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How To Make Money Without A Job (Beyond Your Wildest Dreams)

how to make money without a job

Most people want to know how to make money without a job whilst the solution lies right in front of them.

It’s not easy, but it is easier than you think.

So, why don’t you already know it?

Ignorance of possibilities:

The reason why you are not wealthy and financially free yet.

Ignorance is like a plague. You can’t understand and conquer something if you are not aware of its existence.

Your grandmother might have had a hidden relationship with a business magnate who left her 50 million in cash when he died. She, ashamed of that relationship, put all the cash in a suitcase, dug a hole in the backyard and buried it all there.

Unless she left you a treasure map or told you about it, you are ignorant of the existence of that 50 million, even though they could be less than 50 meters away from you.

Wouldn’t it be so ironical for you to be living in poverty, when you could get your hands on 50 million of cash?

I recently had a conversation with a guy I know. He is a really good kid and seems to have potential, but he doesn’t have any direction in his life whatsoever.

All he does is playing video games, watching TV, eating, sleeping and going to the gym whereas pretending to attend the university.

As a result of this way of living, he is broke as a joke.

He can’t even afford to buy a freaking washing machine. He has to take the bus on a 4 hour back-and forth trip to his home town in order to have his clothes washed by his mother’s washing machine.

Alternatively, he gives the dirty clothes to his girlfriend, who occasionally uses her own washing machine to wash his clothes.

The source of all this misfortune?

Ignorance of possibilities.

I remember when I was in a similar position as him. I didn’t have money to buy a mattress for my bed, so I would get an old mattress that someone had left near a dumpster, carry it to my place, wash it for hours and then put it on my bed.

It’s embarrassing, yet I was so desperate that I could look out for ways to save money on anything you could possibly think about.

Had I not been ignorant of the possibilities that were available for me and the potential I had, I would have become financially free much faster.

I have never thought it possible that you could make money without a job.

I wish that someone had told me what’s possible, so I considered it important that I help this guy and advise him on how to change his current situation.

– “Damian, I just need some extra money. I am looking to get a part time job somewhere to make an extra 300-400 Euro”

– Why don’t you just build an online business on the side? You have plenty of free time that is wasted. That will make you much more than 300-400 Euro and you won’t have to work for someone else.

– “What? Is there a way to make money without having a boss???!!! ”

(Note: He really said that exact thing!)

– Uhm, of course there is. I now live completely on my own and my company makes me much more money than I will ever need. It’s not hard to do it. I can teach you if you want.

He wasn’t even aware that there is a possibility for anybody to be making really good money from their computer.

What is more, he couldn’t even possibly consider that you could make money without a job!

In fact, getting a dead-end part-time job as a waiter seemed to be the only way out of his financial problems.

However, that would only alleviate his financial pain in the short term. What would happen when he finally got his (probably useless) college degree?

The waiter job wouldn’t give him enough money to live on his own without his parents still supporting him. He would continue to struggle indefinitely.

So, as a good friend and advisor, I urged him to think over the long term (which is something only a handful of people do in life).

– “Well, I have already thought over the long-term. I have an uncle in a Belgium factory that can give me a guaranteed job when I graduate. I just want to find a temporary job that makes me enough money to support myself now. All I want to do is lift weights, eat well and play video games. That’s what I enjoy.

– Look buddy, no job is guaranteed. I can show you how to make money without a job. The best way to think over the long-term is to build a business that will take care of you. Your uncle might not work there in 4 years. That factory might not even exist. You can’t rely on them for your living.

So, what do I do? I have never built a business before and I am so young to be a businessman. I don’t know how. 

– Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds. If I’ve made it, what’s stopping you from making it too?

It’s like building your physique. When you started, you have never built a great body before. You didn’t know how. You simply committed to it, learned and progressed. Building a business is the same thing.

In fact, building a profitable business nowadays is easier than it has ever been. The world has changed rapidly in the last 10-20 years.

Let your plans be black and impenetrable as night and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.

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New possibilities and opportunities have exploded, but just like the 50-million-dollar suitcase grandma has buried in the backyard, they are only there if you start digging.

Simply consider the following, to see how much the world has changed:

  • Cost of starting a website = Less than $100
  • Cost of starting a coffee shop = $25.000 – $500.000

Isn’t that fact alone indicating how far easier it is for anyone today to get rich?

To the hell with the “I don’t know how’s”

Don’t you know how to open your PC, and go to Google or YouTube to search for any information that you are looking for?

That’s all the knowledge it takes. The rest can all be learned.

Do not bullshit yourself with excuses such as “I do not know how” or “I do not have time” and a myriad other things people say to themselves to never get started.

Just put your lazy ass down and start taking the required action.

If you are too reluctant to set your video games aside and start building your empire, then you are going to be doomed to working at a dead-end job for a lifetime.

You don’t even need to start a website. You could use someone else’s website and make money of it.

Here are several platforms that allow you to sell different kinds of services or products to them and they do not require you to spend a penny before you get paid:

What’s more, you also have:

On top of that, I have written 4 detailed articles about making money on Fiverr:

  1. How To Make Money On Fiverr: The Definite Guide To Turning Your PC Into A Cash Flow Machine
  2. How Fiverr Works: The 4 Pillars Of Wild Fiverr Success
  3. Why Making Money On Fiverr Is Probably The Best Way To Start Making Money Online (And Do It Fast)
  4. Warning Fiverr Sellers: Do You Make This Tragic Mistake? (That Turns Off Your Buyers!)

There is also one interview with a successful Etsy Seller that you might want to check out:

Everything you need is right at the source of your fingertips.

You do not have to be Jeff Bezos and you do not have to start Amazon in order to start an online business.

Just start somewhere, from where you are, with what you have, even if that’s something small.

You have no idea how what you do will eventually turn up. It might just make you enough money to live comfortably, but might also make you money beyond your wildest dreams.

Until Next Time,

Keep Daring and Conquering,

Damian Pros

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How To Make Money Without A Job (Beyond Your Wildest Dreams)

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