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3 years ago

If Your Life Is Full Of Hardships, Struggles, Adversity & Shit Happening, Then Do This

Life difficulties, misfortunes and obstacles of any kind are about deciding what type of person you want to be.

And there are only two types. Winners and losers.

“But my situation is different?

“But in my case it’s harder”

“But I don’t have this or that”

It doesn’t matter.

You must figure out a way to win anyway.

Winners don’t make excuses.

That’s all those “buts” are. Bullshit excuses you tell yourself to feel better about not changing what you don’t like in your life.

Guess what. Everybody else is playing the game.

Instead of playing the game, you are wasting your time making excuses. As a result you are losing the game.

Stop telling yourself those stories about why you can’t make it and start thinking about ways you can actually make it.

Adversity is there to make you stronger.

But it will do that only if you use it as a tool to sculpt your life the way you want it to be.

Believe me, you should feel lucky and welcome obstacles, adversity and hardships in your life.

This may sound controversial, but I wouldn’t be here writing this, had it not been for all the shit I’ve been through in my life.

The only reason I am now writing this from my luxurious and super expensive apartment is that I got sick of living in a disgusting little room with cockroaches a while back.

The only reason I am so successful and therefore wealthy, is that I got sick and tired of all the poverty I had to shove down my throat because I wasn’t born rich.

Instead of whining and crying about how my parents were not affluent, I decided to become affluent.

Do you think those rich douchebags are going to ever be successful or achieve anything worthwhile when everything you want they have already?

They are never gonna be as successful as me and you, and they will be living in the shadow of their rich parents for the rest of their lives.

Why do you think some say that money doesn’t buy happiness? Not because it’s actually true, but because it makes you complacent if you have not won your money through sweat and tear.

If wealth is not the result of overcoming adversity and struggles, if it’s given to you and not earned, it’s not worth that much.

Of course it makes them miserable, but it’s not the money that really does that. It’s the lack of purpose and meaning in their life, which you can sometimes find by chasing money and a better life.

But when you are already swimming in cash flowing out of daddy’s pockets, you don’t have any motivation to chase anything.

You feel empty. You feel worthless. You do drugs. You waste money. You are nothing.

Even if your parents were not super wealthy, but merely quite financially well off and comfortable, that sucks.

That sucks because it puts you down in a hole of mediocrity, of settling for less than you could get, of giving up on your dreams for the same shit ass middle class average life.

I see it everywhere around me. You can see it everywhere around you if you open your eyes and look carefully.

Look at who is actually succeeding. It’s those that’ve been through some kind of struggle and adversity that eventually get further ahead than all those average Joes.

I am so thankful I had to pick up a freakin mattress from the rubbish once, because I couldn’t afford even buying a bed. I am so grateful for this, because you can’t imagine what motivation it gave me.

You can’t imagine how an experience like this has the power to push you to make so much money the only color you see around you is GREEN!

So, I am telling you. If you are in deep shit right now, you have a choice.

Use the obstacles as a sculptor uses rasps and rifflers to perfectly shape a marble sculpture, and sculpt your life the way you want it, or stick the rasps and rifflers up your anus, and keep whining about your pathetic existence.

Until Next Time,

Your Man,
Damian “Pros” Prosalendis

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If Your Life Is Full Of Hardships, Struggles, Adversity & Shit Happening, Then Do This

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