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3 Ways To Make Your Nagging Wife Peaceful Like a Lamb

nagging wife

How To Deal With a Nagging Wife And Start Living Without Moaning

 This is a contribution post by Sebastian Harris

Many men are struggling because of nagging and controlling wives.

Does that sound familiar to you? 

“What? You really want to spend the weekend with your buddies? Are you out of your mind? Why do you always put your friends first like I am not important? I thought you loved me!”

In case it does, you have a serious problem. Whereas other people are in a happy, supportive and fulfilling relationship, you have to deal with a woman who is always complaining, nagging and moaning.

Even though this obviously sucks, it’s not the end of the world. Just because your girlfriend is complaining about everything today, doesn’t mean that you can’t change your behavior tomorrow to transform her into a tame cat who wants to cuddle all day long.

Unfortunately, most men react in a way that forces the woman they are with to nag and moan even more. If you want to be one of the few men who know how it feels to be in an amazing relationship, you have to promise me that you won’t make the following mistake.

The Mistake That Most Guys Make 

What do most guys do when their girlfriend starts to complain about completely unnecessary things?

They agree with her, tell her that she is right and they make sure that she has no reason to be mad. In other words, they give all their power away and behave like weak little pussies, just to make sure that the girl of their dreams shuts up.

They compromise because they don’t want to hear her moaning anymore.

In case you have at least a glimmer of self-respect, you shouldn’t even think about doing this.

Do you really think a woman respects you when you are not even man enough to deal with her moods?

Do you really think she sees a strong and confident man when she looks at you, after you backed down and showed her that you are too afraid to speak up?

The crucial thing that most men don’t realize is that 90% of the nagging and moaning of a woman has nothing to do with the things she complains about. If there would be a real reason for her behavior, she would want to have a serious conversation with you, instead of moaning and hoping that you are stupid enough to react on it.

A woman is moaning because she just wants to test you and by caving in you fail her test. Or she wants to find out if you are a confident and emotionally strong man who deserves to call her his girlfriend.

All you have to do to transform your nagging wife into the loyal and respectful woman you always wanted her to be is to behave like a man. 

Ok, what does this mean?

1. Respect Yourself By Not Tolerating Disrespectful Behavior 

The uncomfortable truth is that no woman wants to be together with a man who doesn’t respect himself. A man, who allows another person to behave in a disrespectful way, especially when this person is his girlfriend,  is unworthy of being treated with respect.

If you allow a woman to show her disrespect by moaning and nagging, you communicate on a subconscious level that you are okay with being treated in a disrespectful way.

Due to the fact that no woman wants to be together with such a man, you have to make clear that you won’t tolerate this behavior. However, you can’t win the fight on a logical level, but you should also be careful to not burn your fingers on the emotional level.

2. Be Careful With Your Emotions

The worst thing you can do in this situation is to react in an overly emotional way. A man who can’t deal with the emotional outburst of a woman without getting overly emotional is not able to stay strong when he has to face obstacles that are way more challenging than the mood of a woman.

By becoming emotional you basically throw yourself out of the “potential protector” basket and directly into the “to weak to fuck” basket. Not good.

Instead of showing your girlfriend that you’ll probably “run to your mom” and start to “cry” when you have to face some resistance in life, you should show her how it feels to be together with a guy who leads her out of her own misery.

nagging wife

3. Lead Her Out of Her Nagging Mood              

A nagging wife might giggle when you fail her test, but inside she is crying because she knows that she has to look for another man. What she really wants is a guy who is able to deal with her nagging and moaning like a real man.

How do you do that?

Step 1: Show her that you don’t give a fuck.

Step 2: Lead her out of her own misery.

Step 3: Give her what she really needs.

The first thing you should do when your girlfriend starts to nag and to moan doesn’t require a lot of activity. Doing nothing and watching the spectacle is enough. Enjoy how her head transforms into a tomato and meditate while she is in a rage.

The fact that you don’t do anything shows that you are confident and self-governing enough to not be attached to her mood. I know it’s hard to believe but showing that her behavior doesn’t influence you in a bad way is extremely attractive.

After you have done nothing for a couple of seconds, you can start to lead her out of her miserable mood. Most guys try to do this by telling their nagging wife that there is no logical reason for their nagging and moaning.

This is the same as if you would try to fight water with electricity.

If you really think that you’ll end a woman’s moaning and nagging by arguing on a logical level, you are very naïve. A woman wants to be led out of her miserable mood, but not with logic.

Don’t explain her the logical reasons on why what she is telling you is wrong.

What she needs in this situation is a dominant and emotionally strong form of leadership. She needs a man who has the necessary emotional strength to give her feelings that are better than nagging and moaning.

You can do this by telling her in a dominant way that she should stop, while you look her into the eyes as if you would want to rip her clothes off.

You can also do this by leading her on a physical level.

Look her deep into the eyes, embrace her, hold her head with both of your hands and give her a passionate kiss. Then you take her hand and lead her to the bedroom.

You have to understand that she doesn’t really want to nag and moan. What she really wants is to feel safe and secure in the arms of an emotionally strong man. Give her what she really needs and she will realize that she has no reason to nag and moan in your presence.

D&C Conclusion

This was Sebastian Harris gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed his article. I would like to add a few extra things on Sebastian’s perspective based on my experience:

1) Women love drama.

They get easily bored. The easiest way to get out of the boredom and add some emotion in their life is with moaning. Women act mostly on emotion and not on logic.

They are more prone to instant gratification than men and that’s why they enjoy activities like shopping, reading romantic novels and watching drama movies.

Because these activities fill their emotional needs.

2) If you want to change your nagging wife, change yourself first

These activities offer non lasting emotional fulfillment. The joy and happiness derived from doing these kind of things lasts only a few hours.

Then she comes to you to trigger her emotions. If you aren’t able to fill their emotional needs in a positive way, then she starts moaning.

Moaning and drama also give them emotional fulfillment, even if they are negative emotions.

If you want to avoid that you either have to make your woman feel more fulfilled (the way to do that goes beyond the purpose of the article) or change the way you react on her nagging.

The way Sebastian described above can really help with that. Don’t give a fuck and don’t react too emotionally will be enough to make her show you more respect.

Beware: If you really acted stupid, insulted her, cheated on her or made a mistake in your relationship you should give a fuck.

But you need to develop the critical sense to understand when you are dealing with a nagging wife who is serious and when she is moaning for a meaningless reason.

What do you think is the best way to deal with a nagging wife?

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3 Ways To Make Your Nagging Wife Peaceful Like a Lamb

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