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Tai Lopez Scam: Are Tai And His “67 Steps” Just A Big Fraud?

“Tai Lopez is a big scam artist”

“Tai Lopez’s programs are frauds with only one goal: to steal your money”

“Tai Lopez has conspired against you and me and the whole world to sell us crappy, internet marketing, get-rich quick schemes”

Man, I see so many people hating on Tai Lopez for what he does.

YouTube and Google are full of people talking shit about this guy, his fraud companies and fake wealth.

There are probably more people out there making videos about Tai Lopez, than the videos Tai has uploaded to his own YT channel.

And for those of you who have no idea who Tai Lopez is, let me give you a small introduction.

As Tai says in his Twitter bio he is:

An Investor. A Mensa Member (High IQ Society). He reads 1 book a day. And he has a program called “Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps” with goal to help people live the so called “Good Life”.

Tai Lopez Presents: “The Tai Lopez Scam”

Let’s see a super quick step-by-step analysis on what Tai does and discover what conclusions we can reach.



Step 1. He Starts a MASSIVE YouTube Campaign For a Video Called “Here In My Garage”

In short, Tai showcases the new Lamborghini he bought and tells us he lives in Beverly Hills, Hollywood.

In 7 seconds, all it seems is like Tai Lopez showing off his riches.

Then, he starts talking about the importance of knowledge. He also shows us the 7 new bookshelves he had to buy for his 2000 books.

The video above has now more than 65.000.000 views on YT.

Step 2. He Uses The Video As A “Sales Funnel”

Tai Lopez starts talking about the “3 things you can do to 10x your success”.

He asks the viewer to click the link towards his website to record another FREE video he has recorded.

What’s the other video about?

It’s about the 3 things his mentors taught him that helped him go from broke to driving a Lamborghini.

Step 3. Grab The God Damned Leads

If you click on the link to watch the other video Tai Lopez is talking about, you are redirected to his website.

As he promises, he starts talking about the three things that took him off his couch to being rich.

All good so far?

tai lopez scam

Now, tell me.

What do you see next to this 53 minute long video?

Holy crap. That’s a sign-up form.

Tai Lopez is building his e-mail list.

Let’s Analyze What Happens So Far

1. He uses the “Here In My Garage Video” to grab attention.

2. He tells you that he can show you how to get a Lamborghini and start living in a Beverly Hills mansion. (By asking you to visit his website)

3. When you visit his website, he gives some pretty good free information on how to start living the good life.

What’s the goal of all this?

To convince you that you have to subscribe to his e-mail list.

That’s a typical internet marketing approach for “lead acquisition”.

In simple terms, Tai Lopez is trying to grow his e-mail following.

Is there anything bad with that?

Not really. Provided that you won’t get scammed afterwards.

Conclusions Until Now

Until this point, all it looks is like a savvy entrepreneur trying to build his personal brand.

Tai Lopez doesn’t hesitate to showcase his riches (mansions, Hollywood, fast cars etc.)

He knows really well how to market himself and play the online game.

So, Why Do So Many People Hate On Tai Lopez And Call Him A Scam Artist?

If you search on YouTube for the keyword “Tai Lopez”, the 1st video you are going to see is one called “THE TAI LOPEZ CONSPIRACY”

Second comes a video of Tai.

Third comes another one questioning if he is a scam artist or not. (There are dozens of these.)

tai lopez scam

The Tai Lopez Conspiracy video even has 1.500.000  million views!!!

“h3h3 productions” straightforwardly points out the Tai Lopez Scam and tries to give proof on why Tai is a con-man.

Is he really?

Well, I will let you judge that.

In my opinion, Tai Lopez is an incredibly smart guy.

He is not a scam. He is not a fraud.

However, he is a little bit “shady”. (More on that in a while.)

Why people hate on him and call him a scammer?

There is a quote that I can’t exactly recall how it goes, but it’s somewhat like that:

“People will always get jealous of you when you become successful. Especially your old friends. They will call you a faker, scammer or anything they can to prove themselves right.

The truth is, they just feel inadequate about themselves, because, after all – you and they started from the same place. You moved forward. They remained static.”

Tai’s approach turns so many people off, simply because so many people would like to have what Tai has.

The good life.

The money, the mansion, the fast cars, the connections.

They don’t have it. And they are not eager to do what it takes to get it.

To them, it doesn’t matter to find out if he is a scammer or not. What matters is to feel better about themselves.

