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How To Succeed When Everyone Around You Wants You To Fail

How To Succeed When Everyone and Everything Around You Seems To Work Against You

From: the Desk of Damian “Pros” Prosalendis

Date: 19 October 2017

Location: The Luxury Crib

How do you stay persistent at what you want to do?

How do you surround yourself with people that had the same goals as you?

How do you become successful when everybody around you is against you?

If you are asking yourself this kind of questions, I have your answer right here.

A young fella messaged me and asked me those kind of questions. I gave him a clear cut answer that’s gonna change his life if taken seriously. It’s up to him though.

I will give you the same answer I gave this lost 21 year old guy, who feels it’s impossible to make the difference right now. Who feels like everything and everyone around him works against him.

If you feel that the world has conspired against you, I am gonna tell you that could not be further from the truth. The truth is, you simply have the wrong guidance. That’s all, that’s why you are where you are.

This young lad, let’s call him J. – he told me the following:

  1. “I am 21 years old and I want to make a difference in the world and in myself. Sometimes it just seems impossible”
  2. “People around me aren’t driven to be the type of successful that I strive to be, so it brings me down. I begin to think like them, do things like them and I hate it.

You can read the whole message for context, or you could go directly to the answer, that’s up to you. Of course, name/pictures have been blacked out for privacy.

how to succeed

how to succeed

The Answer:

You have to think it’s possible when no one else sees it but yourself. You see what you see, and others can’t and won’t get it.

I did not surround myself with people that had the same goals, because where I freakin leave, I am the only person that does what I do.

Everyone else is on the traditional path.

Only 2 years later, I met a guy who is on the same path, and then another one who is on a similar path. 3 people out of a 10 million people country. That’s CRAZY.

You can’t imagine how it is, to be the only person in a whole freaking country that sees what you see.

You are lucky to live in a country that’s far more ahead, where the are people sharing similar beliefs, goals, and aspirations.

Despite that, you feel trapped because you stay in an environment that doesn’t support you.

In both our cases, the initial step is IDENTICAL:we cut out ALL the losers and become lone, freaking hungry killer wolfs and take over the world by ourselves.

Then we go around the country, or if around the world if need be (in my case) to find other wolves and build a pack. In the beginning?

It’s only yourself.

Losers, doubters, naysayers = KISS them goodbye.

Until Next Time,

Your Man,

Damian “Pros” Prosalendis

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