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How To Make Money On Fiverr: The Definite Guide To Turning Your PC Into A Cash Flow Machine

how to make money on fiverr

Want to know how to make money on Fiverr and become a Fiverr rockstar?

You have come to the right place.

For those of you who haven’t read my first article about making money on Fiverr, you can go to Victor Pride’s blog and read it.

After reading it, you will see that I made about 1800$ during my first month. In the picture above, you can notice the rise in my income for the month of August. From 1800$ to 2700$.

This is not due to luck.

I think I have cracked the code to making money on Fiverr and if you follow the strategies I will outline below, you will also be able to make pretty good money on Fiverr. (Some D&C readers already did it => 1 & 2)

The last 9 days alone, I made about 1400$. Almost the same amount of money I made in my first ENTIRE month.


I average about 200$ of orders per day. With that pace, September will lead to about 4500$. Not bad just for 3 months right?

UPDATE 8.12.15: Actually, September has ended up even better than I expected:

how to make money on fiverr

I want to be clear on that: I am not saying any of these to brag.

I just want to show you what’s possible if you have a goal and work on it. I had a goal to make 1000$ per month by September. And I have crushed that goal.

Before showing you how you can do the same, let me tell you what happens when you set a goal and work on it with persistence:

  • Finally, I don’t need any money from my parents. I pay for all of my expenses alone and I no longer feel like I a burden for them.
  • I am glad I decided to start a business and put college aside. If I continued with my degree, I would probably never make the money I make now even 5 years after I have finished college. (Not to mention that I would be dead broke until then)
  • Also, I would have to rely on my parents to pay for my expenses. And I wouldn’t be able to do several things I enjoy doing (like travelling).
  • I wouldn’t even have enough money for a proper nutrition – I would have to eat at the crappy restaurant of my university. I wouldn’t be able to eat the right kind of food to build a great body and I couldn’t progress in the gym.
  • I wouldn’t have money to pay for my dancing classes. I need only 150$ per month – but my parents couldn’t afford it. Now I pay for it on my own.

The possibilities are endless.

What’s needed from you is to work with enough faith and belief to make it happen. And you will inevitably make it happen if you don’t give up.

Now, no more talking about what I did.

Let’s talk about these 23 ways to help you crush Fiverr and make some cash.  And I would recommend to read until the end if you are serious to learn how to make money on Fiverr:


Exclusively reserved for D&C's insiders.

1.Your Customer Service Will Make Or Break Your Success On Fiverr:

Fiverr has one big drawback. A lot of people go there looking for EXTREMELY CHEAP services. Because of that, some of them ask you to deliver more than you promise – for the same price.

Writing a 800 word article for 5$ is simply ridiculous. Yet, I have been asked to do it after I have delivered the gig which was promised to be only 450 words.

My gig’s description was clear about the number of words I was offering. But this idiot  customer didn’t even read the description and wanted more than I promised.

I became really angry. And I almost told him to [email protected] off leave me alone. At the last moment, I stopped, closed the laptop and went out for a walk. When I came back I sent him a polite reply. I was EXTREMELY POLITE – more polite than you can imagine.

He appreciated it and didn’t ask for more.

Even if you have to deal with idiots, don’t you ever be rude. Make them feel like they are the most important person in the world. And everything will go fine. If you can’t control your emotions, you will have trouble making money on fiverr.

Your fiverr business depends on positive reviews and repeat customers – treat your customers like you would like to be treated.

2. Diversify Your Gigs & Sell As Much As Possible

The number of sales you make is hugely affected by the number of views your gigs get. And the number of views your gigs get will increase – if you simply make more Fiverr gigs.

When you become a level 2 seller, Fiverr allows you to have up to 20 GIGS. Even if you have no level, you can have up to 7 GIGS. Most people make the mistake of selling only one Fiverr gig.

If you want to get more sales and make more money on Fiverr – you should diversify your portfolio. Maximize the number of Fiverr gigs you have in your profile. More active gigs will give you more impressions and more views.