To rationalize their inadequacy, they start hating on those who succeed. Whether that’s Tai Lopez, or anybody else.

I really doubt if anybody of those who call him a scammer has really tried to follow any of his advice and see if it really works.

tai lopez scam

I mean, what’s wrong with all these guys?

Tai Lopez constantly points out the importance of personal growth, reading books to gain knowledge and connecting with successful mentors.

What The Hell Is Wrong With Doing That?

Has anybody’s life got ruined because of reading books?


Has anybody’s life got ruined by looking for mentors?


Hmm, that’s weird.

Remember: People who hate, usually try to rationalize their own inadequacies.

You will see that on your own when you start succeeding.

People will start being jealous of you when you start getting ahead in life.

They will try to bring you down instead of realizing how much their life sucks and start moving forward.

Is Tai Lopez a Scam Artist?

What the hell does it matter?

Okay, I get it. He is shady. He is a savvy internet marketer. He tries to sell you his “67 Steps Program” with almost every opportunity and get $67 from your bank account.

When he sells you the 67 Steps, he starts up-selling.

He will start talking about the other systems he has developed.

His accelerator. His business simulator. His P.A.S.E system. Whatever.

These programs often cost from $299 to $1000+.

And that’s something that turns people off.

After all, nobody is willing to invest $1000 in his personal growth.

The same people who whine about Tai Lopez’s $1000 up-sells are the same people who will get a $20.000 loan to buy a new car.

They are the same people who work like slaves in jobs they don’t like only to get enough money to buy designer clothes and have a bigger home than the Joneses.

They are the same people who max out their credit cards and have a credit card debt going up to their throats.

You are not willing to spend $1000 for a self-help course, but you get into debt to buy a new car?

I am not saying that Tai’s $1000 or any other up-sell he offers is worth its money. I haven’t tried any of them.

I am not saying that there aren’t countless of gurus out there trying to sell you get-rich-quick schemes.

I am not saying you should bit careful and take everything with a grain of salt.

What do I say?

That most people will hate on someone just because he is successful and sells a program, book, video course or whatever.

Even if most people had that information for free, they would NEVER act upon it.

It’s proven that when you invest your money on something, you are more likely to act upon it.

When you get something for free, you don’t take it seriously. Just because you didn’t invest anything.

I think there is a podcast episode from Social Triggers that talks about this.

As far as I recall, it’s episode 5: The psychological reason why you should sell what you know

(By the way, the Social Triggers podcast is great to listen to!)

Conclusion On The So Called “Tai Lopez Scam”

I like being 100% honest with you guys. I would never lie to your face for no reason.

As I said, I haven’t bought any of Tai’s up-sells. But, I have started following the “67 Steps Program”.

I was so intrigued to discover what’s really going on with this guy.

What did I discover?

Well, I haven’t finished it yet. I am now at Step 22, so I have 45 more days to go.

Until now, all I have got was valuable insights and useful information.

Sure, Tai Lopez tried to up-sell his other programs. But so what?

Don’t buy the fucking up-sell. Don’t buy anything if you believe Tai Lopez is a scam artist.

What should you do?

Three simple things.

Number 1:

Just watch his YouTube videos. Watch every single video on his channel. Right now, he has 332 videos.

Number 2:

Take notes.

Number 3:

Act upon every tiny new thing you learn.

When you have finished digesting all this free information (and acting upon it), let me know if you see any improvement in your life.

I bet $1000 that if 99% of people did that, their life would change in a positive way.

In reality?

That’s funny. In reality, that 99% of people will never do anything.

It’s much easier to stay in your “comfort bubble” and don’t invest time in your personal growth.

It’s much easier to hate on someone and call him a scammer on the YouTube comment section, than working on yourself.

Stop fooling yourself.

All the information you need to change your life is free out there. It’s available right now. Everyone – including you -can have access to it.

Oh, but wait!

Almost nobody acts upon it. Remember what I said above?

Nobody acts upon free information, even if that was the best business idea in the world.

Here is a great alternative.

Keep on hating Tai Lopez on YT and keep making videos trying to prove he is a scam artist.

You aren’t smart for doing that. You are just rationalizing your own inadequacies.

If you were smart, you would start changing your life right now – whether Tai Lopez is a scam artist or not.

Talk Soon,

Damian Pros

PS: What do you think about Tai Lopez? Let me know your thoughts!

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Tai Lopez Scam: Are Tai & His \"67 Steps\" Just A Big Fraud? - Dare & Conquer

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