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A Little Known Secret of Success That Will Build Your Empire

secret of success

A Secret Of Success That Most People Ignore But You Shouldn’t If You Want to Build an Empire

What’s this secret ingredient?

Being provident is the little known secret of success. Being provident is a very effective way to “cheat” on your competition.

But what does being provident mean?

Provident: making or indicative of timely preparation for the future

Let me explain you why being provident is the key to success that many ignore with a simile.

Imagine playing the lottery. How awesome would it be if you could have a time machine, travel to the future and see the results?

Then you could come back to present with the knowledge of what will happen in the lottery. You play the numbers and you become a millionaire.

Fucking awesome right?

Of course this is a fantasy of poor people who want to get rich because of luck, without any effort.

In real life, you can predict the future and be ahead of your competition if you are provident. But the difference is that it needs some mental effort from your part.

You can’t really travel in the future but you can predict almost anything with your mind.

Actually, if you sit down and think the possible outcomes for a specific situation, like the decision to open a business, you can find possible mistakes that you should avoid and be well prepared.

The Importance Of Being Well Prepared

If you want to be phenomenally successful you have to be very well-prepared. Preparation isn’t only for doomsday enthusiasts. It’s for everyone who wants to be great in business, life or human relationships.

Most people are provident only in case of a global disaster. They get motivated to be well prepared if they know that a tsunami or a tornado will hit their city.

Except these extreme cases, they never make plans. They always improvise. Improvising is great, but being provident before any improvisation is even better.

If you want to succeed, you should be well prepared at everything you do!

Have you taken any measures to deal with something like a job loss?

Do you know what will happen if you suddenly lose your job? You will not have money to feed your family, pay your bills and you will be unable to do anything.

Except your job is giving you the ability to put 10.000$ aside every month then you shouldn’t be resting. You shouldn’t enjoy the convenience of your shabby salary because you don’t know what the next day will bring to you.

You must be provident or you will be hit so hard that you will lose everything.

You shouldn’t enjoy the short-term comfort of a paycheck if that paycheck doesn’t have more than five figures a month.

Do you know what happened in Greece when the financial crisis came in 2010? Thousands of people lost their job completely. The salary of hundreds of thousands was reduced to an embarrassing number(8 hours of work per day for less than 800$ per MONTH).

Do you know what all these people who had their salaries reduced or lost their jobs were doing before the crisis?

They were buying expensive houses and cars. They were enjoying 3 months of summer holidays without work. They were partying almost every day.

But they never thought what they would do if they would lose their jobs. They were living in the moment, ignoring what the future would bring. They weren’t well prepared.

I am not saying that you should be afraid of your future. Your future will be as great as you make it.

If you spend your money mindlessly in useless stuff, if you spend your time watching TV all day, if you don’t care about tomorrow and only want to have fun today then you are risking a lot.

Stop living in the comfort of your own bubble. Start thinking about how your choices will affect your future and be a little more well-prepared at anything you do.

If you do that you won’t have to worry about anything and you will live a better life than 99% of people will ever live.

secret of success

Why Being Provident Is The Secret Of Success In Business & Life

One of my hobbies was making cocktails. I like bartending because it involves a lot of socialization. It’s a fun job.

I decided to work at a coffee & cocktail bar to gain more experience and develop my skills. I uploaded an ad with my credentials and after 2 days I had 3 proposals.

The one I have chosen was only for three days per week and was a great opportunity for 3 reasons:

  1. It would offer me an opportunity to socialize and make a lot of connections. Having connections and knowing the right people is always important.
  2. It would also give me a chance to develop my skills and gain experience in the field.
  3. I would work alone because the bar was small and there would be many “dead hours” when it would have a few or no customers at all. I would use these hours to read books on my kindle device.

Unlike most “ordinary jobs” it was amazing because I got paid to socialize, improve my bartending skills and read books to sharpen my mind. That was great deal!

What All These Have to Do With Being Provident?

Nothing but I had to give you some background information to explain my point.

I met the other barman who worked there the rest of the week. He was definitely more experienced than me but he wasn’t provident. He didn’t make plans to save himself from potential trouble.

And this could get him fired!

Based on the fact that he was searching for a job for 3 months and he doesn’t have another source of income he should be a little more well-prepared.

I have a bartending manual that consists of 130 unique cocktail recipes and some variations of them. I always have it with me behind the bar because it’s not possible to remember everything.

If I forget an ingredient or want to impress a customer with a special cocktail I can do it.

The other barman knows how to make cocktails but when he doesn’t remember something he searches for it in google.

But what if he had no internet signal? What if his phone run out of battery?

He would have to call the owner and ask him for help. The next day the owner would find someone better to do the job.

Fortunately he called me from the bar’s phone when his phone run out of battery and I helped him with a recipe.

Start Being Well Prepared & Provident To Avoid Trouble

This is just a simple example of what could happen when you are not provident. But for him, it would mean to be unemployed again. He wouldn’t have money to feed himself and he should start searching and begging for another job.

Imagine the consequences of his negligence if he had a family.

Would you like to get fired and not have money to feed your family or yourself?

I am sure you don’t. But that’s why you should start being provident from now on.

Many people fail in business and they can’t understand the why. Most times these failures could be prevented with a little more effort and preparation.

That’s why being provident is a little known secret of success. Not many people use it. But if you do you will be miles ahead of your competition.

secret of success

When you don’t try to forecast every single possibility you risk of losing the game. It might not happen now but it can happen in the long run. Somewhere you will make a mistake of negligence and then you will have your ass kicked.

You can avoid this when you are provident. When you check every single possibility and try to prevent every possible mistake but without worrying too much.

The chances that something will go wrong go from 15% to 1% when you are provident. Do you want to take a risk of 15% or 1% ?

Imagine that you were a soldier. Would you go into the war without having checked that you have ammo? This negligence could get you killed.

Life is the same. If you don’t face everything you do with absolute intentness then you risk of “getting killed”.

In real life “getting killed” might not result to actually kill yourself but it has a more simile-like meaning.

It could result in losing your job, losing money in a terrible investment, causing health problems or never passing your exams.

Actually there was as study that examined the reasons why students don’t prepare for math placement exams. According to the study, this lack of preparation undermines their performance and affects their results in a negative way.

Even if they know ahead of time that they are required to take the exam they don’t take steps to be well prepared and improve their results. They just leave their exam results in the fate of the universe.

Don’t leave your life in the universe’s fate. Take control of it and start being provident. Being provident is a the little known secret of success that can help you build your empire.

Do you believe that being provident and well-prepared is they key to success?


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A Little Known Secret of Success That Will Build Your Empire

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