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The Best Life Advice You Will Ever Hear If You Are Under 30

best life advice

If You Need A Life Advice To Push You Achieve More Then This Is The Best One

 Assuming that you are in the age of 15-30 you are most likely going to school, college or post-graduate college.

How do you find the money to pay for all these things? Hmm, If you haven’t taken a student loan then the odds say that your parents are paying most of your expenses.

But here is what you should think of.

Ask yourself this question below. You will instantly realize if you are successful. Or at least, if you are heading to the right direction in your life.

What would you do tomorrow, if your parents died today?

Would you be able to be self-reliant?

Or would you stop everything you do, lose your motivation when things fall apart and force yourself to find an underpaid job to pay the bills?

Most young people today are really entitled. They believe that because they have their parents, there is no need to work hard and become self-reliant before they finish college.

Most young people today don’t have any problem when almost all their life expenses are covered by their parents…Because they “deserve it”.

No, that’s not how things work. And if you believe that your parents have to support you financially after 18 you are dead wrong. And you will face the consequences later in your life. And then you will be blaming the world for being unfair.

The truth is that you haven’t done anything wrong. Your parents probably did, because they didn’t transmitted you the right mindset.

For instance, if you are 18 years old and for your whole live your parents have given you everything you asked for- you won’t make it in real life unless you change your mindset.

Here is what happens when you have been given everything, but without putting in the work to get it.

You start to believe that you deserve to been given things like money, clothes, accessories, automobiles or whatever.

How do I know that?

I see countless young people having that mentality. I had that mentality as well, some years ago.

When I was a kid, my grandmother was putting aside a nice amount of money in a big piggy bank. And she was always telling me that when I would become a respectable doctor (muahaha, sorry grandma)… she would give me that money to pay for my college expenses.

As soon as I finished high school, I believed that she would give me that money. And because I have studied a lot to pass my exams, I thought I deserved to spend some of them for a 5-7 day trip in Ibiza.

My grandmother made me believe that I deserved that money. And I was expecting to be given all that money without having worked to earn it.

Isn’t that kind of stupid? I totally believe it is. But back then, I thought I deserved to be given that money.

And when she couldn’t give it to me, I was really mad for days.

Fortunately, I got over it fast and didn’t let it impact my life in a negative way.

But I know people who have destroyed their lives because of this sense of entitlement. I knew a guy who was 10 years older than me.

His parents had big affordability and didn’t want their son to work in a real job to make some pocket-money when he was a teenager.

You see, his parents were really poor when they were young. And they really struggled to build their fortune.

They didn’t want their beloved son to get through the same life difficulties they have gone through. They decided to give him all the money he wanted. All the cars, vacations, phones and whatever else you can imagine.

The result?

When he finished college and had to find a real job, he was destroyed.

He believed that he deserved to be given and he made some really bad choices. He borrowed money from the wrong people and ended up in a huge debt. Now he is in jail…

 best life advice ever learned

The Solution Is To Learn How To Be Self Reliant.

Let’s come back to the big question.

What would you do tomorrow, if your parents died today?

Would you be able to live decently or would your life be completely ruined?

You might be thinking that “oh man, my parents won’t die soon – come on“. Sure, your parents might not leave you soon. But the essence of this question is to put you into thinking mode.

To wake you up and show you if you could deal with life on your own – without any support from parents and relatives.

Could you do that? Or do you think that there is no need to think about this case?

You might be thinking that since your parent’s are here today, it doesn’t matter to think about it. You don’t need to worry since they are here to help you.

But is that what you want out of your life?

Do you want to be a person that takes responsibility of his own life? Or do you want to be a pussy that needs his parents to support him financially?

After you have passed the age of 15 you should be able to take care of yourself. Period.

Your parents have the responsibility to be there and take care of you until you grow up. But after that point, shouldn’t you have developed the skills to take care of yourself?

It’s really disappointing to see people in their 20’s or even in their 30’s to live with their parents without being self-reliant.

And I am asking you: Is that the life you want to live? A life without self-reliance? What’s the point of living this way?

Here is what you have to do. Stop expecting from people to give you things. Go out there and work your butt off to earn the things you want. That’s what real men do.

Are you a real man or a pussy? If you are a real man take the steps needed to become self-reliant. And stop being entitled. Stop expecting your grandma to give you her piggy bank to pay for your Ibiza vacation.

Go out there, make your own money and then book a trip to Ibiza. Not the other way around.


What To Do Now: Best Life Advice For People Under 30 Or Parents Of All Ages

1. Parents

If you are a parent don’t let your kid grow with this mentality.

Instead of giving your kids everything, teach them how to be self-reliant. This will help them more than you can even imagine.

If you know how to build a fortune and become successful, show your kid how he can do it without falling in the same mistakes you have fallen into.

Your kid will still struggle and face disappointments too but he will have more chances to live a flourishing life. And he will probably achieve success easier than you, because you helped him.

On the other hand, if you try to give your kids everything to prevent them from facing the life difficulties you have faced – you don’t give them a motive to become successful and take their own path in life. They will always need you to support them.

Kids learn by what you show them. If you show them how to be self-reliant and deal with problems effectively, they will experience more success than you ever did. Just because you will have transmitted them the right mentality.

Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite books called How To Stop Worrying & Start Living. The author, Dale Carnegie, talks about how rephrasing your words can teach your kids completely different life lessons:

Parent: Look at these dishcloths Cousin Sue sent for Christmas. She knit them herself. They didn’t cost her a cent!”

The remark may seem trivial to us-but the children are listening.

So, instead, we had better say: “Look at the hours Cousin Sue spent making these for Christmas! Isn’t she nice? Let’s write her a thank-you note right now.”

And our children may unconsciously absorb the habit of praise and appreciation.

That’s how parents need to talk to their kids to adopt the right mindset. And their kids will become exceptional human beings when they grow up.

2. People Under 30

If you are still young, you should better change this mentality before it’s too late.

Don’t expect to be given. You can only have what you work for.

All the rest is just a bonus that you should appreciate when it comes – but never expect it to come. Taking things for granted in your life is a really terrible mistake.

Don’t base your hopes for the future on a Piggy Bank that your grandmother has kept aside for you.

Go out there and fill your own Piggy Banks. And you will have more success and happiness than you could ever imagine!

That’s the best life advice I have learned.

Now, I always think about the question I have told you above.

“What would you do tomorrow, if your parents died today?”

And I always check if my answer would be that I would be able to take care of myself. If it’s not, I push harder and harder until the answer is the one I want to hear.

Do you think that it’s important do become self-reliant? If you have any other life advice or lesson that you have learned I would be glad to hear about it in the comments section below!

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