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How to Make Girls Like You: 4 Easy No BS Steps to Have More Sex

I don’t know a man in this planet who doesn’t want to be around a lot of women and know how to seduce women. It’s such a primitive instinct that you can’t ignore unless you are not sexually attracted to women.

But I am sure that most of you want to learn how to make girls like you, value you more and treat you like a king.

That’s because this makes you feel more dominant than other men. It makes you feel proud and I can’t deny that it’s an amazing feeling.

This is not another fancy PUA guide full of useless, unrealistic and voodoo techniques.

I won’t give you advice like that you have to be more confident to make girls like you. Or that you must use PUA techniques like push-pull, demonstrating high value and stuff about attraction switches.

Maybe these things work for some people, I don’t know. But if you want to be successful with women without reading a ton of seduction books or trying weird tricks then this article is the best piece of advice you will ever read.

Normally I wouldn’t write about things like getting women. D&C is about success, mindset and self-improvement. Figuring out women is one of the cornerstones of being a successful man.

Nobody wants to be rich and successful, but be a supplicating beta bitchboy at home, asking his wife permission to watch TV. Nobody wants to be rich and successful, and be manipulated by women because he is not the man that commands respect and devotion.

So, I will approach this subject from a mindset standpoint. Which is all you need to make a woman like you.

If you want to know how to make girls like you, you have to understand how women act, how the other men act and how to be better than the other men. Let me explain:

Nowadays It’s not Easy to Be Successful With Women Because of 2 Reasons:

Women today are continuously becoming more “corrupted” and they are so much into instant gratification. In most western countries, they don’t care about maintaining relationships and building families. Instead they only want to have fun and fulfill their materialistic needs.

But they aren’t they only one to blame for this problem. Men also carry their responsibilities.

The average man is so eager to have a random fuck that he would go with any female he could find. Men nowadays, have dropped their standards to the bottom. Most men have no standards or have pretty low goals.

As a result, even average looking women get more attention than they deserve from men who are desperate for some sex.

This has turned average looking women to sluts or bitches. I won’t even talk for hotter women because the thing gets worse.

Women have developed this “bitch” attitude because they are overwhelmed with men who are desperate, unconfident, beta, pussyficated or however you want to call them.

Women have to act like bitches to get rid of the losers who are approaching them. And believe me, a desperate man could do anything for some pussy.

The only thing a woman needs to find someone to have some fun with is to put some nice clothes on and go for a drink.  Even if she is beyond of average appearance she can make herself look a little better with some make-up, high heels and “nice clothes”.

Then at least 10 men she would meet would have no refusal to have sex with her. Even if she isn’t someone special.

If You Want To Know How To Make Girls Like You, You Have to Raise Your Standards.

That’s the 1st step to seducing women, maintaining relationships and making a girl like you. You can’t have success with women unless you have some values, some standards that you should never violate.

If you have no values and standards you are like the rest of men who are craving for a bite of female flesh.

You shouldn’t be like that. You should never go with a random girl just because you want to have sex. If a woman doesn’t meet your standards then she is not suitable for you. Even for a one night stand.

But What Kind of Standards Should You Have?

There are 2 very important types of standards. The physical and the emotional.

The physical is the way a woman looks. Is she fat? Is she skinny? Is she athletic? Does she take care of her body? Does she dress well? Does she take care of her skin and hair? Does she wanna look good?

The emotional is the way a woman behaves. Is she a slut? Does she care about you or is she selfish? Does she respect her friends or does she back stab them? Does she treat her family well? Does she act like a bitch? Does she live in the moment?

In my opinion you should aim to have the higher standards possible. You should seek to have top-notch women next to you.

But Before Having Hot Women Next to You, You Must Be On The Same Level With Them.

You only date your female equivalent.

Of course you have to be extremely high value to date extremely hot girls

Your woman is a reflection of you.

Your manly value (looks, wealth, accomplishments, social skills) has to be on the same level or above her hotness.

This is absolutely not a looks matchup. Not necessarily.

That’s why you will see average or even ugly looking guys dating extremely hot females. They have something that compensates for their lack of good looks.

That’s also why you see nice looking guys dating trailhogs.

They obviously lack standards, as well as lack other significant qualities that would raise their sexual market value.

