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Oskar Faarkrog: From Skinny Fat To Being Ripped & Inspiring Thousands

What is the Skinny Fat body type? Skinny fat is the type of body which is slim but has almost no muscle mass and is covered by a huge layer of fat.

Skinny fat guys have feminine characteristics like man boobs, fat belly and very wide hips. They tend to be common targets for bullying and have pretty low testosterone levels.

On the other side they have elevated estrogen levels(women hormone) and that’s the reason of their appearance.

I have never been skinny fat myself, in the past I was just skinny. Nevertheless I can certainly feel the frustration and disappointment skinny fat guys are facing.

It’s not easy to change your physique when you are skinny fat but if you show the necessary dedication and put in the required work you can do it.

This post is an interview with a friend of mine, Oskar Faarkrog from SkinnyFatTransformation, the man who has inspired thousands of skinny fat guys to change their physiques, build muscle, lose fat and become far more confident and attractive.

How did he do that? He has walked the walk himself and transformed his body from skinny fat to muscular and ripped.

oskar faarkrog

Oskar has passed through a lot of struggles while he was a skinny fat guy and now is trying to help others who face the same difficulties transform their bodies and improve their physical appearance.

According to Oskar building your physique is a process that takes time because fitness is not a sprint but a marathon.

Now, let’s get into the interview!

Damian: So Oskar, SkinnyFatTransformation is continuously growing bigger. Did you expect that kind of growth? What was your vision for SFT when you created it?

Oskar:Yes, I knew that there was an enormous need for a website for skinny-fat people, because I could never find one myself when I was doing my transformation, so I always knew that as long as I make the best content out there, it will eventually get shared by people and take off.

My vision was to create the best resource out there for skinny-fat people  by supporting all my arguments with before/after pictures and keeping the advice simple and actionable so people with busy jobs and low incomes can start applying it immediately.

Damian: What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in transforming your body and how did you overcome it?

Oskar: The biggest challenge was the diet part. I used to eat sugar,  fat and white bread all day long so it took a long time to get rid of these filthy habits. I overcame it by not buying these things. When it’s not in sight, you don’t eat it.

Damian: What would you do differently if you were starting from the beginning? If you were a newbie again, with your old body, but with the knowledge you have now.

Oskar: I would lose weight instead of focusing on muscle gains and I would focus on bodyweight exercises instead of using weights.

Damian: What are the most important things a skinny-fat guy should focus on regarding building his physique and why?

Oskar: The most important things are:

 1. Lose fat before focusing on muscle gains: Your nutrient partitioning is better when you’re lean, so you will be much better able to use food for muscle gains and thereby benefit more from bulking after you get lean.

2. Focus on bodyweight exercises before using weights: If you can’t do 15-20 pull ups, there’s no point in using weights. Learn how to move your body in space before you use external weight.

3. Stop following fad diets that are low in something. Play the long game instead, because in the end you can’t “cheat” your genetics.

If you’re skinny-fat it will take longer to transform so just accept it and follow a healthy balanced diet that get’s you to your goal even if that means it will take YEARS to achieve.

Damian: In the last years, except of  having developed an amazing physique you have also built a popular blog with thousands of readers. What is needed to achieve this kind of success?

Oskar: Hmm…

1.First and foremost you should write well:

Unlike building my physique, writing came naturally to me. You can have the best transformation in the world, but if you don’t write well, nobody will read your blog. In the case of blogging, you have to know the type of writing your audience likes. Usually that means short sentences and paragraphs broken up with pictures and very catchy headlines.

2.You should support your writing with evidence

In most of my articles I use a picture of myself. To some, that may seem narcissistic.

To me, it’s just a necessary tool to show people that I know what I’m talking about. You can have endless formal education in fitness, but in the end showing that you’ve gone through the whole process yourself is much more important.

3. You should learn Search Engine Optimization

You can have the best writing along with the best physique, but without marketing, how will people find it?

In my case, 70% of my traffic is organic google search. Each month I get about 70,000 visitors from the search engines alone, and that is no “accident”.

From day one I have optimized my articles to rank for certain popular fitness keywords. Doing this is an art in itself, but I recommend the website ViperChill.com to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

4.Give out a free guide in exchange for adding a person to your email newsletter:

Assuming that you have the three previous points figured out, you now want to make sure that you KEEP the traffic, because most people will simply visit your site and leave once they’re done reading the article they landed on and NEVER come back.

The trick here is to have some kind of FREE offer that you give out to your readers in exchange for adding them to your email list. The email list is your single most important asset as a blogger, because unlike social media you own it 100%.

Nobody can take away your email list, but facebook and twitter can close your account without any notice. Besides that, an email list is the single best converting medium when it comes to open rates, click rates and converting random visitors into loyal readers!

Damian: What quality do you think that is necessary to accomplish that?

Oskar: The most important quality is definitely an unbreakable passion.

If you aren’t willing to put in years and you aren’t passionate about your topic, you most likely won’t make it. Blogging is not something you do to make money. If you want to make a lot of money, open a real business instead. I blog because I don’t have a choice. If I don’t spread my message I will go insane.

 oskar faarkrog

Damian: What’s your goal with SkinnyFatTransformation in the following months/years?

Oskar: The goal is to grow SFT from thousands of readers per month to millions of readers per months. Making that leap from the “thousands” to the “millions” will need some work and creativity, but over time I believe I can make it.

The overall vision is to spread awareness of the “4th body-type” which is skinny-fat, and inspire the people who struggle with this body type because it’s by far the hardest to change.

Take Home Messages From Oskar Faarkrog’s Experience

  • Get lean before building muscle because your body can take better advantage of the nutrients you provide it.
  • Aim for long-term success and don’t follow fad diets. Instead follow a healthy and balanced diet which includes all macros like protein, carbohydrates and fats.
  • A great way to overcome filthy dieting habits is to stop buying unhealthy foods. When you don’t have them available you won’t eat them
  • In the beginning focus on bodyweight exercises.
  • The most important quality needed for success is to enjoy what you are doing. Having an unbreakable passion is essential to inspire people.


First of all I would like to thank Oskar Faarkrog for sharing his valuable experience and insights with us. This is the first interview but a lot more will follow with other experts from the health, fitness, business, entrepreneurship and self-improvement space.

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Oskar Faarkrog: From Skinny Fat To Being Ripped & Inspiring Thousands

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