People might even find a gig of yours using the search bar and then end up buying another gig that you are offering. If you offer only 1-2 services, you are probably losing money.

Max out your gigs – sell as many services as you can. Don’t leave an empty gig spot for no reason. After some months, you will check which gigs sell and which not and you can delete the useless ones.

3. Always Offer A Money Back Guarantee.

Sounds counter intuitive right?

Yes, but it makes your potential customers feel secure. And it increases their willingness to pay you. Even if your service costs just 5$ – people are more likely to buy if they know that you will give them a refund.

I have finished hundreds of orders, but only 3-4 people asked for their money back.

That’s less than 1% of my customers. I was very polite and tried to genuinely solve their problems. In the end, they were satisfied and they even left me 5-star feedback on my gigs.

Most people won’t try to take advantage of your guarantee – if you deliver a great service.  But if you don’t deliver real value – you might have some problems.

Generally, it’s always better to offer a money back guarantee. You don’t want to have unhappy customers. Fiverr should be treated like a business – you want people to spread good words about your services – not bad.

Here is what will happen if you don’t offer a money back guarantee:

Your unsatisfied client will contact Fiverr’s customer support and they will most likely cancel the order. The support team seems to take the place of they buyer in most cases – something like 99% 😛

You will lose that money anyway. Offer a money back guarantee – It can make a huge difference and you don’t have anything to lose. Those who are unsatisfied, will get their money back anyway.

4. Promote Your Services On YouTube

In my other article I talked about the importance of having a video in all your gigs.

When you have a video, you should upload it on YouTube. Use this keyword tool and find similar keywords to the ones you are using on Fiverr. Put them in your description, tags and YouTube’s video title.

This will help you drive some traffic to your Fiverr gigs. And as more and more people view your gigs, Fiverr will be putting them higher in searches so more people can find them.

Since you have already made videos for your Fiverr gigs, it will take 10 minutes more to set up each video on YouTube with tags, description and everything.

5. Make Sure You Have a Stunning – Attention Grabbing Gig Photo

That’s extremely important. Your gig’s photo and title are the only clues the buyer has to see if your gig is worth it. A great photo will help you get more clicks. And make more money.

DON’T use a generic photo from google images. You must own the copyrights. Either go to Pixabay and pick a photo – or make one.

You could use this free tool to make photos like this one (made it in under a minute)

how to make money on fiverr 2

It’s nothing amazing, but if you are not a Photoshop wizard – it will work. Personally, I use Photoshop and know some stuff about graphic design. This allows me to create images that grab attention without struggling a lot.

Also, if you upload a video – you will notice that your photo won’t be displayed at all. So, don’t bother too much about the photo – IF you listen to my suggestion and upload a video.

When your video is up, you can re-edit your gig and change the thumbnail. The thumbnail is the image that is displayed when your gig is picked up in searches.

If you have a video, Fiverr will pick a random screenshot of your video as a thumbnail. Make sure to change it and pick a thumbnail that grabs attention.

6. Optimize Your Video & Photo For Fiverr’s Search Engine

Don’t freak out, it’s easier than it sounds. Just like Google, Fiverr looks at the name of your video file to see what kind of gig you are selling.

So, when you upload your video on Fiverr be sure to name it with your basic keyword. For instance, if you are designing e-book covers, then name your video file as “e-book cover creation graphic design”.

This lets Fiverr’s search engine know what your gig is about. Do the same for the image you will upload in your gig.

7. Make Sure You Have a Great Title

The second most important thing when it comes to how many people click your gig.

If you don’t have an attractive title, nobody will click on it.

The easiest way to create a great title is to notice what the big sellers are doing. Search for the top gigs in your category and write down the top 10 titles in an excel spreadsheet.

Try to see which words are used often and pick them up for your own title. Lastly, Fiverr allows you to capitalize one word in your title. Make sure to capitalize one, since this grabs attention.

“I will write a super INFORMATIVE 500 word article” is better than “I will write 500 words of great content”.

