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5 years ago

Why Success In Life Is Like Growing Grape Vines


The Two Fundamental Principles Of Success In Life

You might be wondering how grape vines can be related to success in life. And I will explain you shortly.

My grandparents were farmers and they used to plant and grow tons of different fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes.

But one of the fruits that needed the most time to grow are grape vines. While I don’t remember exactly how much time they need to grow, this site says they need 3 years until you have the full bunches of grapes that you want.

“When you plant your grapevine, it’s just a small set of shoots.

It can grow relatively quickly in the first year but it’s not ready to produce grapes.

In the second spring, the plant is still getting established, although a few tiny bunches of grapes might appear.

Then the third spring arrives, and with it should come a much larger yield of sweet, tasty grapes on the now-mature plant.”

Grape vines need three full fucking years until they are ready to produce tasty, sweet grapes. Why would you believe that success in life could take less than that?

Success in life might take even longer than 3 years. But in 3 years you can reach a certain level of success that you could say you have accomplished a lot.

Even then, succeeding in life is a lot more complicated than planting grapes. But it’s based on the same fundamental principles.

Which are these principles?

Patience & Consistency.

If you have these two traits then I guarantee that someday you will become successful. But if you don’t, you won’t be able to succeed.

And here is why:

Let’s say a farmer wants to grow grape vines. So, he goes out there and works hard for one WHOLE DAY to make everything ready.

He wakes up the next day to check his grape vines. And do you know what he sees? Nothing. Absolutely nothing has changed from the previous day.

And he starts screaming and yelling: “Where the fuck are my grape vines!!!”

Does this farmer sound like an idiot to you?

I am sure you have the basic logic to understand that grape vines can’t grow in one day. As I said above, they need years to grow.

But this farmer wanted to see instant results.

While this guy sounds like a complete idiot to you, this is the way that most people act in their lives.

They are searching for “overnight success”. Overnight success doesn’t exist. You can’t plant your grape vines today and reap the rewards tomorrow.

The grapes need time to grow. You have to nurture them and take care of them every day. And after years of consistent effort and patience they might grow.

Yet, people who are seeking for success in life want instant results. They want to plant their grape vines today and eat the grapes tomorrow.

This is impossible and that’s why so many people fail.

That’s also one of the reason that people fail to keep their new year’s resolutions. They make all these big plans and dreams for the new year but they aren’t patient and consistent.

If you want to get success in life you need to show up every single day and take care of your grape vines.

Like the professional football player Lionel Messi said: It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success. Starting early and staying late. Training day after day after day, year after year.

First Component To Get Success In Life

Give out consistent effort every day for months or years and one day you will reap all the rewards at once.

Second Component To Get Success In Life

Don’t stop if you don’t see results the next day. Don’t even stop if you don’t see results the next year. Be patient and you will notice that your consistency will be highly rewarded soon.

The fact that you don’t see results yet doesn’t mean that you are not progressing. It doesn’t mean that your grape vines are not growing.

You and your grape vines are growing every single day but the change is so small you can’t see it. But after months or even years, all these daily changes add up. And when they add up they look huge.

And now you are looking at your progress. While it may not be obvious instantly, you will see it if you remain patient.

But remaining patient is not enough. You also have to be consistent and try to take care of your grape vines every single day. Your grape vines will never grow without consistent action. They won’t grow just by thinking about it and remaining patient.

Thinking is just the first step. The second is: consistent effort.

If you learn how to be patient and consistent you will achieve whatever you put in your mind.

But Here Is The Mistake Most People Do

Most people today believe that they can get success in life “overnight”. They want it faster than it’s possible to happen.

They want to get rich in one month

They want to lose all their belly fat and become shredded as hell in one month.

They want to be able to seduce hot girls in one month.

They want to build their brand in one month.

But nothing of these is possible if you haven’t laid out the foundation for your success. These things are possible only if you were patient and consistent for years.

Yet, we constantly see people who seem like they have made a fortune overnight.

For instance: Peter Shankman’s HARO (help a reporter out) became a million dollar business in a few months. But was that an overnight success?

Yes, in the eyes of most people. On the other hand, in the eyes of Peter it was more like 10 fucking years of consistent effort, building relationships and becoming known in the industry.

But no one cares about how much Peter has struggled to build a million dollar business. Everybody cares only about the final result!

As MJ De Marco says: “People tend to just see the results and ignore the process”.

You have to understand that behind every successful person, behind every overnight success story, there is a long road of struggles, difficulties and disappointments.

If you want to get success in life, you need to understand that it can’t happen overnight. You need to see the process behind each overnight success story and don’t ignore it like most people do.

Only if you do this you will be able to keep moving forward when things don’t work out.

Otherwise you will get out of your bed like the farmer and you will be screaming and yelling about why your grape vines didn’t grow immediately.

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