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Do You Want Me To Personally Coach You?

Do you want me to personally coach you to extraordinary success?
To teach you how to make tens of thousands of dollars a month?
To show you how you can become a multi-millionaire working from a laptop while traveling the world and following your passion?
The odds say I won’t, because 1) I am too busy to individually advise people and 2) you can’t handle my $2500 an hour fee (what you invest for time with someone who the famous, world caliber Forbes Magazine featured)
So, what should you do?
Beg for mercy? Bitch about your life? Give up?
I will tell you what you have to do without having to do. It will change your life. So pay attention.
Here is a message I got from a guy, with some personal detail blacked out of course.
I want to share with you the advice I freely shared with him. Most people at my level, would have ignored him. I didn’t.
However, I can’t always personally reply to everyone.
That’s why I am creating this article. It’s for all those of you ambitious hustlers who want to turn your life around but don’t know what to do.
Read his message first, and don’t skip to my response, because if you do you are looking for shortcuts and it’s not gonna work.
Dear ambitious conqueror,
I appreciate your kind words and your drive to change the situation you are in. But let me set something straight. I cannot meet you or call you or even help you personally.
Just sending this e-mail is detrimental to my valuable personal time. I could be doing something else, that’s far more lucrative than helping someone I don’t know, have never met. One of the many who contact me every day.
Nobody is gonna help you but yourself, and the knowledge of this is the biggest help I can give you.
Get it through your head. Your life, your calls.
Don’t bitch about it, wake up every day with drive and determination to get out of this shitty situation.
I was in your place, living in a cockroach infected dorm room, eating crap for lunch and counting change to get by.
I have been there, and gotten out of there because I realized I was the one calling the shots. The only person I could rely on consistently.
I don’t know how you could find a job, because I am not the type of person that knows how to find a job and get hired.
I give jobs, I don’t ask for them.
You have internet connection through a phone or a laptop. Or probably both. Use it. Learn how to make money online.
Read my website and the following ones:
– Startgainingmomentum
– wallstreetplayboys
– edlatimore
– illimitablemen
– boldanddetermined
Watch the following YT channels:
– Alex Becker
– Tai Lopez
– Grant Cardone
– Sam ovens’s consulting
Follow Russel Brunson and Dan Kennedy to learn marketing.
Do all that, day in and day out. In a year, you will be living in a penthouse, not in a freaking cage.
If you don’t believe it’s possible, don’t forget that I was in your place.
I made it possible for myself. You can make it possible too.
Wish you all the best man,
Damian Pros
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Do You Want Me To Personally Coach You?

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