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4 years ago

Why Making Money On Fiverr Is Probably The Best Way To Start Making Money Online (And Do It Fast)

In my opinion, making money on Fiverr is the best way to start making money online really fast.

But let’s clear two important things you might be thinking about.

1. I am not talking about making pennies.

You can make full-time money on Fiverr, even more than what most people make in their day job and enjoy more freedom at the same time.

This could be a side-gig for an extra $800 per month. It could also be a full-time income of 3k-10k per month. It could also be a small business of 10-30k per month.

It depends on your goals, skills, knowledge and willingness to thrive.

2. I am not talking about a get-rich quick scheme.

As you can see, there are no blonde babes with bikinis, fancy cars and big homes with swimming pools in this article.

I am not saying you are going to make 10k per month without even moving your little finger.

What do I say?

That you can make that amount of money faster than you would do in any job. And you would enjoy more benefits.

More freedom, more free time to spend as you wish, more control over your schedule and generally more of everything.

So, if you stick to it and put some effort in, you will start making money fast.

But you will also enjoy a lot more.

As you will see, making money on Fiverr is not only about making money. There are other things you will also get, that probably are even more important than money itself.

I will get to that in a second..

For those of you the aspiring top performers who want to skip the reasons why and start making money right now, you can read these incredible free guides I have written.

Incredible Fiverr Guide No1 (UPDATE 14.03.18 – Victor Pride deleted all articles on his website, including my guest post. You can still find the article in the Wayback Machine Tool here)

Incredible Fiverr Guide No2

“Incredible Fiverr Guides? Damian, that sounds a bit narcissistic.”

Well, okay. It’s not I am the only one who says it.

Robert from also characterized them as incredible and several other people have found lots of value in these guides and even made money using them.

making money on fiverr

Anyway, I am losing the topic here.

We are not supposed to talk about my guides, but for why you should try making money on Fiverr.

Here are the top 10 reasons why making money on Fiverr is an amazing opportunity for you:

1. You Can Make Money Super Fast

Or at least, faster than you would if you tried other online money making methods.

For instance starting a website or doing affiliate marketing takes a HELL lot more time. Dare and Conquer will soon have its 1st year birthday.

Do you know how much it has made me during this first year?

Well, about $500.

That’s less than $50 per month, even if I invest hours in acquiring knowledge, writing articles and trying to help you guys in any way I can.

Even Victor Pride of Bold and Determined says he made zero (yes, $00.00) bucks the first year.

It takes some time to grow your audience, become an authority in your niche and learn the secrets of making money online.

On the other hand, on Fiverr you can make money almost immediately.

I made over $1500 my first month.

how to make money working on fiverr

Okay, you might not make that much when you start, but you might also do.

You can’t know exactly how much money you will make before you even start. You have to start.

And start now!

The faster you start, the faster you are going to put money in your pocket.

Even if you only made $400 in your first month it would be a success.

99% of people online will never earn that much in their first year.

2. You Earn Something MORE Valuable Than Money

Here is something that I believe is even more important than the money you will earn.

Business experience that can be applied in any business.

When you work on Fiver, you actually get paid to learn stuff that will help you get paid more in the future!

What do I mean?

Fiverr isn’t much different from running a real business.

You have to:

1. Set yourself apart from the competition

2. Find prospects and persuade them to use your service.

3. Make these customers repeat loyal buyers.

4. Learn how to market yourself and your services.

5. Learn how to deal with unsatisfied customers.

6. Create systems to automate menial tasks.

7. Figure out ways to boost your profits.

And a lot more.

When you work on Fiverr, you actually get paid to learn all that.

And these are things that you could use later in your life, no matter in what business you are involved in!

Each like being in college, studying and getting paid for what you do before you even graduate.

On top of that, you also develop your skills even more, for free.

When you work on your skills every day, your skills will get better with time.

It’s common sense. If you invest an hour a day to lay bricks one on top of another, you will soon have made a wall.

The more you practice your skills the better you will become. You don’t need talent. You need to invest time in your skills.

This allows you to grow as a person and excel in your area of expertise.

The end result?

Making even more money on the road to getting better!

When you build your Fiverr Business, you actually get paid to work on yourself and master your skill sets.