8. Don’t Make Any Mistakes In Your Gig’s Description

Grammar, spelling and punctuation create a professional appearance. If you have spelling mistakes in your description and you are offering transcribing or article writing, then no one will choose your gig.

Even if you sell something completely irrelevant to writing, you must have a perfect, flawless description. This makes you look professional! 

Looking professional is an important aspect of every business. Because you have to treat Fiverr like a business – if you want to make good money.

Even if Fiverr’s customers aren’t grammar nerds, they can understand when your sales copy is poorly written. Also, Fiverr is a marketplace where you will find mainly people from the USA.

If you aren’t a non-native English speaker you have to be really careful with your description. And if your English skills suck completely, you should find someone to write your sales pitch.

9. Format Your Description Properly – Write As Much As You Can – Keep Your Sentences Short

how to make money on fiverr sales copy

Fiverr allows you up to 1200 characters for your gig’s description – which is about 300-400 words. Write as much as you can until you reach this character limit.

A 50 word description doesn’t explain much about your services and makes you look unprofessional.

Also, don’t write a plain-text essay-like paragraph. Use bolding, bullets and capitalize words to grab attention and break the monotony of your sales pitch.

Another thing that’s important when you are writing sales copy is to write short sentences.

Robert Bly, author of The Copywriter’s Handbook, says that people lose the meaning of a sentence after 16 words. So don’t use more than 16 words in your sales copy. Keep your sentences simple and short.

10. What About Cold-Calling?

If you have done all the above, but not getting any orders, then you should probably hustle a little more. And if customers aren’t coming to you, then you should go to them – at least until you make some sales and get some positive reviews.

A.Search For Unsatisfied Buyers

how to make money on fiverr from home

Go to the gigs of other sellers in your category. Scroll down to see the reviews and sort them by negative.

See what made the buyers unhappy and message them to offer your service. When you do that, always offer more than your competition at a cheaper price.

But be careful to be as nice as possible. Or you will be considered as a spammer.

This is a bit risky because you might offend some buyers, but if you had no sales yet – then you have nothing to lose.

B. Use The Buyer Request Section

If you click in the upper right corner where your name is, you will see a drop-down menu. Click on Sales and then click on Buyer Requests.

Use the search bar to see if someone is looking for a service similar like yours. If you find anyone, send him an offer.

You will probably end up doing lots of work for pennies when you use this tactic. But the point is to get your first sales and start the ball rolling.

11. Always Leave Feedback

Most sellers never reply to their customer reviews. Those who reply just say a generic “great experience” to EVERYONE who writes a review for them.

That’s wrong! One of the places that potential buyers look often is your previous reviews. If they see these kind of replies they will feel like you don’t care much about your customers.

How would you care if you don’t even take time to leave them feedback?

On the other hand, when you reply to all your buyers and leave feedback to all your reviews – people see that you interact with your customers and care about them.

It won’t take you much time to do it. Just once per day is enough. One line of feedback is more than ok. But make them as unique and personalized as possible.

12. Increase Your Profit With The Express Gig Delivery Extra

Most sellers ask you for 20-50$ for 1 day express delivery. Make the difference and charge 10$ or even 5$ for express delivery. It depends on what you sell and how much time you need to finish each order.

If it’s not something time-consuming, charge it 5$.

You will be surprised how much more money you can make with that gig extra. Even if it’s just 5$. Personally, I ask for 10$ but I already have some hundreds of 5-star reviews to back up the money I ask for.

In the beginning, I was asking for 5$ as well. Now, I probably make 200-400$ extra per month from express deliveries.

13. Never, Ever Buy Fake Reviews

Fake reviews will probably help in the short-term because you will start ranking higher in searches. But if your work is not outstanding, people will realize that your 5 star reviews are fake.

You won’t only lose the trust of your customers, but you will be also flooded with 1-star ratings, cancellations and refund requests.

It’s not worth it.

14. Use This Technique To Get More Reviews

As you might have already discovered, positive reviews are pure gold. The more you have, the more sales you generate.

