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Kit Dale Knows The Secret Of Being Bald & Looking Awesome

Subject: Dealing with baldness like a man and conquering your baldness. How to be bald and hot as hell like Kit Dale.

One of the most terrible things that a man can deal with (except a nagging girlfriend) is losing his hair.

But your receding hairline should not bring you down by any means. If you don’t let it destroy your confidence, you have the potential to be extremely attractive, masculine and make female panties wet.

Sure, if you can you should prevent hair loss with specialized products. But if you don’t have money to spend in expensive hair loss treatments or if you are in a stage that your hair loss can’t be prevented you should take other steps.

First, change your mindset. Stop thinking about the reasons that cause your receding hairline. Don’t blame your filthy genetics!

That’s how things are, grow a pair, be a man and stop crying about it. Complaining about your situation will only add extra emotional stress which might make your hair loss even worse.

Imagine if you could be bald and hot as hell…if you could still be masculine, successful and attractive without your hair. Wouldn’t that be fucking awesome?

I am sure it would be, but you believe it’s not possible. The truth is that it’s possible because some men have done it. You can do it as well but only if you change your thinking process.

Step up one level, accept it, embrace it and start taking lessons from those who have successfully dealt with it.

Guys like Kit Dale.

But Who The Hell is Kit Dale?

Kit Dale is a black belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor. He has competed in many worldwide BJJ competitions like Metamoris and IBBJF World.

Kit is very passionate about BJJ but he has other interests like working out and building a great physique and making hilarious videos which you can find in his YouTube channel.

When I say hilarious I mean Hilarious with capital H. Look at this dude’s face when he sees Bane from Batman running on a treadmill next to him. I have seen this video more than 10 times and I still laugh my ass off every time!

kit dale

Brazilian jiu jitsu may be a huge passion for him but thanks god that he spends his time making these awesome videos.

Let’s get back to the point. As you can see Kit Dale is bald to the bone. However I don’t think that there would be a girl who could tell that Kit is not attractive as hell. His physique is pretty impressive and the fact the he has gone bald doesn’t seem to annoy him at all.

kit dale

Instead, he took something that most men are afraid of (baldness) like devil is afraid of incense and made it a part of his character. He accepted himself the way he is and as far as I can see he burned his ass off in the gym to build an attractive body.

If you spend some time to check his Facebook page you will notice that he has a huge female following who really crave his attention and would happily to jump into his bed with the first opportunity.

As it seems, baldness isn’t a problem for Kit. He is still attractive and masculine even without hair.

But how is that possible? 

Many men consider that being bald is a huge disadvantage, something that you can’t live with. Something that condemns you in decades of failure with women, misery and cockroach like self-confidence.

But this rule doesn’t apply for guys like Kit Dale. Wouldn’t you like to know his secret?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could be bald and hot as hell?

I am sure it would be and fortunately for you, it’s not something unachievable. You can do it if you crack Kit’s code.

If you search and find the elements that make him unafraid of being bald while the same time being successful, attractive and confident you can do it as well.

But there is no need to do this. Dare & Conquer has done the job for you.

After examining carefully Kit’s appearance I found out 4 critical traits that you need to have if you want to be bald, attractive and hyper confident the same time.

Take some notes because Kit is offering free masculinity lessons:

How To Be Bald and Hot As Hell

1) First very important element: Style.

Knowing how to dress to impress can really make a difference in your life.

People do judge a book by its cover. I don’t know what your mother has told you but the phrase “people don’t judge a book by its cover” is a total nonsense.

Don’t worry, I don’t want to offend your mother, mine has given me that advice too but I took the courage to tell her that it is nonsense.

Your external appearance makes a huge impact in the way people communicate with you.

Have you ever seen the “homeless man experiment”?

If not, let me tell you about it. For the purpose of that experiment a real homeless man offered his help and agreed to wear a suit with a tie and go out in the streets. Then he asked random people to give him 1$ for a bus ticket.

Almost everybody gave him something. Some people gave him even more than the dollar he asked for! All because he seemed like a respectful business man.

Then, he went out in the streets wearing cheap and dirty clothes like a homeless man wears.

