ANYWHERE in the world you please. London, Dubai, New York, Los Angeles should not be out of your limits.

Tips On Human Relationships

★If you want to make someone else do you a favor, use the Benjamin Franklin effect. Make them do a very small favor for you. Then they will post-rationalize this behavior and will be more likely to do the same in the future.

Make someone give you a little investment and they will soon give you more. This something must be: time-emotions-money-material object.

victor pride

Victor Pride’s Advice On Running Your Own Business Successfully:

★You have to think about your business 24/7. Think, live and breathe about your business.

★You will never be financially free by saving a bit of your income every month. Neither by cutting down Starbucks coffees. The only way to become rich is to be a producer and create something that people need.

★If you want to be financially free you have to increase your earnings. Not save money from your already limited income.

This doesn’t mean you should spend all your money. You should save your money to invest them in opportunities. Not for retirement. You have to spend money to get money.

Don’t save money to pay your bills. Minimize all your bills so you don’t have to work a job to pay them. Big expenses don’t improve your life quality, they just cause more stress.

The poor buy things, the rich buy assets.

If your business doesn’t help people and doesn’t offer a solution to their problem, it will fail. Your business must give a great product and deliver what it says.

★NEVER but never take advice from people who are unsuccessful. Don’t take money advice from people who are not wealthy! NEVER.

★If you want to achieve something you have to think about every day and visualize it.

★Stop spending money on dumb shit. Spend money on assets that will help you make more money.

★Money has little to do with happiness. It has a lot to do with providing you freedom. Whether you are happy with a lot of money or happy with less money it’s up to you.

★ When you can’t pay with cash for something, never put it on credit. If it’s out of your price range, find a way to make more money so you can buy it with cash.

★You will never become wealthy if you are in debt or if you have expensive bills every month. Get rid of the bills and get free.

★You should believe in your business/product. If you don’t believe in it you can’t get others believe in it.

Do you read Bold and Determined and Victor Pride? What do you believe about the advice above?

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Lessons Learned From Victor Pride After 150+ Articles & 28+ Hours

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