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4 years ago

I Took The Real Limitless Pill aka NZT 48…And Almost Became Marvel’s Flash!

nzt 48 limitless pill

Does the NZT 48 drug from the movie Limitless exist in real life?

I have good news and bad news regarding the “limitless pill”.

Which one do you prefer to hear first?

Since you are not making that decision and I am the one writing this article about NZT48 while having just taken its real life equivalent, I choose to start with the good news.

What are the good news?

Well, I have already answered the hottest question: “Is NZT real?”

I have just told you that the NZT 48 Pill from the Limitless film really exists, because I have taken it.

Whoa, slow down though, the bad news are coming (they are not that bad though).

The real life NZT 48 cannot do for you what it has done for Bradley Cooper in the movie Limitless.

It’s not likely to turn you into a multi-millionaire stock genius in 24 hours like it did to Bradley, but it gets you super close to that.

Consider that if an NZT 48 drug could be formulated in real life in order to have the exact same effects that it had in the movie with Bradley, then two possible outcomes would exist.

Possible Outcome #1:

Everybody in our world would become a genius and Elon Musk’s dream of making humans interplanetary species by taking us to Mars would happen in the next year.

Possible Outcome #2:

If a super drug ever has the power to turn a complete loser to the most intelligent person on earth, then you bet that many would try to abuse that power.

War, world slavery, corruption and other things could have easily occurred, given the immense brain capabilities that a real limitless pill could theoretically give to somebody. So, it could either be used for good or bad.

Luckily (or not), such a potent substance has yet to be created.

Wee can enjoy though, the performance enhancing powers of its real life equivalent.

What’s the real life limitless pill?

And what are its performance enhancing powers?

It is called Modafinil.

The Guardian has called it “the world’s first smart drug” while Scientific American said it is “a safe drug to boost brainpower”.

Its performance enhancing powers include:

  • Enhanced focus
  • Cognitive amplification
  • Mental alertness during long working hours
  • Attention to detail
  • Increased motivation
  • Feelings of happiness
  • Reduced reaction timing
  • Swift reflexes
  • Reduced fatigue and sleepiness

What was my experience with the real limitless pill “aka” Modafinil?

I am just 21 years old and I am running 3 businesses at the same time. You can rest assured that this is demanding as fuck.

They say that you must focus on one thing to succeed and I agree to a certain extent. However, I have never been a person that conforms to the rules.

When you also consider that 99.99% of kids in my age bracket have never done anything close to that, I am on this journey alone.

In the whole world, there are just a few at my age who have reached a similar level of financial success and freedom of choice. This is not bragging. It’s how reality really is.

It’s also annoying me sometimes.

You have no idea how hard I have tried to find someone who has the same goals, aspirations and ambitions like I do. Until now, I haven’t met any 21 year old that is like that.

So, I am likely in the top 0.01% percentile of my age bracket (and I got here without having ever taken modafinil).

With 3 businesses at that age, and the incredibly outrageous goals that I have set, I need to raise my standards.

What I posted on twitter the other day perfectly explains my viewpoint:

Moving the tree to a “new environment that fosters its growth” is a comparison to getting the Modafinil pill and start performing at a different level, that supercharges your progress.

And that’s exactly what I did!

I ordered Modafinil from Afinil Express. It’s really important that you buy from a safe and reputable store. I searched quite a lot, and Afinil Express proved to be the real deal.

They offer several options, as Modafinil is sold by a couple brands under different brand names.

  • Modalert by Sun Pharma
  • Modvigil by Hab Pharma
  • Waklert by Sun Pharma
  • Artvigil by Hub Pharma

real limitless pill

Which is the best Modafinil Brand?

Best is subjective.

I picked Modalert by Sun Pharma after having done my due diligence, compared price points and dosage.

According to Afinil Express:

The difference is the size and scale of the two manufacturers. Whereas Sun Pharma is a Multi-Billion Dollar Pharma mammoth with manufacturing facilities all over the world, HAB is a smaller but yet potent company with great future prospects. The products of both these manufacturers are extremely effective, but modafinil connoisseurs have their brand loyalty. We offer free trials of both, so that you can be the judge of what suits you best. Modalert by Sun Pharma is one of the best Modafinil brands available in the world.