Unfortunately, only about 15-20% of your buyers will bother to leave a review.

But there is a way to increase this percentage. And it’s very simple: Just remind them that they haven’t reviewed your gig.

Don’t tell them: “hey you haven’t reviewed my gig, please review it”.

Instead, use this proven to work script:


I see you haven’t completed the order yet. I would highly appreciate it if you could click complete and review my gig. Please do that only if you are completely satisfied with my service and eager to leave a FULL 5 star review.

In any other case, please let me know and I am here to help and resolve any issues. My number one priority is to make you fully satisfied – So, don’t hesitate to contact me if needed!

Kind Regards,
-Your Name

15. Make Your Gig Look As Full As Possible

You should use literally EVERYTHING you can.

For maximum exposure, you should make your gigs look as professional as possible. The more info you add in your Fiverr gig, the more COMPLETE it looks.

Upload a video, upload three HQ photos, upload a banner photo (if your category allows it), upload PDF files showcasing your services or give more information.

Generally, make your gig look full.  The more complete it looks, the better business image you create.

16. Realize That You Are Online

Working online implies that some people won’t like your services, they will criticize and say stuff you don’t like.

When that happens, simply smile, nod, ignore and move on.

You can’t get stressed about what everyone is saying. Don’t give a fuck and do your own thing. This doesn’t apply only to making money on Fiverr, but to everything you do – online or offline.

17. Want To Make More Sales? Think From The Customer’s Perspective

If your gig is not getting enough impressions, views and clicks then it won’t make much sales. In this case you have to make some tweaks in your title, description and tags and see what happens.

On the other hand, if you have many gig views, impressions and clicks – but a few or no orders – then you have another problem.

Your description is not good enough and you are not communicating your gig’s value in a clear way.

Buyers want to know “what’s in it for them”, not how amazing you are. They want to learn how your service will benefit their lives.

For instance, let’s say you are a graphic designer and say:

Hey, I am a graphic designer with 6 years of experience in graphic design. I started graphic design when I was in college and became pretty good at it. I am here on Fiverr selling logos for your business. I can create the best logos you have ever seen that look amazing. You won’t find better logos anywhere.

If you write something in that vibe, only a few will buy. Because you only focus on yourself when you should focus on your customers.

Write what your services can do for them instead of telling them how talented you are. It doesn’t matter to them. Try to reduce the times you use the word “I” in your description.

Instead, use the word “you” and focus on how your service helps your customers. For instance:

Hey, want to get the best logos for your business? Are you looking for logos that make your business look professional? Then you have come to the right place. As a graphic designer with 6 years of experience, I will create incredibly awesome logos that will set your business apart from your competitors. Ready to rule your competition?

Look how many times I used the words “you” and “your” instead of “I”. This can have a huge impact on your sales and how much money you make on Fiverr.

You can always check your gig stats from your account panel. Click on your name in the upper right corner of your screen, then click on Sales and then choose My Gigs.

18. Secure Your Account To The Utmost & Make It Look Complete

Buyers prefer to trust sellers who have a 100% complete profile. This means to connect a Facebook, Google Plus and Gmail account.

Look the picture below:

how to make money on fiverr profile completeness

This increases your credibility as a seller and makes customers more likely to hire you. If you don’t want to use your existing social media profiles simply set up a new Gmail only for your money-making endeavors with Fiverr.

Use this Gmail to start a Facebook and Google Plus account. And connect them to Fiverr.

Also, take security measures:

1.Never, ever download an attachment that someone sends you if you are not sure what it is. 


Because there are hackers on Fiverr just like anywhere else. Some people will try to send you a file that contains a malware or a key-logger.

A key-logger is a program that records everything you type in your keyboard – like your fiverr’s password…

2.Install Malwarebytes

Malware Bytes is an awesome program that cleans your PC from malicious and suspicious files. Scan your PC once every 2 weeks and it will take care of business. It has a free version.

