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I Need More Money: How To Change Your Financial Situation

 i need more money

How To Stop Saying “I Need More Money” & Having Enough To Live Well

Being in the place where you need more money but without being able to have them is really awful. I have been there a lot of times in the past.

I needed more money desperately – but I couldn’t find a way to have them.

So what did I do?

What every fool would do in my place. I would try to cut back from basic expenses. And then put some money aside. That way I could spend them after 1-2 months to buy what I wanted.

Or I would tell my relatives I need more money and I would somehow get an extra 200$ from my uncle or grandparents.

But that’s pathetic isn’t it?

Or at least, that’s how I see it now. But now I have enough money to live comfortably and that’s why I see it differently.

The trick is that as soon as you start seeing things differently, you will start experiencing different results in your life.

So, let me give you some background info to explain what I mean and show you that changing your financial life is possible – no matter where you live or how old you are.

Here Is Where I Started:

Four years ago, I was studying hard to achieve high grades and get into a top university.  This was the same time that financial crisis stuck Greece and monthly wages became ridiculously low – about 600-900$ per month.

That was also the same time my mother was diagnosed with cancer and we had to spend thousands on expensive treatments. Every penny that was saved in the 5 previous years was suddenly lost in a matter of 6 months.

Fortunately, she recovered and that’s beyond any monetary value. But the point is that my parents were actually broke at that time.

Anyway, I managed to get into university even under these circumstances and begun studying chemical engineering.

At this point, my parents were able to give me just…250$ per month for my personal expenses and my grandparents were paying for the house I was renting.

Yes, my parents weren’t even able to pay for all of my expenses. How could they do it with a 1000$ monthly salary (combined) ?

But I was happy that I was a college student and didn’t do much to change my situation.

People were telling me that “this is the best period of your life and you should have fun now that you are young”.

Bullshit – your entire life can be awesome if you do what’s needed to do.

i need more money

I was always feeling that I need more money but I didn’t know how I could have more.

The only logical solution was to find a job.

But this would mess up with my studies. Chemical engineering is an incredibly difficult major and I knew that finding a regular job would take a lot of my time.

It was a dead-end.

I needed more money because 250 wasn’t enough to cover even the most basic expenses (now I spend 400 only for my nutrition).

But I couldn’t find a job that would give me enough money without interfering with my studies.

So, I sticked to the regular, mediocre type of advice “you should wait until you get your degree, that’s your life jacket – without that you will suffer” and continued to hope that I would become lucky.

But wait a minute…What the fuck were they talking about? I was already suffering.

I was counting the pennies each time I was buying a bus ticket.

I was sleeping on a blanket for 1 month before I was able to buy a bed for my room. It was like I was homeless in my own home.

And everyone was telling me that I should cope with that for 5-6 more years!

But here is the mistake I did back then:

I was trying to save money from my 250$ monthly pocket-money so I could go pay for a 3-day holiday.

Unfortunately, the money I had was already limited – so even if I saved 30$ per month I would probably need 6 months to pay for a short trip.

So what did I do?

I asked for money from my relatives – ie the easy solution.

My uncle and grandparents were always giving me pocket-money. And they told me that they would help me during my studies provided that I would get good grades.

But every time I was asking them for some extra money, I was fully ashamed of what I did. It just didn’t feel right.

But did I have any other option?

I had to bear with the disappointment and frustration of not having money, the shame of constantly asking for money and the worry that things would get even worse in the future.

And they really became worse. After one and a half-year I was forced to leave the home I was renting and move to a friend. This was the lowest point of my life – I had reached bottom.

Even at this point, I didn’t tried much to change my financial situation. I was just reacting to what was happening in my life without taking any action to improve it.

The only good decisions I have taken in these 2 first years in university was to start dancing and exercising. Beyond that, the rest of my time was literally wasted in random stuff.

Yet, I was expecting that my financial situation would fix without me taking any steps to fix it. Sure…the universe would fix it for me. Nah, it never happened…

I believed that saving 3$ from the money I didn’t have, along with asking to be given more money would help me pay for the things I needed.

And that was the problem.

But then I started seeing things differently:

I thought that if I wanted to have enough money to pay for my expenses – I shouldn’t focus on saving money from my measly 250$ monthly bucks – but I should focus on MAKING MORE.

I need more money

It sounds simple, yet I know dozens of people who still do the same mistake I did.

They want to go for holidays or buy a new car. Instead of focusing on making more money to pay for what they want with ease – they focus on saving money from their already low monthly salary.

That’s a scarcity mindset. And a scarcity mindset doesn’t lead to abundance.

If you want to have abundance in your life – and money – you need to adopt a growth mindset.

Stop Focusing On Saving Money From Your Shabby Paycheck – Focus On Making More Money!

As soon as you start changing the way you see things, you will notice how everything in your life will start charging.

This is just a small difference in the way you think but it can have a huge impact in your life.

As soon as I started focusing on making money instead of saving from what I didn’t have – everything started to become better!

Here is how things changed:

  • Before this mindset swift I had to save money for 5-6 months to afford a short 2-3 day trip. Now I can pay for the trip in just one day.
  • I no longer have to ask my parents and relatives for money and I don’t need their financial support anymore (I don’t know anyone in my age who is able to do it)
  • I have just paid 4 rents upfront for my new house and I am moving in tomorrow.
  • Last time I moved I had to ask friends to help me with the furnitures to save 50-100$ on transportation costs. Tomorrow I will just call someone to move my furnitures for me.
  • I never worry about paying 3$ for a cup of coffee anymore.
  • I paid 60$ for a jet-ski ride that I could never dare to spend before. And it was a fucking awesome experience!

And many other positive changes. Those written above are just some things that popped out in my mind right now.

Sure, these didn’t happen instantaneously. It took me some months after changing my perspective on money before I saw noticeable differences.

But it’s really amazing. How a small change in the way you think can make a huge difference in the way you live.

I never say “I need more money” anymore.  This doesn’t mean that I am not hustling for more but I am not in need. I no longer sleep on the floor of my bedroom like I did for a while 2 years ago.

Change your focus from saving money, to making more money than you already make. 

Note: This doesn’t mean that you should make more and spend it mindlessly.

That’s the best way to change your financial situation from being broke to making enough to live without worrying about the bills.

And that’s the best way to go from making enough for not worrying about the bills to becoming truly rich.


Change your focus, and you will change the results you get in your life.

Don’t focus on saving – focus on making.

Focus on producing more and you will have more.

If you do that, you will transform your financial situation and live better than you live now.

-Talk Soon

Damian Pros


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