Do you know how people reacted this time?

They didn’t give him a single dime. Some people even told him “no” before he even asked them for something!

In fact, a good-looking physical appearance makes other people arbitrarily think of you as successful and attractive.

This is called the “Halo Effect”. Just because you have a positive trait (beautiful external image) people assume that your other traits are great too.

Think about it for a second. Is there any chance that you see a man driving a Lamborghini and you will think that he is a broke and unsuccessful human being?

Just some food for thought.

So, the first thing that you have to develop if you want to beat baldness into the ground is your style.

Take a look at Kit here to see what I mean:

kit dale

Your style consists of three pieces that need to be improved: Cleanliness, clothing and growing a perfect beard.

However, developing these three elements of style goes beyond the scope of this article. The point here is to show you the path. Following the path is up to you.

2) Second crucial element: Beard

Kit Dale has one of the most impressive beards I have ever seen and it really makes him stand out.

kit dale

Sure, growing such a long beard isn’t necessary but it can be a useful weapon in your arsenal against baldness.

You can stick to a smaller length of facial hair that still makes you look more masculine.

That’s a fact about beards. If grown correctly they can add a badass masculine element in your appearance. Beards are cool, make you look older and more mature.

Except saving time from constantly saving your facial hair beards can also:

  • Quadruple your handsomeness.
  • Attract the jealously and admiration of the beardless.
  • Protect your skin from the sun.

Speaking for saving time did you know that you are spending 139 days of your life shaving?

If a guy starts shaving at the age of 15 he would have wasted about 3350 hours in his next 55 years of shaving because of this simple task. Combine that with the thousands of dollars spent on razors and creams and growing a beard seems a great idea!

In our society we are told that being shaved and well conditioned can make us look respectable.

But there is something magic about beards. University of New South Wales has done a study about how having a beard affects a man’s attributes and the way women perceive him.

They found out that women considered men who grow beards not only more attractive but also more reliable and better protectors.

No woman can resist a man with an awesome beard. She is inevitably intrigued and attracted towards him even if she tells that she doesn’t like beards. They can’t resist to that air of cultured and refined finesse.

What do you prefer?

Being a clean shaven effeminate wimp or a masculine and sexy Man with a kick-ass beard?

Especially for bald men, beard is a must. It should be grown at least in a moderate length. Combine a perfectly grown beard with an amazing physique and the deal is closed!

3)The third crucial element is: an outstanding physique

kit dale

What’s the best way to fight the lack of hair?

Of course, building a great muscular and fit body with shredded hollywood like abdominals.

What’s the biggest drawback of being bald? Reduced self-confidence. That’s something that exercising can fix.

When I am talking about exercising I don’t mean running 1 km per day or playing football. This will never give you a great body by its own.

You have to lift some weights. You have to do some bodyweight exercises like pull-ups and push-ups. Actually, you have to do tons of them.

Weight training will make you feel powerful and boost your confidence, will power and discipline to the stratosphere.

There is no better way to become attractive and confident than building a great physique that everybody stares at. It all comes back to the halo effect but also goes beyond that. The benefits of weight training are multiple like

  • It will help you burn more fat.
  • It will increase your energy.
  • It will teach you how to work and achieve your goals.
  • It will make you healthier inside and outside.

and much much more.

Forget your starting point. It doesn’t matter if you are overweight or just skinny.

You have to start changing your body right now if you want to be able to handle being bald. You can’t be bald and hot as hell without a great body!

No matter how difficult it seems, start transforming your body now. It might take some time but the result will be definitely worth it!

See the difference:

kit dale

4)The fourth and last crucial element is: Personality & Character

One of the main traits of Kit’s character is his humour. This can make him stand out and seem even more confident and attractive.

Have you ever started a fight at a karate club and then run to save your life?

Have you ever wore a wig in the gym without caring of other people’s opinion?

Or have you ever made a sick man happy?

kit dale

There is no such thing that defines who you are more than your personality and the way you make people feel. 

If you make other people happy, you will feel happy too. If you give something valuable to others you will inevitable get it back. But if you act like a selfish pig who cares only about himself don’t expect much compensation.

