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Ditch Hats & Wigs,Try The Most Effective Hair Loss Solution Plan EVER

hair loss solutionFeeling the pain and insecurity caused because of early hair loss?

Afraid of going bald like a bulb?

Then you know that there are not many masculinity killers that are worse than the process of balding.

Losing your hair is a process that causes so much insecurity, emotional pain and discomfort to myriads of men.

Even to real men.

You are not alone.

However, this doesn’t make you feel better about it, does it?

Acceptance is rarely a solution for hair loss and potential baldness. You would be much better off with a scalp full of hair, wouldn’t you?

After all, you hate the countless trips to doctors and specialists of all kinds.

To add insult to injury, think about all the money you have flushed down the toilet on treatments that promise to bring your hair back, but don’t deliver.



I know how it feels…because I have experienced it too.

For me, it started back in junior high school, when I was 15. It wasn’t noticeable back then, but my hair loss became apparent when I was around 18.

Couple that with severe acne, and you have a great mix of a confidence killer.

A few things can match the emotional discomfort caused by slowly but steadily losing your hair.

Erectile dysfunction, a small penis, being short or having acne can also be devastating to a man’s self confidence.

But being bald like a bulb?

No man in the world wishes that would happen to him.

Unfortunately, most men are going to lose their hair and go somewhat bald sooner or later.

It’s inevitable for the mast majority of men. However, the worst part of losing your hair is the age at which the problem becomes noticeable.

  • If you are lucky, it will happen after you get in your 40’s.
  • If you are like most, you should see noticeable signs of early baldness around 25-35.
  • And if you are unlucky, you will have to learn to live with it from your teens like I did.

While the emotional impact of hair loss is different from person to person, it’s for sure that NO man feels good about it.

In fact, male pattern baldness has been found to be more painful than childbirth!

  • You feel disadvantaged against other men who don’t have the same issue.
  • You become more introverted. You feel that women might not find you that attractive.
  • You are scared of the moment that you are going to be completely bald.
  • You let it stop you from being successful in other areas of your life such as business or career.
  • You get fat because you resort to eating in order to make yourself feel better.
  • All in all, it makes your life a living HELL.

And by now, you must be feeling even more hopeless than before, because all I have been doing so far in this article is talking about how much hair loss sucks!

However, I have promised that I would give you the most amazing hair loss solution ever, and I will!

Before giving you my step by step plan for combating baldness and hair loss, let’s see a funny illustration of a man in the process of losing his hair.

I am sure you will relate to it.

hair loss solution

Alright, that was fun.

It also illustrates that dealing with baldness depends a lot on your attitude about it.

Why let hair loss be another bullshit excuse on your way to living the life of your dreams?

If you think about it rationally, you will see how stuuuuuupid it is.

I have been losing hair since 15 and I am 21 at the point this article is being written.

I have not let hair loss stop me from becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Alright, I am not proud of this, but see how my hair really looks:

hair loss solution

If you know anything about hair loss, you would see this is somewhere around level 2 or 3 on Norwood’s hair loss scale.

This is a scale used to measure how far your potential baldness has proceeded so far.

hair loss solution

Before diving into the proposed solution for losing your hair, here is a fundamental of hair loss that you must understand.

Your hair loss issues may belong in one of these two categories:

1. Regular hair loss

It happens because your hair is damaged by pollutants, styling, hormonal deficiencies or nutritional deficiencies.

This does NOT lead to permanent baldness and it CAN be reversed if the above mentioned causes are regulated.

2. Alopecia (male pattern baldness)

This is the shitty thing.

It’s genetic hair loss and it’s permanent, most of the times at least. There is little you can do to reverse it, though there are some options for curing male pattern baldness.

That’s what I am going to focus on in this entire article.

If you have no idea what Alopecia is and how it’s caused, I am not going to reiterate what has been written a thousand times online. Just Google it.

But in simple words, you just have crappy genes (and yeah, you can blame your family all you want for this!).

Regardless of how awful and emotionally stressful losing your hair can be, I am gonna tell you how to beat baldness.

I know what it takes to deal with Alopecia from an early age, and what’s the best plan of action to take if you are still young (under 25).

It may also work for those who are over 25, but if you are under 25 then time is in your favor.


Dare and Conquer Hair Loss Solution:


Don’t BS yourself with that hair loss thing. Don’t waste time and money on baldness treatments that do not work.

