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The Myth Of True Love & Soulmates (What Losers Believe In)

Why True Love & Soulmates Don’t Exist Anywhere But In Movies

true lovetrue love

true love

From: The Desk of Damian “Pros” Prosalendis

Time & Location: Unknown

“Real love”, “true love”, “soulmate”, whatever you want to call it is total horseshit. When their ass is on the line, you can’t count on them.

It’s only true love as long as your interests, missions, goals are aligned. Then they forget you exist, as fast as the flip of a switch.

You are involved with another person romantically because it’s somehow benefitting you.

At a very primal level, as a man, you get recognition and pride by other males when you go around with a hot female. You show them what a baller you are and you feel like the boss.

Your desire for sexual pleasure is satisfied as well, so you might be fooled to believe you are “in love” with her. You are not.

You are in love with the sexual pleasure, the pride, the recognition and all the other benefits that come from mating somebody.

At a very primal level, as a woman, she gets the benefit of security, survival and replication.

It’s not true love, it’s the progress of evolution dressed in a fancy 3 piece ten thousand dollar suit to feel, sound and look nicer.

True love only comes from loving and taking care of yourself. When you feel “in love”, you are just trapped in a temporary illusion.

I am so sorry if that revelation hearts your feelings.

I am wondering though what will hurt more.

This realization breaking your bubble and taking out of your bright and sunny little magic world of mermaids and unicorns and rainbows?

Or would it be the feeling of being cheated on from your lovely true love, the subsequent divorce, the “you won’t be seeing your children again” , the double shifts to pay her alimony as well as the criticism, punishment and crucifixion if you can’t?

Fortunately, I learnt my lesson before I had to pay a price like that like many a man has paid.

I had no divorce because I wasn’t married, no kids, no alimony, no punishment.

However, I lost a great deal when my 5-year long relationship ended, NOT because it was over, but because I should have ended it sooner!

I lost personal time and paid the price in unrecovered lost potential and diminished momentum.

Some might say that’s not a significant price. That I am already massively successful.

After all, who makes so much money at age 21, runs 3 businesses and gets featured for it on world class publications like Forbes?

damianprosalendis forbes soulmate true love

Although my life’s accomplishments have been extraordinary, they could have been legendary already. And for losing that, I cannot forgive myself.

Recently, I became 22 years old. From 16 to 21 I had a relationship with a girl that acted like she would have eaten a bullet for me, WHEN our interests, goals and missions were aligned.


Because my goals and missions were so perfectly connected to hers in the beginning. They were almost identical. Thus, any threat to my goals and plans would have been a threat to hers.

That’s good, for as long as it lasts.

But as I said before in this article, it changes when your end game and hers are no longer aligned. She forgets you exist, as fast as the flip of a switch. You do so too.

Classic example?

In my case, she didn’t even call to wish me happy birthday. And that was a girl who would organize a surprise with a birthday cake and closest friends to come over exactly at 12.00 am, the moment the day would change.

Now? Not even a phone call to honor what has been a half a decade of being together.

“Hmm, Damian sounds like your heart was broken here…”

This is for those  who thought the above line in their heads while reading.

No dummy, I am only regretting it hadn’t been over earlier!

My life got 10x better a week after I broke up.

Late at night she sent a typical message on Facebook (which almost unknown people you don’t know but have added on Facebook send you).

“Okay, so why are you writing this Damian?”

To spread the message, and pass on to you knowledge and life experience that has been obtained through trial and error.

So, you don’t have to make some of the mistakes I made.

So, that you can succeed faster following my step by step plan, instead of reinventing the wheel on your own.

Thus, I couldn’t give less shit about that relationship anymore, as a week after it ended I realize how much potential I had lost.

How much time and momentum I had sacrificed from my personal achievement, just to keep it alive.

You would be a liar to say that you haven’t discovered exactly the same in the past.

Just think about a previous relationship that wasn’t ended as intended, and what the price you paid was.

Theeeere you go!

What still fascinates me though, and the entire reason I am writing this article, is the following:

How easy someone forgets the one who used to be their “soulmate”, that doesn’t even bother to take a minute and make a phone call.

How fast people take back what they had said they would do, when their interests are no longer aligned with yours.

How half a decade of your life invested into a single person, was a worse investment than real estate in the 2008 stock market crash.

But above all:

How powerful self-interest is that overrules everything.

It’s not love that’s the ultimate power.

That’s bullshit they brainwash you with to go to the cinema and watch love stories and drama movies with your girlfriend.

It’s self interest that’s the ultimate power.

I made the mistake of being “in love” and it cost me a lot of my potential.

Quote from the Rational Male:

All of this is limited by a man’s attitude towards the opposite sex. Women are dream killers. Not because they have an agenda to be so, but because men will all too willingly sacrifice their ambitions for a steady supply of pussy and the responsibilities that women attach to this.

Don’t make the same mistake.

Until Next Time,

Your Man,

Damian “Pros” Prosalendis

PS: I wrote this article a couple weeks before my birthday, and scheduled it to be published a couple weeks after. I knew what would happen before it happened. That’s the power of being ahead of the game.

PPS: Do you believe that soulmates exist or do you agree that it’s a human invented myth like the tooth fairy and unicorns? Comment your opinion down below and share your experiences!

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The Myth Of True Love & Soulmates (What Losers Believe In)

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