So, what you get doesn’t really matter, and Affinil Express can even send you free samples to try.

But what I really liked the most about Afinil Express is that they deliver fast!

Parcels get dispatched in just 12 hours and they also offer Free EMS shipping.

I purchased it a month ago and it arrived super fast, in less than a week. I had it sitting on the shelf until the 11th of November 2016.

real limitless pill

I had my reservations about it, because it’s an extremely potent drug. It has been said that it is safe and that there are not known major side effects.

But who can assure me that there aren’t any major long-term side effects that have not been discovered or linked to Modafinil yet?

Nobody can guarantee that. Therefore, you must be incredibly cautious with drugs like it.

The most important point in this article about the real life nzt 48 “aka” Modafinil:

Should you take it?

The answer is simple:

“It wouldn’t be wise to try it, unless you absolutely must”

This means that you should only use it as a performance enhancing drug if you have already reached the top of your performance limits, but you want to take it a level further.

There is a reason I haven’t tried Modafinil so far. I learnt about its existence one and a half year ago, when I embarked on my journey to become a successful entrepreneur.

Why didn’t I take it back then?

Because it is outright foolish to look for shortcuts from the get-go in whatever you are doing.

Even for those who are looking for shortcuts, they should know that Modafinil is not a shortcut.

It’s a booster.

It is clever to be looking for a “limitless pill” and other performance boosters once you have reached your performance limits.

When normal people quit, you should be thinking about how you can go even further than you have come so far.

Only when I found myself having reached my natural performance limits, I decided to take Modafinil.

I am 21 and running 3 businesses, of which the two are fast-growing and the 3rd is a 7-figure one that is #1 in its niche.

My end goal is all these businesses to become multi-million dollar corporations, and to sell 2/3 of them for a hefty amount of cash so I can retire rich at 23.

Pretty ambitious goal right? Retire at 23? How many people do you know who have retired at 23?

When I say retire I do not mean that I will never ever work again. I mean that I will have enough money and passive income streams so that I will never have to work for two lifetimes, if I wanted to.

Big difference between never working again, and never having to work again. Most people have to be working for their entire lifetimes.

I prefer to work whenever I want, and if I wanted not to work for 6 months or 6 years, then being able to do so.

My point here is that I want to get to my end goal as fast as I can. Because I have already reached the top of what I can naturally do on my own, Modafinil may give me that extra push I need to conquer that extraordinary goal of “retiring” at 23.

I wouldn’t have tried it, unless it was a must. It is for me. Conquering that goal is a life or death situation.

For regular people it wouldn’t be, but that’s just how I see every important goal that I set. And this perspective actually helps me to accomplish them.

So, consider this parenthesis as an important note for whether taking Modafinil is a good decision or not.

First Time Ever Having Used The Real Life NZT48 Drug.

What Is It like?

I took the real life “limitless pill” around 11 am in the morning. I didn’t feel any sort of enlightenment.

For 30-50 minutes, I wasn’t feeling any difference. I continued to work as I would have normally done.

Then, it kicked in!

Normally, I stop at 3 pm in order to eat.I am very very hungry by this time, because I have been fasting the entire morning.

My personal chef prepared the food at 3.30 pm but I had no feeling of hunger or tiredness. I kept working until 6 pm and I forced myself to eat because I had to leave the house at 7 pm.

It was absolutely incredible, as if nothing could stop me from getting shit done.

I was absolutely unstoppable, doing laser-focused work until 6 fucking pm in the afternoon without being distracted even for a single second.

Have you ever watched Flash, the Marvel superhero series, where Barry Allen is struck by a lighting and turned into the fastest man alive?

After he is struck by the lighning, Flash can run with a speed higher than the speed of light.

In the comics it has been said that he was able to reach trans-time velocity, which as per some sources (the imaginary axis) is a speed of 23e42 times speed of light (this is very fast!).

“I can think at the speed of light. I can perceive events that last for less than an attosecond. I can run faster than time. What do I see when I run across the country, Superman? I see everything. And everyone.” -The Flash

So, what does the Flash has to do with me and nzt 48 from the movie Limitless?

