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7 Key Success Factors That Every Young Man Should Know By Bill Gates

key success factors

You Will Never Succeed Without These Key Success Factors – Rules – Realizations.

Recently I stumbled upon a page on Facebook about 14 rules that Bill Gates gave to high school students during a speech.

These rules are key success factors and realizations that you have to understand early in your life to kick ass and dominate your goals.

The earlier you make these realizations the better, so if you are in your early 20’s or below this age they will be really helpful.

Actually the first 11 rules are an excerpt from the book “Dumbing Down our Kids” by educator Charles Sykes and were not given by Gates. But it doesn’t matter who has written these rules as much as their value.

I found a big similarity with some of the writing in Dare and Conquer and these rules. That’s why I decided to share them with you.

I also believe that these 7 key success factors  could really add some years in your maturity and make you wiser than most of your peers. This will give you a competitive advantage to become more successful than common people.

Even if you are older, they could still be helpful. It’s never too late to make a mindset shift and obtain new, more beneficial beliefs about life. Anyway, it’s your belief system that shapes your life’s quality.

So let’s get in those rules and discover some key success factors for becoming more successful and kicking more ass.

1. Life Isn’t Fair – Get Used To It!

You can’t keep whining about how unfair life is. Nobody is living an easy and fair life. Actually living an easy life is boring. If you never face any difficulty how will your personality grow?

The difficulties you encounter in life are key success factors depending on how you decide to face them. Without them you won’t achieve anything worthwhile.

Difficulties and unfairness is what FORCES YOU TO GROW as a person. If life was all about unicorns and mermaids then there would be little to no progress in humanity.

Humanity has reached that level of development because of problems, difficulties and unfairness that humans faced during history. Problems that were solved because someone tried to transform an unfair situation to a fair one.

People have overcome poverty, mental & physical illness, abuse and every other known challenge.

Countless people throughout history have been mentally and physically challenged, were born into impoverished backgrounds and instead of complaining about life being unfair they choose to overcome the odds and take a different path than the one that society told them they should take.

The have chosen the path of excellence instead of the path of mediocrity.

2. You Won’t Make $60,000 Right After High School. You won’t Be a Vice-President With a Car Phone Until You Earn Both.

So many young men and women feel entitled in their lives. They believe that people should care about them and give them everything they ask for just because they simply exist.

Do you believe that because you have finished college and got a degree you are entitled into living a flourishing life?

If yes, hold on carefully because you will be highly disappointed.

You have to wake up because nobody owes you anything. Become a go-getter and chase after your goals instead of expecting others to care about what you want.

Nobody cares about what you want. If you don’t care about what you want as well, you will never fulfill your desires. You don’t deserve an expensive car, a big house, designer clothes and holidays in Ibiza just because you were born.

If you want these things put your butt down and start working to earn them.

3. If You Think Your Teacher Is Tough, Wait Till You Get a Boss.

Life is unfair(look rule #1). You might have a strict teacher that pisses you off. The truth is that your teacher might care for his job, forgive your mistakes and help you to improve.

Or he might be a moron who will try to ruin your life with crappy grades. It doesn’t matter if you can’t stand your teacher or if he gives you too much homework.

You can ignore him now and never do the work he told you to do. However I am wondering how you are going to deal with a tough boss.

Will you be able ignore him and not get your work done? Sure you will be able to do it but the next day you will be in the line of your unemployment agency.

If you have a boss you aren’t be able to say “I will do it tomorrow”. There is no tomorrow. He will fire you right away.

4. Flipping Burgers Isn’t Beneath Your Dignity. Your Grandparents Had a Different Word For Burger Flipping: They Called It Opportunity

If you are feeling entitled to become a president of your company as soon as you finish college then go back and read rule #2 again

You might need to work in a shitty-job once in your life because you have to survive. Flipping burgers or mopping floors isn’t a demeaning job. But it shouldn’t be a long term-option as well.

Many successful people were once in the position of working in a job considered demeaning like “flipping burgers” or “cleaning toilets”. But they didn’t do it for their whole lives.

They used the opportunity to make their own money while simultaneously planned their way to success. Shitty jobs can be used as a vehicle to success.

However shitty-jobs they don’t have a big engine power. You will inevitably need to change vehicle in the process if you want to reach the top of a mountain. But they are enough to help you reach until the mountain’s foothills.

Rule 5: If You Mess Up, It’s Not Your Parents Fault, So Don’t Whine About Your Mistakes & Start Learning From Them 

Do you know something? You will inevitably fail in your goals.

If you try to succeed in your life you will do a lot of mistakes. You will fail again and again and again. You will crush your face on a huge wall made of bricks.

But it doesn’t matter. What matters is taking whatever you can learn from each experience and use it to improve yourself so you won’t do the same mistake again.

Every life experience is valuable even if you failed to reach your goal. That’s because it builds the foundation for your future success. It gives you the knowledge to prevent setbacks in the future. Without these failures you will never be successful.

So stop being afraid that you will fail.Embrace your failures. The more times you fail in something the more likely is that you will succeed in the long run.

key success factors

6. Your School May Have Done Away With Winners & Losers But LIFE HAS NOT! 

In some schools, they have abolished failing grades and they’ll give you as MANY TIMES as you want to get the right answer. This doesn’t bear the slightest resemblance to ANYTHING in real life.

Life might give you a second chance but after that point it’s difficult to find a third or a fourth chance.

The main mistake that people do is that they stop learning. But education isn’t something that should stop at school. If you stop learning after finishing high school or college then you are done.

You will be eaten by the sharks. You will be stuck in a mediocre job, living a mediocre life and experiencing anxiety everyday.

Knowledge is like your car’s fuel. Its like the oil you put in your car’s engine.

If you plan to go on a long road trip but you never fill the reservoir with new oil you will never be able to finish the road trip. You will be stuck somewhere in the middle of the desert without any options because your car CAN’T MOVE.

The same happens in life. If you feel entitled to success, fame or money without putting the effort to fill the tank with new oil then these things will never come. You have to enter the gauntlet if you want to get them.

The next rule is the most important of all the previous key success factors.

 So pay attention.

7. Enjoy This While You Can

Sure parents are a pain, school’s a bother, and life is depressing. But someday you’ll realize how wonderful it was to be a kid.

If you have finished school you would have already discovered that these years were some of the most carefree years of your life. You didn’t have any responsibilities, no bills and taxes to pay and your biggest concern was what clothes you should wear on Monday.

The above statements are valid for 95% of young people. That’s because there is another 5% who had to work hard from their teenage years, feed their families, deal with poverty or deal with being abandoned by their parents.

But if you have a roof over your head and two parents helping you then you should feel grateful for what you have.

Start showing some generosity now and stop taking things for granted. Be kind and respect your parents. STOP being in a hurry to grow up!

Stop wanting to get older because you want to drive a car, drink alcohol or whatever. Just stop!

Start being present. Enjoy your freedom and happiness now that you are free of responsibilities, problems and worries. When you grow up you will realize that you would give everything to go back to school.

You would give EVERYTHING to be young again and get this precious time back.

However, you shouldn’t be over-relaxed. You should improve yourself and learn new things every day. The sooner you do that in your life the bigger your reward will be in the long run.

Do you know any other key success factors-rules-realizations that it’s important to live by?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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Key Success Factors That Every Young Man Should Know

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