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Why Repressed Emotions are Worse than Being Broke

repressed emotions

A 76-Year Old Invaluable Life Lesson About Repressed Emotions & Not Listening To Your Heart

Repressed emotions are like cockroaches. You should better kill them,the moment you realize their existence.

You should make them disappear because they are really powerful. A power which may become a terrible nightmare if you don’t fight against it.

They have the ability to hide . You think that you have escaped from them and in a brief of a second they return, being even more intense.

That is why I am telling you, you must eliminate repressed emotions from the beginning. Get rid of them without second thoughts or because repressed emotions cause depression and anxiety.

Repressed emotions are a remorse that we should have, a remorse for our actions.

Sometimes we sacrifice our own desires or put them in a secondary fate. We forget how important our needs are. We forget to respect ourselves.

Our cowardice doesn’t let us get rid of these repressed emotions. As a result, they are complaining all the time with their persistent and squeaky voice.

How many times are you going to ignore that voice?

Some weeks ago , I was sitting near the beach, drinking coffee and writing some thoughts on my laptop.

Suddenly, someone asked me:

“What are you writing there?”

I looked upwards and faced an old man, over 70, standing with a smile on his face and waiting for my answer.
I was so absorbed in my thoughts that he shocked me.

Behind the wrinkles on his face, I distinguished  a source of gallantry. For one second I tried to imagine how he looked when he was in my age. Even now, he stood upright, well-dressed and confident.

I replied to him: I don’t write anything particular. Just some random notes.

“Do you want me to tell you a better story to write?”

I don’t know why but I wanted to listen to him, his vibe was pointing towards something interesting.

I generally have the mindset that you can learn from everybody’s experience and especially from elderly.

He sat next to me and told me “Begin witting then!” without even knowing each others name.

Let’s call him Marcus.

Marcus was from Athens, he was born in Greece in 1939 and lived in Athens until he was 25. Then he moved to Germany where he ended up working in a restaurant as a cleaner.

Until that point, I was feeling relatively bored and continued drinking my coffee indifferently just before the story became spicy with the addition of a woman.

It was Ann, the 20-year-old daughter of the restaurant owner. She kindly offered him to teach him some German.

After some nights they were enjoying intensive body language lessons in the basement storage room holding each others mouth closed to not disturb the customers who were having their dinner on the 1st floor.

The same time, there was another woman back in Athens, named Mary . She was waiting hours outside the post office for a letter, every time a mail bag from Germany was coming.

Sometimes she returned home highly disappointed while others she was jumping and dancing on the streets because of her joy. She was Marcus fiancé.

Ok I thought, Marcus would have probably left his fiancé for the German baby. But…

After one year of continuing nights in the basement’s storage room he returned to Athens for some months. He married Mary and returned together to Stuttgart.

He stopped seeing Ann and never stepped his feet back in the restaurant. For 22 years he never heard news about her.

However: “During two decades there was not a single night that I didn’t think of her” he said. “Do you believe it”?

He continued: ” I really loved my wife, he gave me two beautiful kids. They are the only thing in my life that I don’t regret for. They are my whole life.”

At this point we have been surrounded by 6-7 more young men and women who stopped because of curiosity but ended up listening carefully to his words.

But we could all distinguish the pain in his voice while he was talking…

Marcus continued the story:

“I was searching her for some years. I was waiting for her outside the restaurant hoping to see her and talk to her. But she was never there. It was like she has disappeared.”

After some years Ann’s family moved and sold their restaurant. He completely lost her trails.

His life with Mary was quite good. Sweet and quiet. She cooked, took care of their children, she offered him a warm hug every night. She truly cared about him.

They never had a big argument, everything was fine between them. He offered her a warm hug as well. But he was feeling like he was hugging his cousin, not his lover

repressed emotions

How Unpredictable Is Life?

Twenty two years after living in Germany they returned to live in Athens. They wanted their children, now adolescents, to learn their home town and origins.

One day he received a call from the police. Someone was looking for him. Guess who.

Ann, so gorgeous and beautiful like time hasn’t changed her at all.

“She told me she never got married, she never forgot me. She waited 22 years so my kids were big enough. She didn’t want to destroy my family and hurt my childrens when they were small”.

The only reason she visited him at this point was to finally be with him. She told him that they could stay there, return to Germany or go anywhere he wanted.

We were all staring him, waiting for the rest of the story.

“What are you looking at me? I rejected her. Do you think I would be talking to you now if I have gone with her? That’s how much a coward I was…”

He stood up and begun walking away…We could certainly feel his regret and disappointment about his choice.

I asked him: “What happened after that? What can I write for the end  of the story?”

He replied:

“There was no end for me. I really wish there was an end…

Write down that if you listen to your heart, if you follow what you really want, you may hurt some people. Others may get angry with you and some may walk away. Maybe some of them will forgive you while others won’t.

For some people you will always be a scoundrel, a selfish jerk. But what they think doesn’t matter.

If you don’t follow your inner want, will you be able to forgive yourself?

Who will you become if you don’t listen to your heart? You will be feeling regrets and hating yourself the rest of your life.

Do what you really want inside you and change the circumstances in your life before it’s too late…”


Repressed emotions and regrets can be one of the worst emotions in the world. Marcus knew that, but it was too late when he discovered it. He was already too old.

Marcus had lived a normal life. He did what he was expected to do. He got married with a nice woman, had kids and worked his whole life.

He was making some decent money, actually he was making a lot of money. His family lived in a 300 square meter villa in the most expensive neighboorhood of Athens. They enjoyed trips with his yacht in the Aegean.

However, Marcus was less happier than a broke man.

That’s because he never listened to his heart and never followed his gut instinct. He never listened to his repressed emotions even if they repeatedly tried to talk to him.

In the end, the repressed emotions became so strong and so intense that they shattered his soul into a thousand pieces.

You have two choices.

Either decide to live your life doing the things you want, or live to pleasure others and let the repressed emotions destroy you.

Are you going to live your life in penitence or listen to the little voice in your head which tells you that it’s possible?


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Why Repressed Emotions are Worse than Being Broke

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