The insane, laser-like focus that Modafinil gives you makes you quite like Flash.

No…you can’t run faster than the speed of light…but your brain can!


Flash can catch a glass of coffee falling 100 meters away from him while first having enough time to go back home and change his clothes.

That extraordinary sensory perception is quite similar to the use of Modafinil. Your brain works at a “different” speed.

Your focus is unobstructed, your response time is minimized and your brain is like running on nuclear power.

Every day, I feel sleepy and lethargic after having eaten lunch. I am fatigued and want to go to bed because my body spends energy to digest the food. It slows me down.

With Modafinil, that feeling of sleepiness after lunch was completely eradicated. I continued to work until 10 pm when I went to the gym. I had an insane workout there.

Then I came back home and worked until 5 am in the morning.


Could you possibly consider how much I have done in the timeframe between 11 am in the morning of 11th November until 5 am in the morning of the 12th?

And I didn’t feel tired for a single second. 18 hours of top-level performance without any feeling of exhaustion.

Most of the time I am tired after 7 or 8 pm in the afternoon. My willpower levels have diminished by that time and productivity is dramatically reduced. I get that feeling of brain fog which includes diminished focus, mental clarity and confusion.

With Modafinil, these things have been completely gone. NO freakin brain fog. It was incredible!

Modafinil brings you as close to a superhuman as you can go. If any drug could win the award of a  “limitless pill”, then Modafinil would probably be the winner.

All things considered, the real life cousin of nzt 48 absolutely impressed me on the 1st day.

For those of you who are thinking about trying life’s real limitless pill, let’s get some basic Modafinil education first:

What does Modafinil really is? And how close is it to NZT 48 from Limitless?

Also known as Provigil, it has been around for almost 2 decades now, far before the limitless pill from Bradley Cooper’s movie became popular. Modafinil belongs in the category of Nootropics.

It is mostly prescribed by doctors to combat narcolepsy (decreased ability to regulate sleep-wake cycles), chronic fatigue and depression.

Modafinil is thought to work by altering the natural chemicals (neurotransmitters) in the brain.

According to Dr.Peter Morgan from Yale University, modafinil affects three specific neurotransmitters;

  1. Dopamine, making you more alert and more interested in things
  2. Norepinephrine, making you more alert and able to focus
  3. Histamine, which can keep you awake for longer periods of time

It increases vigilance, improves memory and reaction time while having a profound impact on your mood.

Indeed, another one of the surprising effects that I experienced on my 1st day is that I was much happier than usual. That’s probably due to dopamine being released.

Does Modafinil make you “limitless”?

Modafinil has been used in military, medical and space exploration programs with much success.

It’s so potent that it has been approved as the “go-to” pill by the US Airforce. 

It has also been used within the the Indian Air Force, French Foreign Legion, UK Ministry of Defence, and US Tactical Paramedics.

International Space Station’s astronauts are even using it in order to improve their performance while their are fatigued.

Modafinil has been found to be very powerful.

It gives you hours upon hours of uninterrupted peak time, which can offer a serious edge in high-importance activities.

In a sense, it “makes you smarter”.

An important distinction to draw though, is that Modafinil doesn’t actually make you smarter, but enhances what is already there (but a LOT!)

Hence why it should not be considered a quick fix or a shortcut, but rather as an incredibly powerful cognitive stimulator.

It acts by stimulating your brain to perform at a higher level. It doesn’t take your IQ levels from 98 to 138 overnight.

Is Modafinil – the real life NZT 48 from Limitless – a safe pill?

Modafinil has been vastly tested over the last decades as it has now become an FDA approved drug.

It has been subjected into clinical trials for long periods of time in order to determine if it’s safe for human consumption.

Anecdotal evidence is in favor of the drug as little or no major side effects have been discovered. Albeit most testing has been done in sufferers of neuro-psychiatric disorders, it is believed to be potentially safe in use by healthy people.

Of course more research needs to be done to fully assess whether or not Modafinil is absolutely safe and not just potentially safe. Indicators show that it is though.

Is Modafinil – the real life NZT 48 from Limitless – a pill that is addictive?

If you follow the recommended dose of 100-200 mg per day and never go above the dangerous limit of 300 mg per day, then it is not addictive.