3.  Don’t Have a 9-5 Schedule, You Make Your Own

making money on Fiverr

Working at a regular job forces you to have a certain schedule. You have to live in the 9-5 jive and wait patiently for the weekend to take some time off.

Or not?

See with how many of these you agree with:

  • If you want to go for a coffee with your friends at 2pm, you can’t because you work.
  • If you are hungry and want to eat lunch, you can’t because you work.
  • If you are tired to get up from your bed in the morning, you can’t stay there because you have to go to work.
  • If your muscles ache from the hard work you put in day after day, you can’t rest because you have to go to work.

You are so freaking limited.

I remember when I worked as a waiter in a restaurant. I was getting paid an absurd amount of only 2.5 euro per hour.

I had to bust my ass off every day (no weekends off!). Everyday, 5 pm to 3 am in the morning!

That was even worse than a normal 9-5 job.

But hey, I couldn’t fucking do anything – I needed the money.

My feet ached from running up and down for 10 consecutive hours, but hey, I couldn’t rest.

What about food? I was supposed to eat during these 10 hours, right?

Sometimes I would make a 5 minute break to eat something, because I felt like I my body would fall apart. Even then, the other employees and my boss started nagging and moaning.

On the other hand, making money on Fiverr is incredibly more pleasant!

If I want to stop and eat, I can take a 3 hour break, take my girlfriend to a restaurant and eat together.

I no longer have to listen to annoying co-workers nagging because I took a 10 minute break to eat a fucking sandwich.

I can shout FU if I don’t want to work right now and do what I want without getting fired.

If I want a break now, I can have a break now. If I want to go out for a walk now, I will go out for a walk now.

Making money on Fiverr allows you to have a more flexible schedule.

And it’s awesome!

4. You Don’t Need To Any Risk Money To Get Started – It’s FREE

making money on fiverr

Starting a Fiverr Business – as I like to consider it – is the CHEAPEST type of business in the world with a cost of ZERO bucks to get started.

Personally, I don’t know any business that can be started for free. Even starting a website needs you to pay for hosting and domain registration.

Fiverr is free, no matter what you sell.

You can make money without any financial risk. Even if you fail (which is unlikely if you try hard enough), you won’t lose any of your money because you will have invested zero bucks.

How awesome?

Well, in the future, you may decide to invest some of your profit to make more money.

That’s perfectly acceptable and probably inevitable. Even then though, you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars.

So far, I have only spent $50 for a high quality video and $10 per month for a service I needed.

5. You Can Have A Vacation Whenever You Want (And Fiverr Will Pay For It)

I went to Milan in December and Rome in January. Both vacations were funded by Fiverr money.

All I did was to put my Fiverr account into vacation mode and voila.

I suddenly was in Milan, outside of the gorgeous Duomo.

damian pros milan duomo

Milan, Duomo

making money on Fiverr

Then I headed over to Rome and the Colosseum.

making money on fiverr

And, obviously, ate lots of pizza along the way.

making money on fiverr

(Funny enough, I managed to stay relatively lean and that was mostly due to intermittent fasting.)

But the best thing of all?

I didn’t do any work on Fiverr rather than spending 10 minutes every morning and night to reply to the messages of my customers.

Good luck going on vacation and taking time off to travel, see amazing places and have fun if you have an ordinary job…

Maybe once a year.

On the other hand, Fiverr gives you the freedom to take time off and travel incredibly more often.

If you want, you can even work and travel at the same time.

One Fiverr Seller earned money on Fiverr while he traveled Asia for 2 and a half years!

Being self-employed gives you a kind of freedom that people who work in normal jobs will never experience.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that your life will always be a party, that you will only have fun and never put in any effort.

It’s self-evident that you have to earn this freedom.

But, it’s not so hard to earn it.

6. You Can Make More Than People With Degrees & College Education (In Less Than A Year)

making money on fiverr

Every time I tell someone in my age how easy making money on Fiverr is, they are left completely slack jawed.

College is a great choice if you want to excel in a certain career that you like.

However, there are many other ways to make money faster, without spending 4 years of your life to get a degree (and get paid PENNIES when you graduate).