We both know how much it sucks, alright?

But don’t let this be an impediment to other areas of your life, such as school, business, career, relationships etc.

Looks do matter, of course, but there are many things you could do to balance the appearance disadvantage caused by your crappy hair genetics.

As a first step on your way to conquering baldness, you must change your attitude.

Your perspective regarding hair loss is the single most important thing to win this fight. Not some magical hair loss cure.


Dare and Conquer Hair Loss Solution:

Prevention & Delay With Minoxidil & DHT Blockers

There are ONLY three things that have so far been proved to be successful in the fight against hair loss.

  1. Minoxidil
  2. Finasteride
  3. DHT Blockers

All the rest is just bullshit and scam baldness cures, as my knowledge and experience has proven so far.

If you dig in hair loss communities or talk with others experiencing early baldness, they are most likely going to tell you the same.

So, these three things are the sole weapons you’ve got in terms of hair loss “treatments”, unless something new and revolutionary has come out and I am not aware of it (let me know in the comments if that happens!).

1) Minoxidil is a substance that has been scientifically proven to boost hair regeneration and reverse male pattern baldness.

Its effects vary from person to person, but it can certainly have a positive impact on most men, and is for that reason considered a standard hair loss cure.

I do not consider it a baldness cure though, simply because its effects fade once you stop using it. If you stop, you will lose everything you have gained.

This sucks, but if you have the financial means to allocate $30-$50 a month for this hair loss treatment, it is certainly worth it.

More information about Minox can be found in the following resources, albeit it’s not necessary to waste too much time reading about it:

Additional Resources About Hair Loss

2) DHT Blockers help with slowing down hair loss and male pattern baldness on a hormonal level.

I would recommend that you get a Shampoo with DHT blocking properties.

If that shampoo has agents such as aloe vera, saw palmetto and argan oil, these can also help with naturally revitalizing your hair.

Since you have a genetic hair loss issue (alopecia), you can’t expect to treat your hair in the same way a regular person does. You need a proper shampoo.

3) Finasteride is also a DHT blocker, but this works on an internal, hormonal level and not on the surface of your hair like a shampoo with DHT blockers in it.

Finasteride is a pill. A potent one. With potentially adverse side effects.

Hence, I do NOT recommend that you take any Finasteride treatment no matter how serious you consider your hair loss.

It involves a risk of screwing up your life pretty bad.

See: The Medical Mystery Behind America’s Best-Selling Hair-loss Drug

The risks imposed by taking this pill are not worth the reward it promises. Especially when there is a better way.

Following the exact recipe outlined in this article might be harder than the road of easy and instant gratification that swallowing a pill offers.

However, you will be much better off over the long term. Needless to mention that Finasteride’s effect disappear when you stop taking the pill.

What? Are you going to be taking it forever?

In contrast to minoxidil which is harmless, finasteride can be potentially dangerous.

Minoxidil coupled with a DHT blocking shampoo can on their own help a lot with your hair loss issues.

I have been using both of them for about a year and they have done wonders on my hair.

Take a look at the following pictures where my hair looks nice and compare it with the photos above where hair loss at the temples is clearly obvious.

These are all taken from a distance, but it still looks as if my hair were completely fine:

Here is a closer look. It still looks alright.

So HOW is that possible?

My hair actually looks pretty thick and vibrant, as if there were no hair loss problem whatsoever!!

In fact, most people would have never known that I have male pattern baldness before publishing this article, because my hair looks pretty good!

Alright, just jump into step 3 to figure out a large part of the how to:


Dare and Conquer Baldness Solution:

Hair Building Fibers

These are little particles that can “cover up” a receding hair line.

They make your hair look fuller, thicker and much much much bettarrr!

See a live demonstration of a hair building fiber product to understand what exactly it does:

Essentially, it is just….“filler”.

It doesn’t solve the problem, but it covers it up good enough – even in big Norwood Scales (3+) so that it almost disappears.

It is anti-sweaty and anti-rainy and only comes out when you shower and massage your hair with shampoo and water. So, it’s cool.

I know that it does not bring your hair back in any way, but it instantly makes you look better.

It’s a temporary solution for baldness that will accompany you long enough until you go to the final STEP 6 of the Dare and Conquer Baldness Solution Process.

I recommend either Toppik or Gofybr.


