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Principles Of Success That Society Doesn’t Want You To Know

principles of success

3 Principles Of Success That Will Help You Rule The World

 When I started this website some months ago, I had written a passage in the “New? Start Here” page that talked about three fundamental principles of success.

I removed that part from there because I thought it was a very important concept that deserved an entire article.

That’s because these three principles of success are essential for achieving your goals, improving your life and becoming the man you are destined to be.

I am not being dramatic here – as long as I have lived by these “success principles”, I have seen my life transforming completely.

And I am sure that these three things made a big difference in how my life is now. If I wasn’t living by these habits – rules – beliefs, then I am pretty sure that I would be very disappointed, angry and completely lost.

How am I sure? I was feeling like that sometime ago.

Disappointment, anger, boredom, emptiness, uncertainty and despair.

And if you are feeling the same way, changing it is within your reach. If you start acting the right way.

Now, lets see which these principles are:

1. Education is a Constant Process.

The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing.

You won’t get anywhere without knowledge. Knowledge is what separates rich and successful people from those who are poor and/or losers.

Rich people didn’t become rich just because they were lucky. Maybe, luck helped them at some point of their lives. But you can’t credit their entire success to luck. That would be absurd.

Those who are rich and incredibly successful aren’t inherently smarter than you. Sure, some of them might really be geniuses and have a higher IQ.

But what about the rest of thousands of people who weren’t born smarter than you?

Why are these people more successful and well-off? Why is Bill Gates one of the richest men in the world?

One word: Knowledge.

That’s what sets apart those who fail, from those who win. Sure, it’s not the only part of the success equation. But it’s one of the most important ones.

If you want to succeed, you need to have knowledge that you can monetize. If you want to make money on fiverr, you must have a well-built skill set.

The mistake most people do is that they reach a point when they stop learning!

This point is very EARLY in life – usually after finishing school or college.

But here is what happens if you stop learning after you finish school. You don’t have any chances to become successful.

You have to keep learning new things or expanding your existing knowledge every single day.

If you don’t do that, you can rest assured that someone out there is doing it. You can also rest assured that this someone will be richer and more successful.

Because he is committed to learning and increasing his knowledge.

Knowledge is money.

When you have knowledge, you can sell it.

Knowledge can save lives.

Why do you pay your doctor? Because he knows how to save your life.

Knowledge is the currency of this world. Whoever has the knowledge and knows how to use it, he will be the one who also has the goods.

And these goods will be riches, skills, women, health, success, friends and more.

principles of success

2) Time Is King, The One & Only Fuel of Life.

It’s not abundant and must be spent wisely – because if it goes away, it never comes back.

Do you really believe that your time is infinite?

If yes, then you will really regret it when you will be 60 years old. As you get older, you start to realize that time goes by incredibly fast.

How old are you?

Are you 15? 25? Or 35?

It doesn’t matter. Think about how fast the last 10 years of your life have passed. Think where you were 10 years before. And you will notice that you will remember it like it was yesterday.

Because time goes by faster than the speed of light.

When you are young, you want to feel like you have an entire life in front of you. That’s what society has made you believe.

Everyone has heard that phrase in his youth: “You have a whole life in front of you to do so and so”.

That’s only the half part of the truth. The other half is that you won’t even realize how fast you will have depleted the biggest part of your life.

If you spend your time mindlessly, then you will regret it in a few years. But if you make the most out of your time, you won’t regret it at all.

Here is how to make the most out of your time:

1.Start to appreciate the time you have.

2. Don’t waste it on activities that don’t offer any significant value.

3.Spend your time only on things and people that make you better(read point 1 of the hyperlinked article).

These three things sound so simple, but they are a lot more harder in reality

Distractions, losers and life circumstances will come as obstacles in your way to success. And they will try to steal the most valuable thing you’ve got: your time.

Don’t let them do it.

principles of success

3) Physical Appearance’s Positive Impact Must Be Utilized.

Have you ever heard about the Halo effect?

The Halo Effect is a principle in psychology which states that our brains forms a specific perception of others – and can only see (at first) what we want to see.

The Halo Effect is the correlation between a cluster of general positive characteristics with appealing physical appearance.

People have the tendency to communicate in a different way with those who are more attractive.

It is subconsciously assumed that if someone is attractive and good-looking then his whole personality will be amazing as well.

As a result, unattractive people are subtly given less attention. They are considered as less intelligent. We live in a world where physical appearance plays a huge role in human relationships.

Several researches and experiments prove that behavior.

One example of the halo effect in real world is celebrities. Celebrities are perceived as attractive and successful. Because of that, they are also thought to be kind and intelligent.

Another example is the “homeless man experiment”.

In that experiment a real homeless man is dressed in a fancy suit and carries a phone like he would do if he was a businessman.

Then he asks people to give him 50 cents for a bus ticket. Almost everybody responds in a positive way. More interesting is the fact that some people gave him more than the 50 cents he asked for!

The same scenario was repeated with one and only difference. He wore dirty and ugly clothes.

Guess what! Nobody gave him money.

You can watch the experiment here:

How crappy society huh?

In our society, external beauty wins because it is associated with health. On the other side any look that implies illnesses or imperfections is hugely neglected and receives less attention and respect.

That’s why people with skin diseases like acne feel less attractive than others who have glowing skin.

Because of that, it’s extremely important to take care of your physical appearance.

You can do that in 5 ways:

1.Exercise to stay fit

2.Eat healthy to get the right kinds of nutrients that will support a healthy, vital body.

3.Dress sharp – always dress your best no matter where you are or who you are with.

4. Always be well-groomed. This means to take care of nails, hair, facial hair etc. And always have clean shoes.

5. Use specially designed products that keep your external image flawless. Like sunscreen to protect your skin from UV damage.


These are the three “secrets of success” that society doesn’t want you to know. Why not?

Because knowledge is the key to freedom.

Society wants dumb men that can be easily manipulated. As long as you keep learning and acquiring knowledge, you are not longer an easy target.

Because they want you to waste your time.

When you don’t value your time, you are eager to exchange it for a crappy job that pays you 4$ per hour. When you value your time, you start building your own business.

Because they want you to be unhealthy.

As long as obese rates are increasing and illnesses are expanding, more and more people are in need of medical care.

Also, when you don’t take care of your physical appearance you end up a) being manipulated easier and b) exchanging your time for 4$ per hour.

When you dress like a millions bucks and look like a success, this will never happen over the long-term.

But don’t take my word for granted. Start living by following these 3 principles of success and see for yourself how your life will change to better. When this happens, come back here, comment and share your story!

Talk Soon,

-Damian Pros

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Principles Of Success That Society Doesn\'t Want You To Know

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