A nice looking guy may have issues beyond looks that brings his value down

  • Small dick
  • Loser mindset (self-deprecating, supplicating)
  • Abusive childhood
  • Abandoned by parents
  • Lack of self esteem
  • Lack of social skills

And the list goes on

So, your woman pretty much indicates if you’re a winner or a loser.

A fatso that watches television all day could never date a woman like Sofia Vergara or Emily Ratajkowski. He will be with a girl that’s around his level or a little better than him.

Sofia Vergara is one of the hottest women in the world and she deserves a man who is on the same level with her. Her partner is Joe Manganiello. If you want to make a woman like Sofia like you, you must be on the sale level with her.

how to make girls like you

But do you know a lot of average Joes that look like Joe Manganiello? Joe has an outstanding physique and is a multi-millionaire, actor and director. When you will achieve the same success your woman will definitely look hot like Sofia.

On the other side, someone who has no goals and no ambitions in life you will end up with a woman who shares the same beliefs. A woman who is at the same level.

However I don’t believe much in the law of attraction and this is not an outcome of that theory. This is pure logic. You can’t have sex with a super hot model if you are unsuccessful, drink 10 beers every night and have no passions in your life.

If you want to make a hot woman like you, you need to:

1. Be hot, your physique and style plays a big role on that

2. Have experienced some kind of success.

3. Have a different mindset than most men, a more dominant mindset. You have to be smarter.

It’s not easy to explain all these aspects of seduction and I don’t want to make this complicated. Nevertheless, I want you to stick to a specific belief and take one thing from this article.

If you want to make a girl like you, you have to be at the same level with her.

How to Build Your Standards

You can’t simply wake up today and want to seduce women of Margot Robbie‘s class. You have to build your way to the top slowly.

It doesn’t matter how low your standards are in the beginning. What matters is to continuously pushing your standards to their limits.

If you want to have more success with women you have to be honest with yourself. Rate yourself from a 1 to 10 scale. Where are you in that scale? Are you a 3, a 5 or a 7?

Just be honest, you won’t tell me your rating, only you would know so be sincere with yourself. That’s the only way to improve.

For instance, if you are a 5 your starting standards should be to seduce women that are 5 or higher. You should never ignore from these standards.

This reflects how much you value yourself and your partner should represent your value. Otherwise it’s like you are degrading yourself. Set up your standards and never break them.

How to Make Girls Like You Step 2: Understand a Woman’s Deepest Needs

Mike Cernovich from Dangerandplay.com, author of Gorilla Mindset says that a woman’s two deepest needs are the desire to be free from boredom and anxiety.(Listen to that podcast, it’s great.)

Women get bored easily and face difficulties to make decisions.

A man who wants to be successful with women and make women like him should satisfy these needs.

First of all, he must be able to fulfill his woman emotionally and get her out of her boredom. Women are more receptive to feelings while men are more open to ideas. That’s why women like shopping so much.

Shopping provides women a nice feeling of fulfilment. However this doesn’t last long enough and then she has to do shopping again or fill her emotional batteries with another activity. That’s why women are moaning so much.

When they can’t find a man who fulfils their emotional needs they turn into drama for emotional gratification. It’s not that women enjoy arguing, it’s that they enjoy experiencing deep and intense emotions.

This means that they will succumb to arguing and drama to feel these emotions. That’s why women are attracted to the “bad guys”. Even if bad guys treat them with no respect, they fulfil them emotionally.

On the other side, emasculated men who behave too nice and believe that women are little fragile creatures can’t fulfil their emotional needs.

Secondly, a woman can’t make decisions easily. As a man, you have to grow a pair and lead her. Tell her what you want to do but don’t force her to accept it.

For instance, let’s say you are planning to go out at night with your girlfriend or a potential girlfriend.

She: “Where do you want to go at night?”

You:”Hmm I don’t know, make a suggestion and I will let you know if it sounds good”

She: “I am not sure, don’t you have any ideas?”

You: “I am not quite sure either.”.

That’s a pathetic behavior of a man who can’t be a leader. Your woman needs a leader, not a baby who can’t take decisions. You are the man and you have to man up and be in charge.

how to make girls like you

Check out the correct way you should handle this situation:

She: “Where do you want to go at night?”

