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4 years ago

Usain Bolt’s Gold Medal Collection Reveals What It Takes To Be The Best

usain boltImage credit: Marc Lecureuil

Usain Bolt is a world phenomenon, one of the best athletes of all time.

If you aspire for greatness; if you have the burning desire to be the best; then why not learn from a man who is the best?

Usain Bolt became the first athlete to ever win both 100m and 200m in not just one, but three consecutive Olympic Games!

His first success came in 2008, when he won the gold medal even though everyone expected him to fail.

Why did everyone expected him to fail?

Because Usain was just 21 years old back then!

In this era we live in, when you are young,

people expect you to be average.

They expect you to be a mindless drone that follows a predetermined path to living your life.

They don’t expect you to be a multimillionaire or a winner in the Olympic Games.

So, what can you learn from Usain Bolt in order to become a multimillionaire, a gold medalist, a high-earning CEO, a world-class artist or whatever the hell you aspire to be?

Here are the 6 things Usain Bolt can teach you about success in life, and what it takes to be the best:

1.Your Age Is Just A Number

Usain Bolt won a gold medal in the Olympic Games when he was only 21 years old.

Age did not matter much to him, because it’s just a number written on papers. It’s not an indicator of success.

It all comes down to overcoming your mental barriers, and stop thinking of your age as a limitation.

I am 20 years old and own a 6 figure-company, even though I have had my failures in the past.

In fact, many people consider that being young means that you are not ready or mature enough to experience extraordinary success.

That’s not true. I consider myself being very successful for my age bracket.

A top one percenter.

Usain Bolt was also a one percenter when he was 21. He is still a one percenter at the moment.

Has your age ever stopped you from aiming sky high?

If yes, then it’s probably because you let someone’s stupid comments to keep you average.

Average-talkers typically say things like:

  • “You are too young for this. Why not wait?”
  • “You have all the life ahead of you”
  • “Just be patient and start when you are ready”

Average-talkers have patted you on the back and made you believe that you should live in your safety bubble instead of going out to the real world and make a killing.

Whether you listen to them or not, it’s one hundred percent up to you.

You can close your ears and become successful at 11, 21, 41 or 71, or you can keep listening to their non-sense and let them pat you on the back to feel good about yourself now, but never achieve any sort of greatness.

What do you choose to do?

If you want to accomplish extraordinary things, you can accomplish them at any age, I assure you.

2. Anything Other Than #1 Is A Failure

Losers have a mentality that’s so contagious that it can infect you and destroy you without you ever realizing what happened.

Just like average-talkers, there are loser-talkers that turn you into a loser if you sit down and listen to them.

You must have heard people saying:

  • “I will just go and give my best self regardless of the result”
  • “What matters is the effort”
  • “I do it for the experience”

These phrases are regurgitated by losers in all areas of life.

No winner ever talks like that.

Winners have mastered the art of self-talk, a basic brain programming principle that I talk about in my book, Unleashing Yourself.

When you talk like in the aforementioned examples, you are pre-framing yourself to expect NOT to win.

You are bullshitting yourself and saying excuses beforehand, to justify the failure you know that will come afterwards.

I am sorry for ruining your happy, Peter Pan and Tooth Fairy little world, but there are no rainbows and unicorns in the Winning World.

I remember being 12 years old and going to a regional swimming championship to participate.

I “just went for the experience”. Obviously, I didn’t win. I didn’t even come in the top 5.

On the contrary, I listened a trainer talking to one of his athletes.

He was mad at him…for coming 2nd!!!

I thought:

“Wow, that trainer is crazy and completely irrational.  Why does he talk like that to a 12 year old kid? How come is 2nd place a terrible result?”

But it is terrible indeed…when you are destined to be a winner!

And the trainer wanted his athlete to be nothing more than a winner. Numero uno. The best. A top one percenter.

Notice that when you aim at the top, you are going to reach it very closely even in case of failure

If you “fail” you might end up being 2nd or 3rd. Ordinary people will still consider you a winner.

If you don’t aim at the top, do you know where you are going to end up if you fail?


This is the place you don’t want to be. Nobody will remember you and no reward comes from living at the nowhere-land.

Conqueror’s Law: To be the best, do not compromise with anything less than the 1st place.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

3. You Succeed Only If You Don’t Give A Damn About Other People’s Expectations

All those who thought that Usain Bolt wouldn’t make it in the 2008 Olympics were left slack jawed when he won the gold medal.

All of those people that expected me to fail and starve when I told them that I quit college are now envious of what I have accomplished.

How could they not feel bad about themselves?

After all, they see me swimming at a rooftop pool in one of the richest cities in the world (Dubai), with the view of the highest skyscraper in the world right at the other side.

Instead of this, they have to work dead-end jobs to make ends meet or keep up with going to college even if they are not really interested in their studies.

I understand why they feel they way they feel.

If any of them ever reads this, they are most likely going to get offended because they have become too soft.

But, I know that there will be some winners who won’t get offended. Instead, they will reflect and see that this life path they followed, leads to nowhere.

After contemplation, they will realize what they have to do to become successful and they will eventually change their lives.

4. A Brick A Day, The Highest Building Of The World In 6 Years

When your dreams are bigger than your excuses, you will eventually end up living them.

A photo posted by Entrepreneur?Travel✈️Inspire? (@damianprosofficial) on

Burj Khalifa is the highest skyscraper in the world as of now – with a height of 828 meters.

