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The Era Of Emasculated Men, Sad But True: Guys Are Women Now

emasculated men

In 2017 it’s normal for men to be sensitive and feminine and cry and be fat and weak.

Boys are nurtured by their effeminate fathers to be pathetic, self-indulgent defeatists.And a whole generation of emasculated men emerged, having crippled millions.

Men have forgotten what masculinity is.


Because society’s norms condemns masculinity as evil, turning them into effeminate weaklings with no vigor, strength, ambition or free will.

What’s terrifying is that 95% of men have no idea this is happening.

And what’s even more frightening is that as boys keep being raised to be losers, there will be nothing but losers left.

To not be a punk little bitch that keeps his balls in his woman’s purse, read carefully every word in this article.

I randomly stumbled upon it on a Greek site, and translated it to English because it was too damn good to be lost in the vast internet sea.

Oh, before you read, see this video to see the risk you may run into if you don’t read this article:


Enter Unknown Author:

Maybe I belong to the last generation of boys that spent their childhood in the alley, the dirt, the rivalry and the mountains.

There was no day that I would not return home dirty and with scratches all over my body.

Especially during the summer season, we started activities in the morning and ended late at night, tireless and inexhaustible of energy.

We rode bikes, played football, basketball, hide and seek or chase and we did all sorts of trickeries and mischief.

Grabbed berries and plums from the courtyards, repaired our bikes ourselves, made swords and spears from planks of thick branches and had fights with each other.

At school, there was rivalry and competition, and maybe even some bullies, but we learnt how to deal with them.

Overall, as children we were not that sensitive and we didn’t take everything that happened to us to heart. We would get over it quickly.

Today, we would be characterized as rude and uncivilized.

But despite the mischief and insolence that existed between us, we were inspired by respect and wise ethos, to use the words of Kolokotronis on wise freedom, towards the eldest, our teachers, the institutional order and our parents.

I do not want to idealize that time and my generation, but I cannot say things today are much better.

Modern boys are distinguished by their self-indulgence and their defeatism.

Born from overprotective parents who have brought up a generation of spineless people who have never gotten dirty, have never been hit or gotten in a fight and who have generally ceased to live before they grew old!


A whole generation nurtured only with feminine qualities, such as caring, sensitivity and delicacy, as they eliminated and stigmatized the masculine virtues of boldness, courage, integrity, inure and honor.

All this in order to become more civilized and polite children.

Surprisingly, it had the exact opposite effect.

Children became more unfriendly, since strong interaction is forbidden so that they will not come into conflict.

They will not “get dirty” because now “we are modernized”.

So they consistently fill the vacuum and absence of external action with video games and all sorts of gifts that have made them besotted and spoiled children.

No respect for parents, teachers, law and order or the elders.

They grew up with the mindset that it is not good to be punished when acting insolent, teachers cannot dare to discipline them because parents do not want their beloved children to get hurt and be oppressed, while the parents themselves do not punish them because they prefer dialogue.

Today it is considered reprehensible to advocate that it’s good for a child to be playing with weapons, to be making swords from branches, to play outdoors and get hit, it is presented as wrong to think that they should react when attacked and harassed.It is also unacceptable to punish them and anachronistic to raise them up with discipline.


Today we reward the victims, not the fighters.

The ones that were courageous and faced their oppressors are not respected. This is the model we chose to give to our children: accept the role of the victim.

Defeatism has irrigated western societies and whole generations of spineless and numb people have embraced feminism and the victim culture.

The core of this model is the naive notion of the progressive society that humans’ nature is good. The truth is that humans are neither good nor selfless.

They are possessive, greedy and selfish.

Few would sacrifice their interest to defend what’s good and right. That is why those who do are considered notable and we pay tribute to them.

If most people did the same, if they put what’s right over their interests, then it wouldn’t be considered anything special and commendable, since most do it.

But this is not true. So it is preferable to prepare our children for the world as it really is, not as we would like it to be.

Personally I prefer the comprehensive practice of virtues, companionship, compassion, kindness and goodness as well as masculinity, courage, strength and inure.

Let the children get dirty, hit, fight and then become friends again.

This is the human society, we do not have to and cannot love each other all the time, nor have to create a generation of lobotomized and undead people in order to stop conflicts.

Enter Damian Pros:

Nowadays, it’s easy to emasculate a man.

It takes a little time to take a strong, proud male and turn him into a little sissy. Here is a funny guide on how to emasculate a man in 5 steps.

Apparently, the author is ironic, but what he describes is what’s actually happening in many relationships.

Yet, a girl is not always needed to turn a guy into a whiny emasculated tool.

emasculated men

Most men become frustrated and confused by the time they are in their early 20s as schools, universities, teachers and societies have indoctrinated them and rendered them irrelevant.

The roles they were supposed to represent don’t exist anymore, because “hey, gender equality you know”.

How To Know If You Have Been Emasculated

emasculated men

“Goooood boy Ralph. Now go cook me some lunch while I am resting here on the sofa you bought, because I have to go out with Shelby in the afternoon to unleash my fury on your credit card”

It’s really simple.

Here is a check list for you. The more items in this list apply for you, the more emasculated you’ve become.

(Don’t worry, I will also tell you how to change it shortly)

  1. You are sensitive
  2. You ask for permission to do what you want
  3. You are offended easily
  4. You find it hard to say “no” when someone asks you to do something
  5. You find it harder to say “no” to a girl
  6. You are overweight
  7. You believe in gender equality
  8. You easily change your ideals for a woman
  9. You are weak
  10. You don’t exercise
  11. You don’t know how to throw a punch
  12. You enjoy anal (the passive one).
  13. You are afraid to “get hurt”
  14. You are a girly cash cow, i.e. working to pay for her expenses
  15. Like paying for her new black dress and matching underwear.
  16. That she probably wore last night when she cheated on you with someone more masculine.

Alright, how many of these 16 apply to you?

If you’ve got anything over 0 out of 16, then you have been emasculated. The closer you go to 16, the worse your situation is pal.

I am sorry but you probably have to be driven to the state house and be forced to return your testicles cause you do not deserve them.

emasculated men

Oh, by the way if that line offended you, it’s unshakable proof that you are an effeminate weakling whose masculinity can no longer be restored.

And you can now leave this website forever.

(Side note: 2921 “men” left after reading this line)

For those of you gents who have not been offended, who want to be stronger, better, sexier and richer, keep on reading.

The Era Of Emasculated Men: How To Save Yourself From Losing Your Manliness

emasculated men

It’s really simple.

Take the above list and reverse everything:

  1. You are strong and thick-skinned
  2. You never ask for permission. You do what you want.
  3. You are hardly ever offended.
  4. You say “no” when you don’t want to do something.
  5. You say “no” to a girl when she asks you to do something you don’t want to do.
  6. You are ripped and muscular, or fit at least.
  7. You are masculine.
  8. You don’t change your ideals for anyone.
  9. You are confident and powerful.
  10. You exercise regularly.
  11. You know how to fight if it’s necessary.
  12. You enjoy anal (only when you are doing the penetration).
  13. You embrace pain.
  14. You are a cash cow, but only for yourself.
  15. You buy her new underwear, but only to take them off yourself.

See how easy it was?

If you can say that you ticked off 15/15 out of this list, then congrats, because your masculinity is intact.

Until Next Time,

Keep Daring And Conquering,

Damian Pros

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The Era Of Emasculated Men, Sad But True: Guys Are Women Now

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