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4 years ago

This Phrase Is The Reason Most People Are Weak – Do You Use It?

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this quote:

“If I didn’t have a job and lifting was my job, I’d be that strong too!”

No you wouldn’t. You would be playing Xbox all day, engrossed in reality TV, and sleeping until noon.

You are weak because you are weak.” – Jim Wendler

I have never heard of Jim Wendler.

After a quick google search I figured out he is a pro weightlifter and writer over at T-Nation.

Anyway, this quote of him really stuck into my brain. Really, how much truth is there in his words?

Only a couple of hours after I stumbled upon this quote, I heard a man blasting and calling names and being so angry he would nearly kill someone.

Do you know the reason he was so angry?

He lost $12.000 dollars!

Well, actually, he lost $12.000 dollars that he never had. It seems that he bet on football games online.

He bet around $30 and forecast 7 out of 8 football results. He lost only one game…

I heard him saying:

“I should have bet on the other team. I had that feeling. If I had bet on the other team I would have won $12.000″

Now, think for a moment:

How many times have you said: “If I had done so and so, then I would…”?

Just once? Twice? Or more?

The ugly truth is that most people blatantly abuse this phrase and use it over and over to feel good about what they could have achieved (but didn’t).

Now, I will say something that will probably make you feel WORTHLESS and offended…

Why will I say it if it’s supposed to make you feel bad?

Because I don’t care how you will feel.

I only care about who you are going to become.

And if what I say is going to shake your ground and wake you up, then that short-term feeling of inferiority will soon be replaced by a feeling of unparalleled boldness and relentless power.

I am not spending my time writing here to tell you how great you are.

I have no intention to be your “good friend” who always agrees with you and says: “yes bro, you are awesome!”.

If you are doing it wrong, I am going to put your ass in the grass and tell you that you are doing it wrong.

So, with that said, let’s move on:

“IF I HAD DONE SO AND SO” is an excuse weak people use to justify their failure.

A weakling always uses that phrase: “If I had done so and so” then I would blah blah blah…

Instead of accepting the failure and moving forward, the weakling keeps telling himself the same excuse. Over and over again. Like a broken CD-player.

“If I had done this, then I would have succeeded”.

Honestly, you should think if you really use that phrase. Don’t tell me. Just think about it and be sincere with yourself.

If you use it, it’s probably one of the reasons (if not the only one) you are not as successful as you would like to be.

You are constantly failing, remaining stationary, but keep praising yourself about how awesome you are.

My friend, stop deceiving yourself…

If you didn’t do something, you didn’t do it. There is no “If I had done this, then I would have won”.

You lost. Loss is a part of the game. Nobody can always win.

But if you keep deceiving yourself and thinking that you didn’t fail because “you could have done it differently”, then you will keep losing forever…

Do You Use This Self-limiting Phrase That Makes You Weak & Minimizes Your True Potential?

weakI used that phrase in the past. A lot. I wasn’t much different from many others.

I couldn’t realize the damage I was causing to myself when using it.

When I would see a pretty girl, I would not do anything to seduce her.

After the club, while relaxing alone in my bed, I would proudly say: “If I had talked to her, I could certainly have sex with her. But, I have other priorities. I don’t have time for girls”.

What a big sucker I was!

I was hiding my inability to pick up a girl and telling myself excuses about why I didn’t do it…

Isn’t that the behavior of someone who is weak?

“If I wanted, I could have done it” is one of the biggest lies people tell themselves. It’s a COLOSSAL EXCUSE.

A big, massive, shameful excuse suckers say to themselves to feel better for their “sucker-ness”.

Man, if you suck – you suck. Don’t try to hide it. Everyone can see it.

Girls can see it and will laugh at it.

As Jim Wendler wisely stated: You are weak because you are weak.

What you “could have done” doesn’t matter to anybody else than yourself. What you “actually did” is what matters.

If what you “actually did” sucks, then do something for it instead of trying to hide your failure under your hat.

Stop saying “If I had done so and so” and, for God’s sake,  do “so and so”!

Saying: “If I had done so and so” makes the failure feel better.

Anybody can say “If I had done so and so”.

A few can shut their mouth, accept the reality and really do so and so…

If you believe you can do something, then go for it, do it and show us what you did.

On the other hand, if you keep saying “if I had done so and so”, then you are never really going to do anything worthwhile.

What do you prefer?

Do you want to be strong like a mighty gladiator?

Or do you want to be an insecure, little, teeny tiny mouse living inside its little safety hole?

you are weak because you are weakA couple of months ago, I visited the Colosseum in Rome.

I saw the reconstruction of the arena where the Gladiators used to fight.

Do you think any of these mighty warriors ever said: “If I wanted, I could win the fight!”

Hell no…

They would either win the fight or lose it.

They were not fools enough to believe that they could have won “if their blade was sharper” or “if the day wasn’t rainy”.

Don’t you think it’s time to become a Mighty Gladiator?

Someone who can “actually do so and so” instead of receiving praise for things he had not achieved yet?

Some months ago, I made the decision to stop being a sucker and it all started when I stopped saying “If I had done this, then I would blah blah”.

Now it’s your turn.

Never dare to say that phrase or a similar one again. Delete them all from our vocabulary.

Start acting like if you were a Mighty Gladiator.

Life isn’t much different now than it was thousands of years ago. Winners are still the winners and losers are still the losers.

Join the right crew. Join the crew of the winners.

Stop using this self-limiting phrase. Stop saying “If I had done this, then I would have succeeded”.

It’s time to really do what you want to do.

Talk Soon,

– Damian Pros

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This Phrase Is The Reason Most People Are Weak – Do You Use It?

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