Only if you abused its power,  then it could become potentially addictive.

Long-term use might disrupt someone’s normal sleep patterns.  Because the pill stimulates the brain and puts it into a wakeful state, it may lead to someone waking up and feeling that they are not fully rested, thus ending up to taking more of the drug.

Therefore, cycling is probably recommended in order to avoid this. For that reason, I do not use it for more than 2-3 days in a row.

Actually, I only use it when I have a day that I know will be incredibly demanding.

For, me it’s very important that I don’t feel any sort of  “need” or urge to take it. So, I can testify that it’s not addictive.

As I said, if you don’t abuse it then it won’t abuse you. So, keep it cool.

Generally, it seems to be well-tolerated and it could probably be even better than caffeine or chemical-packed energy drinks.

Does Modafinil – the real life limitless pill – have serious side effects?

Only a small percentage of Modafinil’s users have reported any side effects. Some common side effects may be anxiety, headache, nausea and sleep disturbance. Very rare side effects might be confusion, hallucinations or other forms of distorted thinking.

In case someone experiences things like allergic reactions, accelerated heartbeat, chest pain or continuing sore throat, then they are advised to immediately consult a doctor.

Personally, I haven’t experienced any side effects at all, but it could be different for someone else.

Generally speaking, it’s good to take your doctor’s advice prior to taking Modafinil. Let them know if you have ever had any serious illnesses or any issues of drug/alcohol abuse.

Is Modafinil – the real life NZT 48 from Limitless – a pill that you should try?

Famous personalities such as Tim Ferris – author of the book the 4-Hour Work Week, Joe Rogan – actor and comedian,  and Dave Asprey of Bulletproof, have all claimed to have used it.

It has also been reported that even Barack Obama – the 44th president of the USA – has used Modafinil. The UK Army is also said to have bought thousands of pills ahead of the Iraq War.

But does these examples make it right for you?

This is a pill used by high-performers who need that extra edge.

Theoretically, it is for everyone from high level executives to students to gamers, to athletes to politicians. Everyone could use it to get an edge on their daily challenges.

As I have previously said though, I consider it best to use a cognitive enhancer only when you have maximized the outcome that you can achieve by yourself.

To put it simply, if you are not disciplined already and looking for a quick fix, then taking Modafinil would be a dumb and desperate choice.

Modafinil amplifies what’s already there.

If you are a high performer, you are gonna be a super high performer. If you aren’t, then you should first become one and then consider taking it.

Is Modafinil – the real life NZT 48 from Limitless – a pill that’s legal to use?

Modafinil is a drug that has been legally approved.

It’s available at pharmacies over the counter on presentation of a valid prescription. You could order it online though, without a prescription. However, it is recommended that you consult your physician before taking it.

I have purchased it online and didn’t face any issue whatsoever.

Every country has its own rules and regulations though and I am not able to know them all. You have to do some research regarding the regulations in your country if you are interested in Modafinil.

However, according to ModafinilExpert, “the legal risks” of buying Modafinil have been way overblown.

So, there shouldn’t be any legal issue even if you ordered it without a prescription regardless of the country that you live in.

If someone wanted to try Modafinil “aka” the real Limitless Pill, where could they get it from?

Modafinil comes under different brand names and can be bought online from different sources.

I recommend that you get it from Afinil Express. They were very professional and helpful when I ordered from them.

I accidentally typed in the wrong address on the order form. I messaged them and they fixed it in a matter of a few hours.

Also, they have free EMS shipping and offer refunds or reshipments in case there is any issue with your package!

Another great lure is that they also send free samples for you to try before you buy anything from them.

Afinil Express now is my go-to resource for getting Modafinil. If you wanted to take it too, then that’s where you should get it from.


Modafinil is the closest real life relative to the nzt 48 drug from the film limitless.

It is an incredibly potent drug that cannot be taken without having first thought seriously about this decision.

However, if you are a high performer and want to transform yourself into a legendary performer, Modafinil is the way to do it.

Until Next Time,

Keep Daring and Conquering,

Damian Pros

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I Took The Real Limitless Pill aka NZT 48 - Almost Became Marvel\'s Flash!

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