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Should You Take Risks Or Just Choose The Safe Way?

 take risksWho Wins When The Burning Flame of Taking Risks Meets The Safety Of a Bubble?

 You have two options in your life: Take risks and have a chance to accomplish more or just choose the safe way that won’t provide any substantial rewards.

What’s better?

Well, it depends on several factors like what kind of risk you are taking and if that risk will have a significant positive impact on your life.

Jumping in an olympic pool with two sharks inside is a risk. You might not reach the other side of the pool. But you might be fast or lucky enough to reach it.

Does it worth the risk?

Obviously not. Reaching the other side of the pool won’t have any significant impact on you life. Even if you are promised 1 million dollars after reaching the other side – it’s still not worth the risk.

Sharks outperform you in speed and strength inside the water. You don’t have much chances to get out alive.

On the other hand, what about taking the risk to start a business instead of working for someone else?

This risk imposes lots of threats like: insecurity, frustration, loss of money, continuous failures and disappointing moments or not having money to eat.

Let’s say you don’t take the risk. And you get a job as a barman at your local club. You will have a standard paycheck each month that will be enough to pay for some of your expenses. That’s the safe road.

Well, is it really safer?

If you think about it, it’s not. What if your health declines in 10 years from now? What if your local club suddenly bankrupts? What if you get fired?

These possibilities exist. They won’t happen most of the time and you will live a regular life. A life without ever taking any significant risks that could make you sweat and feel anxious about your future.

But, will that be enough to fulfill your soul?

When you take risks, you will certainly face up and downs. You will face success and failure multiple times until you reach your destination.

But you are fighting for your life – you are not just breathing and waiting for things to happen.

You turn yourself from a passive thinker, a person who reacts to situations – to an active thinker, a person who anticipates the future and CREATES the situations.

Life Is Like A Jungle, You Can Either Become The King Of The Jungle Or Stay In Your Safety Bubble

Becoming the king isn’t easy. It takes courage, persistence, determination and a burning desire to dare and conquer.

Everyone wants more out of life. But who acts in a certain way so he can get what he wants? Who gets in the jungle and fight for something that represents a better life?

Entering the jungle is easy.

Staying alive and passing through the jungle is the hard part. When you pass, you can reach the life you desire – but when you are on the road you will face tons of dangerous things…Is it worth to take the risk?

If you pass the jungle and reach the other side, you will have a terrific life and a terrific job.

But will you dare to step out of your safety bubble and take the risk?

Or will you stay on the side of temporary safety?

Will you take the risk for better or will you live in your safety bubble?

take risks

How To Take Risks, Enter The Jungle & Reach The Other Side

Three ways:

1.Don’t Enter The Jungle Alone.

Having the right kind of friends always help. No matter how many dangerous threats you will face inside the jungle, having someone to watch your back, fight with you and guide you is increasing your odds to reach the other side.

So, be careful who you take with you in the jungle. If you take with you the wrong kind of people you will have more problems than you would have alone – whether these people are friends, family or a soul mate.

You need to make your journey easier and increase your odds to succeed – not to make it harder and decrease your odds.

Never take risks along with people who will slow you down and make you an easy prey – you will be eaten as soon as you step into the jungle.

Take risks along with people who have the resources and knowledge to help you reach the other, terrific and beautiful side of life.

2. Don’t Be Arrogant About Knowing

You don’t know shit about anything. Even if you have lots of knowledge on a certain area, there are still people who know more than you. Be humble and learn from these people.

No one can know everything. If you play the game like you are the Mr Know It All, then you will be fucked up.

The truth is that the more you learn- the more you realize that you don’t know anything. 

So, don’t pretend that you do.

3. Ask Yourself: “Why Not?”

Why focus on what might go wrong instead of focusing on what could go right? 

Isn’t that completely silly?

Thinking about the one hundred things that could go wrong when you take risks is just a self-sabotage. Worrying about things that haven’t happened doesn’t lead anywhere.

And most of the times – about 80% – the things you worry that could go wrong won’t even happen. They are just creations of your imagination.

If you let your imagination create dragons and monsters  you will make false judgements. Don’t do that. Whenever you start thinking what could go wrong turn your focus on what could go right.

take risks in life

Whenever you worry that it’s not going to work for you, you should ask yourself this simple question:

“Why not?”

Asking yourself questions is the best way to change your focus from one thing to another.  Most of the times, the success and results you are looking for are just a question away.

It’s all a matter of asking yourself the right questions that will allow you to focus on the right things. The ability to live with and embrace risk is what sets apart the financial winners and losers in the world.

Felix Dennis – Author of How to Get Rich


If the risk you are taking will help you to fulfill your true potential and achieve what you are really capable of, then take the fucking risk and enter the jungle.

On the other hand, if you are thinking to take a risk that won’t bring any significant return on investment – based on how much you are risking – then re-consider it.

It’s another thing to take smart risks and another thing to take foolish decisions and make mistakes that you could avoid with a bit of critical thinking.

But generally, when you take risks you are giving yourself a chance to make things better.

Trying and failing is 100x more worth it than not taking the risk and wondering if things would have been better, had you taken a different decision.

Talk Soon,

-Damian Pros


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