When I visited the building to go up to the top levels, I learned that it took 6 years to write history and break a record in regard to the construction of Burj Khalifa.

While it was not built with “a brick a day”, I am using this metaphor to communicate with you the power of consistency over a prolonged period of time.

In case of Usain Bolt, it was also about 6 years before he became successful and well known (coincidence?).

According to

The first major international sporting event which Bolt had participated in was the ‘IAAF World Youth Championship’, held in 2001 at the Hungarian city of Debrecen.

Usain Bolt was born in 1986, thus he was 15 years old when he participated in the ‘IAAF World Youth Championship’.

Instead of working in dead-end jobs as many 15 year olds do, Usain Built decided to work on himself and conquer his wildest desires.

Almost 6-7 years later, in the 2008 Olympic Games, he won his first Gold Medal.

Usain Bolt accomplished an extraordinary achievement at the age of 22,  after consistently working on himself for several years.

His “brick a day” strategy paid off. While in Usain Bolt’s case it probably was hours upon  hours of training a day, it’s still “a brick a day”. Day in and day out.

What matters is to do it every day, regardless of your mood or the circumstances.

Day in, day out.

That’s what greatness is made of.

Your life, your choice.

5. You Can Become Successful Regardless Of Where You Come From

Usain Bolt comes from Jamaica and he is black.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with Jamaicans or blacks. What I mean here is that some people might be born in places where they are given less opportunities and privileges.

It’s different to be born in America and speak English and different to be born in Kenya and speak Swahili.

But, where you are born or how many opportunities you are given does not determine your life that much.

What really matters the most, is what you do about it and how many opportunities you take advantage of.

When I was in Dubai, I met a black guy in the metro. He told me that he was working in a big firm in Dubai and that he came from Ghana.

He is probably making around $50.000 a year working there.

While that’s not “rich-money” nor do they give you financial freedom, it’s pretty good for a young lad from Ghana. Especially if you consider that most people in Africa live impoverished.

I don’t know his life story, but he somehow grabbed an opportunity, left Ghana and he is now in Dubai, the city of Dreams, where everything is possible.

Forget where you come from. Forget what color your skin has. Forget about the perceived limitations that others have imposed upon you.

The only thing that matters is how you handle the things you have direct control over.

Your habits, your mindset, your lifestyle and your social environment among others.

Winners are gonna win, regardless of where they come from.

6. Obsessed & Ruthless = The 2 Traits All Winners Possess

Being obsessed with your mission and goal is a prerequisite for your success. Those who are not obsessed with what they want to accomplish, end up being too easily distracted.

Obsession is a key trait that all successful people possess.

How do you know if you are obsessed enough?

You don’t have to guess. People are going to tell you, so it’s easy to figure it out. It will come in the form of comments like these:

  • “Come on, you can do that another day. Let’s go out and have fun”
  • “You spend up too much time doing this. You should relax a little bit. Life is not only [insert obsession].
  • “Maybe you should slow down your pace. You don’t need to reach the stars right away. Chill a little bit”

If you hear those comments from your surroundings, then congratulations!

You are on the right track!

People who have never accomplished any hint of extraordinary success are going to use these comments because (1) they want to keep you at their level or (2) they can’t understand what it means to have a mission.

It simply feels weird that you are progressing so fast and they remain at the same place. Being stationery can really destroy your soul from within.

Secondly, you don’t only have to be obsessed with your mission & goal.

You also need to be ruthless.

Losers and naysayers won’t only try to keep you at their level, but they will also feel offended if you do not listen to them.

They might say you are “cold-blooded” or “heartless”. Should you care about their comments?

No, because if you are too concerned about what losers and naysayers think of you, that will keep you down at their level.

Regardless of what they might say or do to keep you down, you have to be ruthless. If that means to completely shut them off, then let it be that way.

You DO NOT want to be surrounded by average-talkers, loser-talkers and naysayers that never work on themselves and do not have a life purpose.

You only want to be surrounded with people who push you up and don’t waste your time by trying to keep you down at their level in order to feel better about their inability to succeed.

Unless they are ruthless and obsessed as well, you want to hold a distance.

Pour Conclure

People will say that you cannot be like Usain Bolt. That Usain Bolt is…Usain Bolt.

Usain Bolt is the man that he is because he created himself from ground up. He is special now, but he wasn’t special some years ago. Usain Bolt was just a nobody before winning his first Gold Medal. He became somebody when he achieved his first major victory.

  • Nobody knew Usain Bolt before he had won his first gold medal.
  • Nobody knew Arnold Schwarzenegger before he first won the Mr.Olympia contest.
  • Nobody knew Mark Zuckerberg before he created Facebook.

They have all made themselves household names in their industry because they achieved something extraordinary, but nobody knew them before that had happened.

They were normal people lost in the crowd, just like hundreds of thousands of others. The reason why they are now recognized is because they didn’t let anybody tell them what they can be and what they can do with their lives.

People told Usain Bolt that he cannot be a Gold Medalist, but Usain Bolt did not give a shit and became a Gold Medalist anyway.

People told Schwarzenegger that he wouldn’t make it in Hollywood, but Arnold did not give a shit and made millions in Hollywood.

So, don’t let others stick a finger in your face and tell you what you cannot do. Just do your own thing and if they do not agree with that, simply do not give a shit and do what you wanna do.

That’s how you become the best.

Until Next Time,

Keep Daring And Conquering,

Damian Pros

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Usain Bolt \'s Gold Medal Collection Reveals What It Takes To Be The Best

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