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5 years ago

Peter Dinklage Emmy Award Winning | A Life Lesson Of Huge Value

peter dinklage emmy

Peter Dinklage Emmy Award Winning Teaches Us & Significant Life Lesson

 Peter Dinklage has won an Emmy Award for his incredible performance in HBO series Game Of Thrones.

Peter’s Emmy award winning can teach us a very important lesson about what it takes to become successful in life.

Peter is continuously getting an Emmy nomination for the last four years – since he started appearing on Game Of Thrones!!

He has won another one time – back in 2011. So this was the second Emmy Award for Peter Dinklage.

If you add to this that Peter has a 10 million dollar net worth and estimated monthly earnings of 150.000$ per episode you can certainly say that he is pretty successful.

How did he accomplished such a massive success?

A fool would say that he just got lucky. That anyone could be at his place but Peter’s luck helped him reach that level of success. That he became a superstar thanks to his good luck.

A smart man would understand that there is something more behind Peter Dinklage’s Emmy Award winning.

Something like years of hard work, continuous effort, overcoming of failures, disappointments and strong inner beliefs

Exactly out of the lion’s mouth:

peter dinklage emmy award

As it seems, Peter Dinklage has suffered a lot and overcame many difficulties before he became a millionaire thanks to Game of Thrones.

He has struggled a lot but kept his dignity and continued to try until he succeeded. And he finally did.

Here is a hard-learned truth:

No successful man in this world has succeeded ONLY because of luck.

Sure, luck helps sometimes. But you can’t reach massive success only because of luck. That’s why those who win millions in lotteries always go bankrupt after some years.

Success is something that happens over the long-term. It takes time to grow your grape vines. And it takes time to reap the rewards.

A lot of people have become an overnight sensation like Peter Dinklage did. Their level of success seems to have skyrocketed within a night.

But is that true?


The truth is that their success was a linear process. Not an exponential one.

So why do people call Peter Dinklage lucky?

Because of two reasons:

1.They don’t see the hassle:

Average people make the mistake of ignoring the process. They focus only on the final result. Therefore, they aren’t able to see all the hard effort that someone has put in.

They can’t see all the years he suffered. They can’t see his massive failures, the moments he was disappointed and the moments he wanted to give up but he didn’t.

When you ignore all that stuff, you are one-dimensional. And when this happens, your perspective is limited.

The only thing you can see is the top of the mountain. Not the steep cliffs that are right below the top. Clouds are hiding these cliffs.

You think that there is an elevator (good luck) that can take you up to the top while in reality you have to climb until you get there.

2. They want to feel better for their own failures

Knowing that someone is far better than you are makes you feel inferior.

So, when people see Peter Dinklage Emmy Award Winning or the fame he acquired thanks to Game of Thrones – they feel intimidated.

And they call the successful person lucky just to cover their own inadequacy to take the first step on the uncertain road of success.

How To Set Yourself Apart From The Crowd

That’s easy. Simply don’t do what the others are doing. Do the opposite. In this particular case, you should do the following:

1.Don’t attribute success to luck.

2.When you see someone successful, you should know that he wasn’t just lucky.

3.Instead of trying to give yourself excuses to feel better (fake), get out there and make your own luck(real). 

Luck is a product of your action. You create your luck in a certain degree – based on how you decide to act upon life’s circumstances.

Peter Dinklage created his luck when he was living at an apartment without heat and kept his dignity by refusing to get paid for playing in commercials as a leprechaun.

How did he created his luck?

By choosing not to give up and stay loyal to his art.

peter dinklage emmy award

How you react to circumstances is more important than what problems you are facing in your life.

The problems don’t matter. Problems always come and go. What matters is if you let these problems control your life – or even ruin it.

The financial crisis in several countries of Europe is a huge problem.

While people don’t have power to control the crisis, they have the power to control their lives – to some degree. And this can be done through their every day choices.

Your every day choices and habits shape your lifestyle.

If your daily routine involves complaining about your problems, watching news in TV to “learn” what’s happening and playing the lottery, then the crisis will probably control and ruin your life.

I see so many people complaining that life is difficult and that papa government has cut their wages. Or that they can’t find a job.

The truth is that they could live a better life if they changed their choices.

Selling everything you own and living abroad is a choice. Living frugally for a year while working hard and then relocating somewhere where you can live better is a choice.

But both are difficult choices.

99% of people are not eager to make them. Because they involve risk and uncertainty. 

I can’t see how it’s better to live waiting until the universe makes things right for you. Until you have a “lucky break”.

That “lucky break” will probably never happen. And if it happens, the money will be gone pretty soon.

Of course, waiting to get lucky is more comfortable than creating your own luck.

And you can create your own luck, up to a certain degree. At least, you can turn the odds of succeeding in your favor.

However, creating your own luck involves lots of uncertainty and discomfort – mostly in the beginning. Most people aren’t willing to sacrifice their comfort to live a better life over the long-term.

And that’s why they choose to wait for things to happen.

They wait for the crisis to pass.

They wait for the perfect time.

They wait until they have money.

They wait until their kids go to college.

They wait, wait and wait but never act.

Then, they go out there and call “lucky” guys like Peter Dinklage. Peter’s luck didn’t won the Emmy Award. His hard work and dedication did.

His commitment to excellence allowed him to create his luck and turn the odds in his favor. 

That’s what made him “lucky”. Continuous action without giving up even at the toughest moments. That’s what you have to do if you want to succeed.

Stop waiting for good luck to hit your door, stop waiting for things to happen and don’t complain for what’s happening.

What’s happening doesn’t matter so much. What matters is how you react to what’s happening.


Big ups to Peter Dinklage for winning his 2nd Emmy Award. You rock Peter!

Talk Soon

-Damian Pros

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Peter Dinklage Emmy Award Winning | A Life Lesson Of Huge Value

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