19. Refuse To Do Free Work Or More Than What You Promise

As I said above, some people on Fiverr will try to get as many services as they can without even paying for it.

I have been contacted by random people many times to do free work. Huh…let’s laugh.

  • They told me that I had to do something really simple and that they would pay me afterwards and only if the work was good.
  • Another one told me to do something for free and then he would come back to get this service for another 50 products.
  • And many other guys asked me for extra work after I have delivered exactly what I have promised.

I never did any of that extra work. If you let them control you, they will ruin your business.

You are the seller and you have to set the terms of the engagement – without being rude of course.

If someone asks for free work like the 2 first guys above, then simply play it like you are dumb!

Say: “Sure, I would love to work with you – Just go to my gig’s page and buy this and that. Then I will start working on your order immediately”

As for the 3rd type of guy, explain him politely that you have delivered what you promised. Tell him that you would love to do more, but he would have to get the right extras.

Some of them won’t even reply while others will gladly pay for the extra service they need.

But never compromise. Even if someone promises you tons of work for the future, then he might be lying.

Pay for it and you will get it man. Otherwise, you can choose another seller. Don’t have a “needy mentality” and settle for less than you deserve.

20. Don’t Fight With The Customer Support

Fiverr has a lot of goods, but also has its drawbacks.

From what I have seen, the customer support back ups mostly buyers and outside partners (more on that later). Sellers are not given as much importance as they should.

As the time goes by, something awful might happen. You might get a 1-star review for no reason or something that sucks and makes you angry.

The customer support is the only way to fix problems on Fiverr. And if you disrespect them, you will end up even more disappointed.

21. Beware Of PayPal Disputes Because You Are Alone Out There…

Hopefully, this has never happened to me, but I know many people who have been scammed and lost money.

Here is what happens:

A customer places three 80$ orders in a timeframe of 2 weeks. He pays you 240$ and you deliver what you promised.

One month later you get an e-mail saying that the buyer opened a dispute in PayPal, and that he received a refund. And the money is missing from your PayPal or Fiverr account balance.

The problem is that when this happens, you can’t contact PayPal and give them proof that you delivered the work. You are an unknown to PayPal. Only Fiverr can talk to them.

Unfortunately, if you message the customer support, they won’t help either.

There are many stories like this one in warriorforum and this one in fiverr’s forum. If you dig in Fiverr’s forum you will find even more stories like this: Someone pays you 200$ and then opens a dispute in PayPal and gets a full refund.

You lose the money even if you have spent lots of time to deliver the order.

What can you do in this case?

Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe pray and wish that it won’t happen to you. If it happens, simply move on – It’s not worth to lose time for 50$ or even 200$.

I know that it will hurt your pocket, but honestly, I can’t see any better option that continuing your life. Scammers are everywhere and you shouldn’t give up because of an idiot.

Why am I talking about this if I don’t know a solution?

Well, it’s better to be aware of the fact that this can happen, than experiencing a 200$ loss out of nowhere. You will be able to deal with it with more self-discipline.

And you might also be able to avoid it. If you see that a buyer is suspicious or promises a lot of money, then he might be a potential scammer. Beware of large orders. If it’s possible, break large orders down to smaller ones of 50-70$.

This could probably help a little. The scammer may open 2-3 disputes, but opening 15 would be a little harder – I think…

Last Two Tips To Start Making Even More Money With Fiverr

Now you know almost everything I know about Fiverr. If I come up with anything else, then I will update this article or make something like a series.

Also, if you want me to write about something specific, let me know in the comments below.

Now, let’s get in the two last strategies:

22. Establish Your Reputation On Fiver

As you might have understood, positive reviews are gold!

The more reviews you have, the more money you can make. That’s because 5 star reviews add credibility to your account and give you social proof.

From my personal experience, when you reach to one hundred 5-star reviews – you will start making about 2000$ plus per month depending on what you sell and how much you are pricing your gig extras.

The question is: how do you get more 5 star reviews?

