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Interested in Men Style? Iron&Tweed Has You Covered

If you are interested in men style and want to develop your physical appearance you have to do only one thing. What is that? You have to train like an animal and dress like a man.

That’s what Nate from Iron&Tweed.com believes and you should better listen to him. Nate is one of the most promising bloggers in the men style industry and is a legit guy.

How do I know that? He speaks from personal experience. Nate can give top-notch style advice for men because he has transformed his style and physical appearance in an insane degree. Look:

men style

That’s insane! I have never seen such an amazing difference in anyone. If you are interested in men fashion and style for men Nate is definitely someone you could trust.

So, let’s get into the interview!

Damian: Tell me a bit about your goal for Iron&Tweed. What do you want to accomplish through your site?

Nate: My goal for Iron & Tweed is to help guys enhance their lives by improving their appearance.  I want to inspire men to reach their full potential by building better bodies and then dressing those bodies in a way that makes them feel incredibly confident.

I love spending every day helping people, while indulging my interests and sharing my life and experience with my readers.

It’s also been great fun to nerd out and provide in-depth content in the form of eBooks.

In addition to Casual Style 101, which is an entry-level, budget-minded style guide, I’m working to compile everything I’ve learned into two flagship books – a bodybuilding guide for style-minded men and an ultimate wardrobe resource.

I can’t wait for people to read them!

Damian: You have achieved a pretty impressive fitness transformation from skinny fat to muscular and shredded.What was the most valuable lesson you have learned from that accomplishment?

Nate: First of all, thanks! Yeah, I was a sack of shit in my early 20s.

The most valuable thing I’ve learned is that there are no shortcuts.

You need to try everything to find out what works best for your body and lifestyle, and never underestimate the value of hard work.

I’m not advocating constant program-hopping, but you need to give a variety of programs their fair shake and put your full effort toward each program while you’re on it.

You’ll learn so much about what works for your body (and what doesn’t), what you like, what you hate, what’s important to you, and what kinds of programs are enjoyable and sustainable in the framework of your life.

Damian: What do you think that is the most important thing (or top 2-3) a man should focus on to develop an impressive physical appearance and improve his style? (from a dressing standpoint)

Nate: First, dress in a manner that fits your personality/lifestyle. I always laugh when I see teenagers who’ve never seen a single day of manual labor dressing like lumberjacks or construction workers.

I’m all for personal freedom, but your clothing should represent who you are and how you live, not how your friends dress.

Secondly, most of us aren’t born with an inherent sense of style, so you have to be patient. Spend some time looking at blogs and magazines to find what kind of style you like.

Until you know how to put outfits together on your own, don’t be afraid to copy photos exactly. Build your wardrobe slowly.

Your personal style will develop as you make some bad choices and find other things that look amazing on you and make you feel great.

Damian: I have seen some of your old photos on your site. Man you looked horrible back then. On the other side, looking at you now really reminds me of a male model. Did you notice any difference in the way you feel as long as the way people react to you or respect you because of that change in your style and body?

Nate: My “Before” photos are those of a defeated man. I was a pack-a-day smoker working a physically demanding and emotionally taxing job, commuting over two hours a day, and spending any free time trying to drink it all away.  I was miserable.

The difference in how I feel now is like night and day. I used to be so insecure and uncomfortable in my skin that I wouldn’t ask a stranger for directions. Now that I feel good about myself, I’ll walk up and talk to anyone.

It’s more about not feeling bad about my appearance, rather than constantly thinking about how good I look. Improving your appearance grants you the luxury to forget about how you look and focus on the things that are truly important in life.

People absolutely treat me differently. Let’s just say that I don’t get hassled when returning items without a receipt. People always assume the best of you when you’re put together.

Though I can tell that some people are initially intimidated by me, once we talk, they instantly see that I’m an easy-going, amiable guy.

Damian: What was your motive that helped you go from a pudgy little kid to the person you are now? You must have had something that motivated you right?

Nate: There are certain things in life I’ve always wanted, and I realized that I would never get those things if I continued to look and feel pathetic.

Being successful takes confidence. Most people recommend that you change from the inside out and that is fantastic advice. But I saw how much my outward appearance was affecting the way I felt on the inside so I decided to correct that problem first, and it’s worked.

Now it’s Iron & Tweed that keeps me motivated.

I’m constantly striving to do a better job for my readers, whether that’s taking better photos, reviewing products they’re interested in, or just being a better representation of what I’m teaching.

I love getting feedback on my work and hearing that I’ve helped someone with a problem is incredibly rewarding.

Damian: Your blog is continuously growing. I have also seen you were mentioned in a list with the 10 rising style experts which proves how good you are doing with your site. Based on these accomplishments what do you believe is your biggest power? What’s the one and only quality that can help you succeed and achieve your goals?

Nate: My greatest strength is that I started at the bottom with my physique and style and have worked my way up. I’ve tried everything, made tons of mistakes, and am now able to pass my knowledge to my readers.

I wasn’t a naturally athletic kid who just happened to respond really well to bodybuilding. I’ve fought tooth and nail every step of the way.

On the style front, I come from a steel mill town where people actually wear black gym shoes to funerals. But despite the lack of a positive style environment, I’ve developed a look that would be at home in any major city.

As a result of my own experiences, I’m able to offer approachable, sensible advice to help men look great and improve their lives as I have.

Take Home Messages From Nate Regarding Men Style & Life

  • As a man, you can reach your full potential by building a great physique and then dressing your body in a way that makes you feel extremely confident.
  • If you want to achieve anything in life you have to understand that there are no shortcuts. You have to put in the effort.
  • Clothing should represent who you are and how you live so dress in a way that reflects your personality.
  • Build your wardrobe slowly and focus on basic/investment pieces.
  • Looking on men style blogs and magazines can help develop your personal style.
  • Changing the way you look affects the way people communicate with you. When you look good they treat you good. That’s why you should like a winner wolf.
  • Changing your outward appearance by developing your body and style can change the way you feel inside and make you confident.


If you are interested in style for men I would really recommend you to check out Nate’s website Iron&Tweed.com for more advice on how to improve your style, dress better and make your life better.

Thank you Nate for providing all these valuable information.

Stay tuned for the next interview!

PS: If there is someone you would like me to interview let me know and I will do my best to do so.


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Interested in Men Style? Iron&Tweed Has You Covered

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