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What Your Mom Never Told You About How To Run a Business

How to run a business

How to Manage a Business Successfully Using A Super Effective Business Growth Strategy.

Would you imagine that a kitchen scale could teach you how to run a business successfully? Probably not and I couldn’t imagine it as well.

I have just returned home from a visit to a retail store.  I wanted to buy a simple kitchen scale to count my macros as it is a basic part of my intermittent fasting plan. And believe me it works amazingly well.

Anyway, I bought that high accuracy scale from a national store named “Plaisio”. Plaisio is one of the largest computer retail shops, tech products and office supplies in Greece. It numbers 22 stores in 5 different cities and has a subsidiary company in Bulgaria.

Plaisio Company has achieved a massive business growth in the last years despite the financial crisis. Its owners have a huge net profit and they just provide products to a small market of a small country.

However they are able to offer work to hundreds of employees and generate big profits. But that’s what successful businesses do right?

Wouldn’t be awesome if you would know how to run a business that makes millions? I am sure it would be.

You could achieve it if you take some time to analyze other small businesses success formula. But there is no reason to do that. I have taken some time to think and analyze the reasons behind Plaisio Company business success.

How to Run A Business In Financial Crisis & Make Profits

Apparently there are a number of factors that determine Plaisio’s business growth and success. However “Plaisio” offers something that its competitors don’t.

Every business has a secret formula that it operates on. Plaisio’s formula is based on something extremely important. Yet it’s something that most businesses completely ignore.

It’s called: Unique Customer Experience.

The moment I walked inside every employee smiled at me and was eager to help me. This made me feel great. Who doesn’t like when other people care to satisfy his needs?

Everyone is dying for a feeling of importance. Everyone wants to be “liked”. Sigmund Freud has said that everything we de do comes from two motives. Our sexual urge and our desire to be great.

We naturally crave for this feeling of being special. We want to feel valuable and important. When other people treats us like kings and make us feel special, we love them and want to spend more time with them.

The same applies to businesses. When you walk in a store and everyone is eager to help you, you will definitely go and buy again.

When you go to a restaurant and the stuff is unhelpful and arrogant you won’t go there again, even if their food is great.

It’s all about customer experience. Why do you think that bars and clubs use hot girls as waitresses, reception stuff or cashiers?

Because beautiful women attract customers and especially men who want to feel appreciated and get female attention.

You can’t fight it, it’s instinctive. When someone helps you and makes you feel special he makes you happy. Then you naturally want to be around him.

When I stepped in Plaisio’s store the security guard told me welcome and smiled at me. Who? The security guard who is meant to be there to protect the store from thieves and look badass and frightening.

I am not wondering at all how Plaisio achieved such a massive growth. It’s customer service is simply remarkable. Everyone from the cashier to the store’s executives is friendly and eager to satisfy your needs.

Customer service is a keystone to succeed in business. You have to treat your customers like they are special and the will keep coming back to you.

Don’t Make This Mistake If You Own Your Business

The majority of businesses have a customer service that suck. From small-clothes stores to the largest organizations, customer experience is awful.

Have you ever contacted your internet/phone provider for support?

Let me tell you what might happen if you do:

  • You listen to an automated recorded voice message.
  • You have to walk through a never ending menu of buttons. Press 0 for this and press 1 for that. You can also press 3 if you want to connect with that service. This happens 1-3 times.
  • Then you end up waiting for a real person to solve your problems while listening to an awful song.
  • You finally talk with a human! Yeah! But wait… Oh no, no, you are transferred to another line to speak with someone else.
  • Listening to that crappy song again…

This is a complete waste of time. The last time I had to solve an issue with my phone provider it took me more than an hour. When my contract was over I made sure to try another company.

When I had a problem they solved it within 10 minutes. Then an executive called me back to check if I was satisfied and everything was working properly! That was an amazing experience and I have been loyal to that company since that day.

The Amazing Results Of Exceptional Customer Care

What if you called your bank and spoke directly to a real and polite person? Wouldn’t it be better than speaking to a machine?

Of course it would be great – let alone if he solved your problem really fast.

You would love and trust their service.

Do you know what happens after that?

You will start to promote their service to your friends because they were really helpful and cared for your needs.

The same principle applies to your own business.

Do you know how fast your business will grow if you make 10 of your customers happy?

Each one of these 10 satisfied clients will talk to his friends and family about your amazing service.