Beyond that you must be delivering an exceptional service, the easiest way to get dozens of 5-star reviews is the following:

Find a gig that you can finish relatively fast. Maximum 30 minutes. And give as much as you can as fast as you can.

Give DOUBLE than what your competition is offering and complete the work two times faster.

Does this mean that you will work many hours without getting paid much?

Yes and no.

If you don’t have 30-40 positive reviews already don’t expect to be flooded with orders. Even if you are offering your services for dirt cheap you won’t make many sales.

But if you offer TONS of value for 5$ – you will have 2-6 orders per day even if you don’t have many reviews. You will be working maximum 180 minutes for 6 orders.

So theoretically, you will spend 1-3 hours per day and you will be able to reach 25-45 positive reviews in about a month.

From that point it will get a lot easier since you will be able to charge more for your services with your gig extras.

Charge LESS than your service’s real value until you become a Level 2 Seller with 30+ positive reviews

This will take at least a month for a new account. But after that point, be sure that you will be making lots of money!

23. Set Up Your Gig Extras To Start Making Good Cash

Making money through volume is worth it only if you sell a service that can be done in 5 minutes. In that way, with 12 orders you can make 60$ just with an hour of work.

The problem is that it’s challenging to find a gig that can be sold for 5$ and finished in 5 minutes. You could probably do it if you have exceptional skills in some area, but for the average guy it’s not possible.

On the other hand, generating 12+ orders per day usually needs you to be a level 2 or top rated seller with lots of 5 star reviews. Maybe thousands of them.

I have a few hundreds positive reviews and I don’t have more than 10 orders every day. Some days I have only 3-6 orders. But each of them is about 50-70$.

The only way to do that is with your gig extras.

Here is how you should set up your gig extras. It’s actually extremely simple.

Don’t deliver a full service just with 5$. Don’t misunderstand my statement. I say don’t deliver a FULL service. I don’t say not do deliver an AWESOME service.

Your 5$ gig can be awesome even if it’s not a full service.

For example, there are a lot of guys who are drawing caricatures on Fiverr. The head of the caricature can cost just 5$ and be an awesome caricature. But if you want a FULL service you have to pay more.

fiverr money

As you can see, a full body caricature costs 45$. Giving you the full rights of the picture costs another 10$. In this way you make 55$ just by adding a little sauce to your services.

Split your service into smaller parts – that still offer a lot of value – and you will be able to make more than just 5$ from a single order.

Is this unethical?

Of course not. You are doing more work. Don’t you deserve to get paid more? All in all, the buyer isn’t forced to get your gig extras.

Yet, lots of them will decide to get your extras to get a full service.

This Is The End Of “The Definite Guide On How To Make Money On Fiverr”

That’s all for today guys.

If you have any questions, don’t be shy. Hit me up in the comments below.

If you are a Fiverr seller, I would be glad to hear your opinion and experiences!

As a last tip I can give you one piece of advice. If you want to make money on Fiverr or anywhere else, you have to be awesome. Your service must be awesome.

There are a lot of mediocre sellers who don’t deliver a valuable service.

Of course, they won’t make any money on Fiverr. If you are not really good at what you do, then practice every day until you become better.

The better you become, the more money you will earn.

And that’s one reason my Fiverr income is constantly increasing.

The fact that I started making some money didn’t make me complacent.

I read books and practice my skills every day so I can get better at the services I am offering. As a result, I become more skilled and make more money on Fiverr.

It definitely takes some work, but it’s worth the effort. Now, I want you to get out there and crush Fiverr. Can you do that for me?

Then come back here and share your story – I would love to hear about your success!

I firmly believe these 23 tips, strategies and tactics are more than enough to get you to making $4000 to $5000 on Fiverr like I did.

If you want to do it in the shortest timeframe possible and possibly make more than that, then you must absolutely check this out.

Until next time,

Keep Daring and Conquering,

Damian “Pros” Prosalendis – New Age Conqueror

PS: Have you tried making money on Fiverr yet?

Let me know in the comments and then SHARE this post with your friends on social media to help them make money while working from home!

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