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How To Reach Your Goals In Life & Become More Than An Average Joe

how to reach your goals

How To Reach Your Goals In Life & Stop Being Stuck In Mediocrity

You are not alone. Many people are stuck in mediocrity feeling desperate and miserable.

They end up sacrificing their goals and dreams because of instant gratification and self-imposed limits. They don’t live life on their own terms.

How can you expect living life on your own terms when you don’t take the steps needed to improve yourself?

You can live life on your own terms only if you are SOMEBODY. Nobody was born famous, smart, muscular or successful.

Arnold wasn’t a movie star when he was born in a small city of Austria. He wasn’t Mr.Olympia just after he came into planet earth.

Thomas Edison wasn’t one of the biggest inventors of all time instantly after he was born. Bill Gates didn’t have a destiny of inventing Microsoft from the moment he was born. He formed his destiny through his actions. He didn’t procrastinate.

Every successful person in history became someone after a long road of personal growth, after a lot of failures and disappointments.

Sure, some people are born in the “right families”, inherit huge fortunes from their parents and never need to work on themselves but does this mean that they are actually happy?

Do you think that all these riches have a meaning if you don’t have a purpose in your life? They don’t mean anything. That’s why so many rich people live a miserable life.

You need to have goals and take the right steps to achieve your goals.

Step 1 For Achieving Your Goals: Accept Responsibility 

You can’t keep whining about your miserable existence when you don’t even think who is the cause of this existence.

Do you think that other people have brought you in this place? Great, keep blaming your environment, your friends and family for your own failures.

Keep pointing fingers on others when the right thing is to man up, accept responsibility and point the finger towards yourself.

That’s the first step to reach your goals and escape mediocrity. Accept responsibility and realize that the only person responsible for your life is you.

Everyone can blame others for his misery and difficulties in life. All the average Joes can do it.

The real strength is to stop blaming the others and blame yourself for what’s happening in your life. Not everyone can do this. If you do you will have already separated yourself from the crowd.

Sure, you aren’t able to control a lot of things. Like where you were born or the financial capabilities of your parents.

But you control your every day choices. And that’s what matters more than 2-3 predetermined factors.

If you take the right choices that can have a positive impact for your future you can shape your life exactly the way you want it to be.

Do you want to know how to reach your goals? The first thing you must do is to accept responsibility for your life.

Without complaining about your problems but with taking the necessary action to overcome hardships and build your way to the top. On step at a time.

Step 2 For Achieving Goals: One Step at A Time

Overnight success simply doesn’t exist. What people see as overnight success is a long road of failures, rejections and disappointments.

People tend to see only the result and ignore the process.

That’s why when someone succeeds they attribute his success to luck. They want to rationalize the reason he succeeded because they can’t put in the necessary work to do the same.

And the easy way is to call the successful person “a lucky bastard”. The hard but right way would be to learn from his experience and try to emulate his success.

Most people choose to continue living in misery because they are too selfish to accept that they are losers. If you are a loser, there is no shame in that. Do you know what’s a shame? To remain a loser forever.

Nobody was born as an expert. Everyone was a loser once in his life. Even the most successful people.

But if you want to go from an average loser to a successful winner you have to make continuous progress. Take little steps towards the place where you want to be every day.

Visualize your ideal life. Imagine where you want to be in the near future and take a paper to write down your thoughts. Write down exactly what you want to achieve, what you want to have 1 year from now.

Do it know. Don’t read further unless you grab a pen and write down your goals. I am waiting.


Now take that paper and put it somewhere that you can see it every day. Maybe your desk or your wall. Start thinking of ways that will help you achieve your goals.

Then take one step every day towards these goals.

It doesn’t matter how small that step is, what matters is to take that single step. Because it gets you one step closer to your dream.

That’s how you achieve success, one step at a time. Not overnight.

how to reach your goals

How to Achieve Your Goals Step 3: Don’t Indulge In Short-Term Satisfaction

Don’t sacrifice your dreams in exchange of mediocrity and short-term comfort. I am sure it’s nice to party every second day and get drunk until the morning but where is this going to lead you in 5 or 10 years?

Some months ago I uploaded a dancing video on YouTube. It was for a worldwide dancing contest and the winner would meet Marquese Scott and travel with him around the world for one week.

Marquese is for dancing like Maradona is for football or Michael Jordan is for basketball.

The prize Marquese offered for aspiring dancers like me was not only a free trip anywhere in the world but a chance to learn from him and connect with one of the most networked and well-known dancers in the world.

I decided to enter the contest even though I was dancing only for 7-8 months. I spent 4 days in a row to prepare the choreography and practice it. Then I shared the video with about 3000 people in Facebook that I messaged personally.

Do you know how much time this took?

While I was working on my goal my friends were partying and drinking beers. They told me to join them multiple times. But I told them “sorry guys, I have work to do with my video”.

They replied “Oh come on Damian, you can do that later, come and have some fun”.

No thanks. I don’t sacrifice my goals for the short term comfort of endless partying and drinking.

I came up 2nd for the contest with 39.000+ views and 400+ likes on YouTube along with hundreds of shares on Facebook.

I didn’t win but I was really close. This gave me motivation to keep trying harder in the next months. How big was the possibility to come up 2nd while I was dancing only 7 months and competed with 150+ talented dancers from every edge of the globe?

I didn’t have a lot of possibilities. But it happened because of my personal work.

If I had gone for beers with my friends I would be looking the 2nd place with binoculars.

If you want to know how to achieve your goals in life you have to learn how to delay gratification. That’s the only way to accomplish things that others can’t do.


Achieving your goals isn’t an easy thing, but its possible if you have the right mental framework. Average Joes can’t achieve goals because of 3 reasons:

  1. They blame others for their problems.
  2. They think that success happens overnight
  3. They fall in the temptation of short-term gratification

Stop being an average Joe, accept responsibility, take small steps to reach your goals and delay gratification.

You will soon become another winner lion.

Keep drilling and killing,


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How To Reach Your Goals In Life & Become More Than An Average Joe

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