I would probably say that your personality is by far the most important of the 4 elements.

But I think that there should always be a sweet spot in everything in life, so you have to develop all the four aspects equally if you want to overcome the inferiority that is caused by your baldness.

However, you can be absolutely one hundred percent sure for two things.

First, it won’t be easy.

Secondly, when you have finally achieved your goal, you will feel like a million bucks, powerful and strong. Accomplished and fulfilled, and that’s one of the best feelings in the world.

The Most Common Mistakes Bald Men Do That You Should Avoid

Now that you know how Kit Dale is so attractive even if he is bald and you know how you can do it as well let’s give a look at some mistakes that Kit, me and everyone else would recommend you to avoid in the process:

1) Don’t Comb Over Your Hair

Pretending that you still have hair when you don’t is the most serious mistake a man can do. What did I just told you? You have to accept the problem and don’t try to cover it.

It doesn’t help at all, and if you think that combing over your hair makes you look better you are wrong. Instead it indicates insecurity and very low self-esteem.

Just shave it off! You will look 100x better with shaved hair. Grow a beard, build your physique and Jason Statham will envy you.

Having a remaining wispy candy floss on your hair smacks of insecurity. On the other hand, having the courage to shave your head shows that you can take care of your problems with maturity and decisiveness!

2) Don’t Leave Your Hair Long.

And for god’s shake don’t even attempt to grow a pony tail! Pony-tails are only accepted for heavy metal guys with full hair follicles or teenage girls.

Ask every female you know and she will agree that a bald man with pony-tail is as attractive as a gremlin.

Sure, leaving your hair long can make you feel that you still have a lot of hair but you are only tricking yourself.

Just, own your baldness. Don’t let it owe you. Growing your remaining hair long, putting it into a pony-tail or just leaving it there hanging is a horrible idea.

The Solution

I know it seems frightening but you have to shave your hair. There is no other solution, especially in very advanced stages of hair loss. Then you can take the previous 4 crucial steps to improve yourself and beat baldness into the ground.

Benefits of Being Bald

Actually, being bald has some benefits as well. As human beings we tend to look only in the negative side of the things and overlook the positive one.

Sure having these benefits is not preferred from having your precious hair follicles in place but being bald is not so terrible as it seems:

1) Simplicity

One thing is certain if you are bald. You will never have to spend time combing your hair, washing them or even drying them. You just wash and go. Simple as hell and it saves a lot of time.

You have the advantage of hopping out the shower and get dressed in just 2 minutes. Every man takes some time combing his hair. Some dudes take even hours to make their hair look great.

I don’t think that you want to spend more time preparing your hair than your girlfriend, that’s kind of embarrassing.

2) Girls Will Love It

Except the fact that baldness gives an impression of manliness, power and dominance (grow a beard!) it can become really handy when it comes to women.

One thing is for certain when you sleep with a woman. She will wake up in the morning and see the guy that she slept with last night .When you have hair you can look deceptively different based on how you have slept.

Having to wake up and fix your hair so that you don’t look like an alien is very annoying(I admit it).

3) You Will Never Look Like LMFAO

kit dale

4) You Can Always Wear Hats

No matter if it’s summer, spring, autumn or winter you can always wear a hat without looking like a complete fool after putting it out.

The fear of feeling like a loser when you take it off simply doesn’t exists!

Moreover, hats make you look extremely sexy especially if they are combined with a beautifully grown beard.

You Have Two Options Now

Number 1: Tell yourself you are terrible egglike head loser and you will be totally right. Your thoughts shape your emotions and the way you communicate to other people. If you believe you are an ugly loser why should other people believe otherwise?

Number 2: Tell yourself you are a sexy bald-headed badass and you will be right as well.

Take the necessary steps to improve your:

  1. Style
  2. Beard
  3. Body
  4. Character

Don’t give a fuck about other people opinion, start wearing wigs in the gym (ok don’t do that) and notice how the inferiority feeling of baldness fades with time.

What are you going to do?

Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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Kit Dale Knows The Secret Of Being Bald & Looking Awesome

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