Dare and Conquer Hair Loss Solution:

Share Your Problem

Once again, this has to do with your attitude about your hair loss problems3.

I used to be very afraid of talking about my receding hairline. I would dread about discussing it even with my girlfriend or parents, as I would never want anyone to discover what’s going on.

This was plainly wrong, and after all, not talking about it and admitting what’s happening to you only makes you feel worse.

Man up, accept it and freely discuss it with your friends or family if the conversation brings it up.

Avoiding the conversation makes you sound insecure and also makes you feel worse.

Suck it up and talk about it.

Simple as that.

It will make you feel better.


Dare and Conquer Baldness Solution:

Stunning Aesthetics

This is one of the strongest hair loss solutions that has nothing to do with hair loss itself.

An awe-inspiring body makes others (and especially women) pay less attention to your lack of hair.

They will be too busy scanning your body from your chest all the way down that they won’t pay much attention to your hair loss.

Think about Jason Statham or Vin Diesel.

These guys are BALD to the bone.

While they are not supermodels, they look quite decent thanks to their bad-ass personas and muscular infrastructure.

Simply changing your physique is going to immensely transform your overall appearance – even if you have a receding hairline.

Just read the post I wrote about Kit Dale and you will see what exactly I am talking about.

Kit Dale may also be bald to the bone, but he started to look infinitely better after he started to pay attention to his physique.

A nice physique is the cure to almost anything, it seems:


Dare and Conquer Solution For Hair Loss:

Make So Much Money That A Hair Restoration Procedure Feels Like Grocery Shopping

This is the final step on your checklist.

I told you that this is the most amazing and effective baldness solution plan ever.

I didn’t tell you that it would be cheap or easy to follow through…I promised that it would be worth it.

I told you that in the end, you would have found a complete and utterly effective solution to your hair loss struggles.

All steps so far have been focused on covering up the issue, delaying it as much as possible and driving attention away from it.

Nevertheless, you need a permanent solution, don’t you?

Therefore, the first 4 steps are going to buy you extra time before you go completely bald, so you can make enough money to afford an expensive hair restoration procedure.

A hair restoration procedure, for those who don’t know, is a surgical hair loss treatment.

And it is pe-rma-nent!

It could cost anywhere between $3000 to $20.000 to have a head full of hair again, depending on where you are in the Norwood scale.

So many men compromise with baldness, simply because they cannot afford a hair transplant.

There is absolutely NOTHING that’s as powerful as that…and as expensive as that too.

The money needed for it is out of what most people can afford.

That’s why you should not be a part of the “most people” clan.

Especially if you want your head to be full of hair.

What’s $10.000 for restoring your masculinity if you made that amount in less than 2 weeks?

It’s money well-spent.

It’s insignificant.

When you reach to the point that  you are financially free and make 6 to 7 figures a year, having a hair transplant is just like going for grocery shopping.

Go out, kick ass in business and start making so much money that the only color you see is green (as my buddy Ed Latimore says).

Now, if you want to know how you can make this kind of money, check the following articles to get on the right track:

  1. How To Make Money Without A Job (Beyond Your Wildest Dreams)
  2. How This Strategy Made Me Financially Independent (And $65 Billions For Sam Walton)
  3. How I Made $11032 In 2 Months With Less Than 1.30 Hour Of Daily Work
  4. Why Making Money On Fiverr Is Probably The Best Way To Start Making Money Online (And Do It Fast)

On the other hand, if you want to learn more about how a hair restoration procedure works, why it’s permanent and so on, then check the links below.

  1. Hair Transplants: What to Expect
  2. Hair Transplant Surgery Example Video, Before and After
  3. Finding a Hair Restoration Doctor


You may have probably expected something different when you saw an article about the most amazing baldness solution ever.

Yet, this is indeed the most amazing solution for hair loss ever.

This is a realistic plan that works, if followed step by step. This is the exact plan I have followed so far to combat my hair loss.

Follow it too, and you will eventually end up looking younger, prettier and better than ever.

No more hair loss worries.

Plus, you will be wealthy and have stunning aesthetics.

Use your hair loss as a motivation to fuel your success, not as an obstacle towards the hall of fame.

Until Next Time,

Keep Daring And Conquering,

Damian Pros

P.S: What’s your experience with hair loss and male pattern baldness? Let me know in the comments below.

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Ditch Hats & Wigs,Try The Most Effective Hair Loss Solution Plan EVER

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