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Santa Damian’s Gift For 2016: Merry Christmas From Dare and Conquer

merry christmas

2015 was one of the best years in my life and my goal is to make 2016 your best year.

That’s why Santa Damian will be riding his sleigh this Christmas sharing gifts.

What’s My Gift For You?

The BEST book about making money on Fiverr that has ever been written.

I am so happy that this year ended so well and so PUMPED up about this book and the following year.

For that reason I will share with you this golden nugget of information for free…

I haven’t lost my mind yet, but I believe that all of you who read this site, share the posts and spread the word deserve a gift.

Either way, it’s Christmas.

My parents haven’t bought me a gift for Christmas for the last 6-7 years, since they started to struggle financially.

Well, this year it’s the time for me to give them their gifts.

merry christmas

And I would also like to give this gift to all of you who are subscribed in D&C’s e-mail list.

How & When Can You Get The Best Fiverr Book Ever Written For Free

If you are already subscribed in my e-mail list, you don’t have to do anything.

Simply wait until the 01.01.2016.

The book will be normally priced at 15$ (and that’s too low for the information in there, but I want to spread the word), but you will get an 100% discount code in your inbox so you can get it for literally 0.00$.

Be waiting for my e-mail, because the code will be valid only for 2-3 days.

If you are not already subscribed, but interested in getting the book (and all the other goodies I will share with the D&C community in the following months and years), then simply enter your e-mail below until 31.12.15.

(Update 01.01.16: no longer valid).

You will also get a coupon code to get the book for free.

If you saw this post later than 31.12.15, then I am sorry, but you missed a huge chance to make money from your computer.

However, you can still subscribe for future goodies and exclusive content like the book you missed. Ho-ho.

And you could easily get started with Fiverr by checking these massive posts/guides I have written:

♦On Victor Pride’s Blog: How This Kid in Greece Makes Full-Time Money on Fiverr Working Only Part-Time

♦On Dare & Conquer: How To Make Money On Fiverr: The Definite Guide To Turn Your PC To A Cash Flow Machine

Apparently, the book is incredibly more in depth, organized in steps and contains everything I know about Fiverr.

I really believe there is no other better book out there, neither will ever be written.

I really want you to make a full-time income on Fiverr while working only part-time and that’s why I put my 120% while writing this book.

However, the 2 posts above could get you started right now.

Many D&C readers have also started making money on Fiverr following only the advice in these two posts!

Fiverr manual

Jacob was even given an 100$ knife for less than 15 minutes of work and was also paid for his work.


Fiverr manual 3

So, if you haven’t read the articles, go give them a look.

And get ready for your Christmas Gift!

Have fun during the holidays and get ready to make money in 2016!

Talk Soon,

-Damian Pros

PS: For you Bloggers interested in getting a review copy, send me a message using the contact form even if you see this later than the release date. I will send you a free copy.

I’ve also set up an affiliate program with 70% commission (may go up to 75%) so you could make some money from reviewing the book.

PS2: You can check out the Fiverr book here.

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Santa Damian\'s Gift For 2016: Merry Christmas From Dare and Conquer

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