Because, honestly, let’s say I continued with my college education and got a degree in Chemical Engineering as I was supposed to.

What would my potential be?

In Greece, I would hardly make 1-1.5k per month working 8 hours per day (or more) building someone else’s business.

Somewhere else?

The average salary for a chemical engineer is about 3-6k depending on where you work, your specialized skills and experience.

Why spend 5 years of my life living in poverty, another 1 for graduate school to develop a specialized skill only to make 6k in the best case or 1k in the worse?

Isn’t it completely insane?

Why should I do that?

For “job security”? Or for “society’s respect”? Or for “family’s acceptance and pride”?

I find all these really silly reasons…

The last month I made $6422. I have more freedom, enjoy more benefits and didn’t need any college education to accomplish that.

Also, take into account that chemical engineering is considered one of the elite majors all over the world.

Imagine if I studied something that’s considered less valuable. I would make pennies after college.

So, if you what you are studying in college isn’t the dream career of your life, why not try to make money online or start a small business?

I mean, if you only go to college to get a safe job after graduation, you are really limiting your potential.

There are countless opportunities to explore, besides making money on Fiverr.

That’s just one great option.

7. You Won’t Have To Deal With Annoying Co-Workers

Okay, this applies to any form of making money online or running a business, but it’s important to stress it out.

I have worked at ordinary jobs. I spent a couple of weeks in the past working as a waiter, barman and barista in various restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

I had to deal with annoying co-workers in all of these occasions.

People I would happily slap and punch in the face, but couldn’t because I would get fired.

If you’ve ever worked at an ordinary job, you certainly know this feeling.

But what could you possibly do?

You don’t want to lose your job. So you force yourself to put up with every lazy slob with cockroach like IQ.

8. You Won’t Have To Deal With An Annoying Boss

making money on fiverr

In a similar way to dealing with annoying co-workers, at an ordinary job you may have an equally (or worse) annoying boss.

  • A boss who doesn’t give you the pay rise or promotion you deserved.
  • Who makes you work overtime and pays you pennies.
  • Who enjoys his vacation in Las Vegas while you are busting your ass off in an office.
  • Who is not smarter than you, yet gives you orders about everything.
  • Who doesn’t appreciate your value.

Ditch that.

When you work for yourself, you don’t have to tolerate that insanity.

9. You Don’t Have To Be A Genius To Make Money On Fiverr

making money on fiverr

Making money on Fiverr is possible for anyone, regardless of IQ.

You don’t even need above average IQ.

Just a desire to make money, a skill to monetize and the willingness to learn.

You can make money on Fiverr even if you weren’t the best student in your school.

Even if you aren’t the smartest person in the room.

10. It’s Easy & Fast To Get Started

All you have to do is to create an account. This takes only 1-2 minutes.

You could devote some more time to think of unique name that’s relevant to what you are going to sell.

For instance, if you sell Internet Marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) services, it’s dumb to call yourself something like “Donovan1205Lpk”

You want to brand yourself.

Go for a name like WebMarketingPro, SEOking or something like that.

Make what you sell seem crystal-clear from the get-go by using a distinctive name that people will remember.

For instance, take this website: Dare and Conquer.

It’s not a name I chose randomly. I spend about 3 days before picking it. I wrote about 20 names in a word file.

The next day, I checked again and reduced them to 10. Then reduced them to 5 and so on.

It’s a name that could be easily branded and remembered.

It instantly communicates that the site is about becoming successful and getting what you want out of life.

Sure, I write about other topics too, like fitness and entrepreneurship. But the main concept is clear.

A new visitor won’t have to wonder if the site is about grooming pets or the wildlife in Africa.

Keep this tip in mind.

Getting started with making money on Fiverr is super fast and super easy, but you should think of a great name before registering.

After that, you can have an account set up in just a couple of minutes.

Then you can start making money on Fiverr.

Simple as that.

Until next time,

Keep Daring and Conquering,

Damian “Pros” Prosalendis – New Age Conqueror

PS: If you have any questions about making money on Fiverr feel free to ask and I will do my best to help you succeed.

Let me know in the comments and then SHARE this post with your friends on social media to help them “be their own boss”.

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Making Money On Fiverr Is Fast, Easy To Do & Free To Start

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