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The #1 Way To Discover If The Job/Business/Degree You Chose Was Right For You


Most of us are asked to make a decision so early in life that is meant to determine our whole lives.

Even when you are just 17 years old, you start thinking what you should study in college or what type of career you should choose.

The truth is that the reality you will face in your 20’s will probably be much different than what you thought it would be when you were 17.

If you are in your 20’s or 30’s, you should already know what I am talking about…

Your dream job was not “dreamy” at all.

College was more of a “study or die” environment, especially if you studied something like Medicine, Law or Engineering.

You had to study for hours and hours only to find out that when you get your degree you have to spend your entire day working for a paycheck.

I personally know lawyers and doctors who are now working from 8 am to 8 pm (!) to make ends meet.

Many of them are even underpaid

“Screw the hours you studied. You are still going to make 1200$ per month.” boss-man says.

Ask any of these young men and women in their 20’s – 30’s if their life is what they imagined when they were teens and they will scream all together in unison: NO!

After all, working from 8 am to 8 pm without being able to enjoy other things in your life is not so dreamy…

Hard Truth #1: Your life in your 20’s and 30’s will probably be completely different that what you imagined when you were in your teens.

What does this mean for you?

That unless you are a psychic and have the extraordinary ability to see your future, you will probably end up in a different destination than the one you imagined.

Whether your final destination is good or bad, depends solely on the choices you make.

No choice is final.

Everything can change if you want it to change and if you are eager to do what it takes to change it.

The question is: do you want to change it bad enough?

If yes, then you should ask yourself: are you determined to do what it takes to change it?

If your answer was yes once again, then all it’s left is to start doing what needs to be done.

What I mean is that a choice you make when you are 18, doesn’t have to determine your whole life.

If you see that the choices you made don’t lead you in the direction you really want to go, all you have to do is stop, switch path and take another direction.

Apparently, this may involve some uncertainty about whether the new path is right or not. You will just have to face that.

Believe me, facing that uncertainty is far better than facing remorse and regret.

It’s almost impossible to know how your whole life is going to be when you are still in your teens. There are so many things that will change.

You don’t need to worry about it now, you will figure it out in the future.

But how could you possibly follow a life path that’s not fulfilling?

If what you do doesn’t make you feel thrilled when you wake up in the morning, then you are probably doing something wrong…

Hard Truth #2: If what you do doesn’t make you feel THRILLED when you wake up in the morning then you are probably doing something wrong…

I have several friends and acquaintances who wake up every day feeling hesitant to start their day.

I don’t blame them. When I was still in college, I felt the same way. I couldn’t get up in the morning and go to class.

There would be 100 things I would prefer doing rather than attending the class.

Sleeping was one of my favorites.

I would prefer sleeping until the class was over.

Then I could get up and spend my day doing other things that didn’t involve sitting in a desk for hours and listening to a 60 year old professor talking – while struggling to keep myself awake.

That’s what the average person experiences every day, day after day – at school, college or work.

When you don’t feel enthusiastic about what you do, it’s all pointless. You don’t want to wake up in the morning.

Most of the times – if not all the times – you simply have to force yourself to get up because you have obligations and responsibilities, right?

But how awesome would it be if you could take one or two extra weeks off?

I know…amazing.

How To Discover If The Career/Job/Degree You Chose Was Right For You

Until now, you should have already realized if the career/job/degree you chose was wrong for you.

In simple words, if you don’t feel enthusiastic about it every single day, then it wasn’t right.

This doesn’t mean that every day should be perfect, that you should never encounter setbacks or that you will be rich and successful when you are 23.

It means that the days you feel enthusiastic about waking up and doing what you have to do are A LOT more than the days you want to goof off and stay in bed longer.

A Life Scale


Where is your scale leaning to? (Hint: You are on the right path if it’s leaning to the right)

Hard Truth #3: If you had enough money to live rich for a lifetime, would you decide to stop studying or working? YES? Well, then you should stop anyway.

Let’s say you had 100 million in the bank. Or whatever amount of money you feel could be enough for you to live comfortably for a lifetime.

Would you keep going to your work every day? Would you keep going to college to study what you study? Would you keep building your business day after day?

Be very careful. Your answer to this question could be life-changing.

And don’t lie. You will know and I will know that you lied. So be truthful to yourself and answer this question with honesty:

If you had financial freedom and never had to work again a day in your life, would you keep doing what you do?

If your answer is yes, then congratulations. Your job / career / business / college degree is right for you.

If your answer is no, then you should better do something to change your answer while you can.

It’s never too late. You are never old enough.

Donald Trump is almost 70. He is still kicking ass in business and life. Sylvester Stallone has the same age.

His latest movie called Creed is nominated for 1 Golden Globe as well as another 11 wins and 17 nominations.

It’s never too late to kick ass and take charge of your life.

If what you do in your life doesn’t make you feel thrilled, then why the hell are you doing it?

For the delusion of safety? For society or family respect? For what?

Be honest with yourself at least one time. Only when you are honest with yourself, you can become truly happy and get what you want out of life.

I was honest with myself. I admitted that I was doing it to make others happy.

However, I decided that making myself happy was a considerably better decision. So I switched path and took a different road.

Now I wake up in the morning feeling ENERGETIC and pumped up to grab the day from the horns and make it my bitch.

Make life your bitch. Life will like it. You will like it.

If a magic genie said to me: “Damian, I just put 400 million in your bank account. You and your future family will never have to do any kind of work again in your lives”

I would say: “Thank you genie”.

Then I would go right back to doing what I was doing. Building my businesses, writing articles here on D&C, dancing, reading books and working out.

That 400 million wouldn’t change anything in the way I live my life. Well, I don’t deny I would instantly take two weeks off and head to the Bahamas.

Even there, I would stay somewhere with a fully equipped gym so I wouldn’t miss a workout.

I would bring my laptop with me to build my business in my spare time.

I would take 1-2 books with me.

In the beginning of December, I went to Milan – Italy for a 3 day short vacation.

I did exactly what I described above.

damian pros milan duomo

Apart from eating delicious pizzas, having fun and sightseeing, I also had  a workout, wrote two articles and read about 50 pages of a book Victor Pride recommended to me called No B.S. Ruthless Management Of People & Profits.

Another thing I tend to do is to listen to those who are older or more successful than I am.

They may know a thing or two more than I do.

 victor pride

Victor has a great blog.

If you haven’t checked it out, it’s called Bold&Determined. If you enjoy my writing, I am sure you will enjoy his writing too.

Back to the topic.

My point is that I wouldn’t be able to stop doing what I am doing everyday because I would freak out.

Everything would be so mundane.

You can have all the riches in the world, but if what you do doesn’t excite you when you wake up, then you won’t be happy.

If it excites you and makes you richer, then you have hit a gold mine.

On the other hand, if what you do doesn’t excite you, then nothing is stopping you from start looking for something that will.

As Jordan Belfort said:

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”

My question is:

Will you keep telling yourself bullshit? Or will you wake up and grab life by the horns?

Talk Soon,

-Damian Pros

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The #1 Way To Discover If The Job/Business/Degree You Chose Was Right For You

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