They will come and try your service to figure out the truth on their own.

Then they will talk to their friends and family and so on.

All of a sudden you have over a thousand satisfied customers promoting your business. This will explode your business growth to the stratosphere. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool that you can take advantage of.

The best way to take advantage of the word of mouth is by making your customers feel special, unique and important.

It’s really that simple. If you want to be more successful than your competition you have to offer what your competition doesn’t. Many times, your competition will have inefficient customer support.

You will easily outrank them if you offer a unique customer experience.

When I walked into “Plaisio” I saw a friendly environment full of people ready to serve me and fulfill my needs as a buyer. Every single of them was extremely polite, kind and helpful. They made me feel unique. They boosted my ego.

Their customer service offers their buyers a free “you are special” feeling and they are highly rewarded for that.

How? With happy buyers who are eager to spend their money again and again on their products. From the beginning of the year I have shopped 5 times from Plaisio even when I could find some things in stores closer to my place.

They gave me a reason to return and buy again. That reason was a unique buying experience and unique customer service.

Why would I go to another store where employees are cold, unhelpful and convey a vibe of misery? What you would prefer? Cold, uninterested people or warm and friendly?

Of course, warm and friendly.

Customer service that rocks turns customers to life-long clients and a never-ending source of free advertisement. Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising tool and the best part of it is that it’s totally free!

How to Run a Business Successfully Like Plaisio Does

You should make your customer feeling like he is worth 1 million bucks.

Your number one priority must be to offer high quality service to your clients.

Those who believe in the “be your own boss” gurus end up with bankrupted businesses. Those be your own boss business owners have a tendency to focus on satisfying themselves instead of satisfying their customers.

When you do business and want to make profit you have to realize that your needs don’t matter. What matters is your customers.

One of my relatives is the owner of a highly successful luxury restaurant. Do you know what he tells to his employees?

“I don’t pay your paycheck. Our customers pay it, so treat them the best way you can. Treat them like they are kings and queens.”

The result? After some years in the business he owns 3 restaurants in 3 different cities. He has appeared in popular TV shows and has been paid to help other restaurant owners grow their businesses and get out of debt.

Providing great service and making each of his customers feel unique is what turned single time customers to life-long ones.

This is what made possible to leverage the word of mouth. Every satisfied customer recommended the restaurant to another 5, these 5 to another 5 and it goes on and on. It’s a chain re-action that is inevitable.

Warning: this could be reversed.

If you don’t satisfy your customers and don’t offer them a unique customer experience they will still talk their friends about your service.

However they won’t praise you, they will try to drive their friends away from spending their money on your business

The chain re-action that is following the word of mouth is still inevitable. But it has a negative effect.

Sure, many businesses get away without exceptional customer service and make millions but that’s because they fulfill some other need  of their customers.

If you are the only internet provider in your city then everyone will use your service. That’s because they need it and there isn’t someone else to give them what you can provide them. Even if your customer service sucks they will have to use your service.

However, a business that makes thousands of profit without exceptional customer support could make hundreds of thousands or millions with great customer service.

The 4 Rules Your Mom Never Told You About How To Run a Business That Offers Unique Customer Service

Rule 1: Customers buy feelings and solutions for problems. They don’t buy products or services.

If you want to run a successful business you have to understand a crucial part of the consumer psychology. This is that customers make buying decisions on an emotional level more than on a logical level.

Rule 2: Make customers feel appreciated. Treat them like kings and queens.

Do you know what the best sound for someone is? The sound of his own name. People enjoy to feel important and by using their names you make them feel important.

They can understand if you really care about them  and if you want to do business with them you have to generate good feelings. Call them with their names and try to compliment them and make them feel special. But be sincere when doing that.

Rule 3: If you are wrong, apologize. 

When you see that some of your customers are not satisfied ask them what is going wrong. Value their complaints and if you made a mistake try to fix it and please them.

You should deal with problems right away and let your clients know that you have found a solution that will make them happy.

However there are some customers that can never be satisfied and will always have something wrong to find in your service. Don’t worry about them. If you are wrong, apologize. But don’t let them drink your blood.

Rule 4: Always give more than your competition

The future of your business lies in making your buyers happy. That’s why you should always try to find ways to give them more than your competition does.

People will always want to buy again from you if you can give them something that others don’t.

Do you have any other importance advice to add on how to run a business successfully and increase profits? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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What Your Mom Never Told You On How To Run a Business

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