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4 years ago

Things Men Wish Women Knew: 25 Complaints, Secrets & Never Do’s

things men wish women knew

Things Men Wish Women Knew About Relationships, Life & Sex

 They say that the way women think is a mystery to men. But what about the way men think?

What about all these juicy little secrets, complaints, never do’s and other things men wish women knew, but never told them?

Or told them but they never listened…

Here they are. Feel free to add your own in the comments below – based on your personal experiences – and rest assured that I will add the best ones in this list – the goal is to reach 101 things men wish women knew.

Let’s see which are the first twenty-five:

1.Obsessiveness Is Intolerable

It’s good to be a little jealous sometimes as it makes the other one feel desired and important.

But don’t you think that digging in your man’s phone messages when he is in the shower is too obsessive?

2. Pajamas Should Be Banned After High School

Watching his girl walking around in Tom & Jerry’s pajamas isn’t the most sexy thing a man would like to see when he comes back from work, college or whatever else he does during the day.

Whatever has to do with cartoon, rainbows, unicorns and other childish stuff should not exist in a woman’s wardrobe. Unless you want your men to jerk off when you are away from home…

3. Bathroom Is a Holy Area

It’s better for our sexual life to eliminate conversations when one of us is in the bathroom taking care of business.

Don’t you think?

I don’t want to know what you are doing there and you don’t want either. And please don’t ask for toilet paper after you are already in the bathroom…

4. Never Diminish Your Value As A Woman

Men want women who are confident and self-assured. When a man listens to something that shows incredible doubt and insecurity, then he loses respect of his woman.

I had a girlfriend once telling me: “I know you don’t like me anymore, I have seen how you look at X and I know she is more beautiful than me…”.

Never, ever diminish your value as a woman…this smacks of insecurity and men don’t like that.

5. Never Lose Control Of Your Emotions

Becoming extremely angry to the point you start shouting and screaming out of despair makes men lose respect of you again.

Getting mad, slapping doors and throwing stuff out of the window shows that you are overly aggressive…and we don’t like it.

6. Calling Names Makes Women Sound Like Truck Drivers

No offense to track drivers, but listening to a woman speaking like a member of a ghetto gang is simply disappointing.

It doesn’t make you sound cool.

7. Smoking Doesn’t Make You Look Hot

Many girls literally believe that holding on a cigarette makes them seem badass, sexy or something like that.

Actually, it’s exactly the opposite. Not only you smell horrible after smoking, but you also show that you don’t respect your health.

I have to admit that some women are sexy when smoking, but it depends on the way they do it. Of course this doesn’t change the horrible smell or health issues.

8. Smoking In The Club Probably Makes You Look Like a Slut

It depends on your overall attitude and dressing style but you are probably not passing out the “loyal girlfriend” message.

You are passing more the “one night stand material’ message.

9. There Is A Big Difference Between Dressing Sharp & Dressing Slutty

There is a huge gap between looking elegant, stylish and hot and looking like a whore.

Girls go out wearing high heels, bralets and extremely high/tight shorts that reveal every inch of their bodies except their most sensitive areas.

Then they complain why all men act as jerks. If you present yourself like a slut, then men will treat you that way.

You can dress sharply without being a slut. Why don’t try it and see the difference?

There are women (a few) that make you lose your minds when you see them – without dressing like whores. Be one of them.

10. Getting Angry On Pointless Things Makes You Look Dumb

We simply have to question your intelligence when you get mad on silly things.

Like that you can’t find your keys when you are in a hurry – even if you were watching TV for the last one hour and could easily get up 5 minutes earlier to be on time.

11. You Could Say Thank You…Sometimes

When you are in a relationship for a while, it’s easy to take some things for granted. So when your man does something good for you, please don’t forget to say thanks and show your appreciation (this applies to men as well).

12. You Have Flaws As Well

One thing is for sure. Nobody is or will ever be perfect. You should recognize that and don’t focus on your partner’s bad traits. Instead, focus on his good ones.

Just because he doesn’t get mad on your flaws – it doesn’t mean that some of them don’t annoy him. Even if he doesn’t say so.

It’s not that he likes to keep secrets. It’s that:

13. There is No Reason To Fight For Insignificant Things

Like that you found his t-shirt thrown on the sofa. Or that he forgot to send a goodnight message…

14. Stop Caring About The Messages His Ex Sends Him

A friend of mine had a girlfriend who used to get mad because his ex was constantly messaging him.

Whas that his fault? No, she was probably hitting on him.

But he is with you now – so stop being insecure!

15. You Should Have Goals Too

Except you date a loser, you should have live a meaningful life and have a purpose.

There is nothing more disappointing than a woman who doesn’t have her own goals, dreams and desires. If you live only for shopping, partying and going out, then you won’t have any chances to date a real man on the long-term.

16. You Should Take Care Of Yourself

Actually, there is a thing that’s more disappointing than a woman who doesn’t have dreams, goals and desires. And that’s a woman who neglects her physical appearance.

Love comes at all sizes? Sure.

But your man will respect and like you more when you have a fit and sexy body rather when your butt has cellulite and layers of fat are covering your abs. (If you want to shred some pounds of fat, then check this article)

And he will never leave you for someone who is hotter – because you will be hot as hell too.

17. You Should Be Supportive

Everybody does mistakes. So does your man. And he wishes you knew that you should support him instead of nagging or criticising.


If your man fails at a business venture, then say:

“Don’t worry baby, I am sure you will make it in the end”

And never say:

“You failed again? I knew that this would happen. Why didn’t you listen to me?”

18. Stop Saying “I Love You” Every 18 Miliseconds

Simply use it at the right times, when you really mean it and feel that way. Don’t just say “I love you” at the end of every conversation.

It will become another common phrase of no value.

19. Both Of You Should Have Some Solo Time

Just like you need some time with your friends, your man needs some time with his friends. Don’t spend every minute together. Your relationship will become boring.

If your man needs to go out with his friends then don’t start nagging. Simply call your friends and go out with them as well.

20. Constant E-mails & Messages When You Are Not Together Smack Of Insecurity

As I explained above, women should be confident and self-assured.

You should be secure enough to trust your partner when you are not together. Stop trying to control him and watch each step he takes.

If he cheats on you, then you should simply leave. He wasn’t worth your trust anyway (and vice versa).

21. Relationships Are Meant To Be Private

You are not supposed to share your arguments on social media.

Why don’t communicate with your partner and solve the problem like a mature woman?

22. Don’t Resent Your Man’s Achievements

If you feel that your partner is far better than you and starts to become incredibly successful,then you have two choices.

  1. Feel incredibly happy about his success.
  2. Start improving yourself and become more successful so you can rightfully stand next to him.

And never hold your partner back for selfish reasons.

23. Gossiping Is A Terrible Habit 

Instead of gossiping about what other people do in their lives you could better live a more interesting life. In this way you could talk about your own life, instead of talking about others all the time.

24. Stop Changing Your Mind 24 Times Per Minute

When you decide to do something, it’s better to hold on that decision and do it. Hesitation and self-doubt shouldn’t be a part of the process.

25. Being Neat & Clean Is Really, Really Good!

Please spend some time to organize your home or bedroom. Unless you want men to come into your house and feel like playing Call Of Duty, you should be more organized and keep your place neat and clean.

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Things Men Wish Women Knew: 25 Complaints, Secrets & Never Do\'s

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