You: “Let’s go to Barry’s for a cocktail”

She: “Hmm I am not much into cocktails today”

You: “Ok let’s go to Amber’s to chill and drink some wine”

She: “Yeah, that sounds great.”

As a man you have to save your woman from anxiety, if she can’t make decisions then you should make them. Be assertive and don’t be afraid to make your suggestion. If she refuses then suggest something else.

But Damian, What If She Refuses Everything?

In the case she acts like a bitch and she refuses everything then you should remain calm and continue to lead the game.

You could tell her something like: “well maybe we should cancel it except you have any suggestions”. This shows that you respect her opinion but that you are not afraid to cancel the date because your time is precious.

How to Make Girls Like You Step 3: Show Her You Are Eager to Leave

The biggest mistake that the average pussyficated man does when it comes to seducing women is that he is always available for them.

That’s a pathetic mindset that won’t lead you to a great relationship. It indicates cockroach self-confidence and shows that you need her TOO MUCH.

Even if you need her, love her or believe that she is your soul mate you should always be eager to leave her. Really, I can’t stress enough the importance of this statement. This might be the most important advice of the entire article.

Show her that you are not expendable and that there is no one like you. Show your woman that you are always eager to leave if she does a mistake or doesn’t respect you.

You have to think like a lion, not like a sheep. You should adopt a lion mindset and strongly believe that:

If she wants to be next to you then great. If she doesn’t then she is the one who has something precious to lose, not you.

This should be the mindset a real, dominant man should have.

Of course you are never going to say that directly to her. Beware! Don’t do this mistake or you will sound like an idiot who thinks that he is the center of the universe.

That’s how you should think, not what you should tell her. You have to show her your thoughts with your actions or tell her that indirectly

In your universe, you are like the earth. A woman is allowed to become your moon, be close to you and follow your orbit. But you shouldn’t allow any woman to become your sun and let yourself follow her orbit.

Always remember, she is the one who has something precious to lose, not you! You should always be eager to leave her if she doesn’t treat you right.

Of course this means that you should treat her right and respect her as well. Don’t be an arrogant jerk who mistreats his partner. If you do that your relationship will never be healthy.

Treat her exactly as you would like her to treat you. If she doesn’t return back your kindness, then adios amigos.

But if you want to make a girl like you, love you and be loyal to you, you my friend must be always eager to leave.

How to Make Girls Like You Step 4: Build The Habit Of Approaching Women

If you are completely inexperienced about seducing women you should defeat your approach anxiety first.

It’s normal for men to feel a little anxious in the beginning. The only way to overcome this feeling of uncertainty and become more confident when speaking to women is to develop the habit of speaking to women.

You should feel 100% comfortable when speaking with women if you want to seem confident and make them like you.

In the past I made the mistake of not speaking to women that I was not sexually attracted to. For instance, if I knew an average girl that I wouldn’t want to have sex with, I would not be interested to talk with her.

As a result, when I approached a hot girl I really liked and was near my standards I was feeling very very anxious. I would try to impress her with my words, my body language would suck and I would feel completely uncomfortable speaking to her.

I noticed that this feeling of anxiety passed when I started speaking to every woman I met. Don’t hesitate to have conversations with girls even if they are ugly, unattractive, older, younger or whatever.

The more conversations you have with women the better.

If you want to meet more women you have to approach more women to build the habit of doing it. This develops your discipline because of a brain function called neuroplasticity.

So don’t be afraid to start conversations and speak with as much women as possible. You don’t need to talk about something extremely sophisticated. Just regular conversation like “how are you, what’s your hobbies, what are you doing at night, are you planning any holidays for christmas” is enough.

This will help you to feel incredibly more comfortable and confident when you talk to hot women.


As I told you I am not an expert in seducing girls and even if I was I wouldn’t call myself an expert.

But I can run some basic game and because of my physical appearance I can pick up some hot women. If you have the correct mindset then you are covered when it comes to seducing women.

I really think that you don’t need more than this to be successful with women and pick up hot girls.

However I know that some of you are deeply interested in getting laid a lot. Some of you might want to go beyond the basics of meeting women.

If that’s the case with you then I would recommend you to check the following articles by Chris Deoudes from GoodLookingLoser.com:

How to Pick Up Girls If You Are Nervous

Fundamentals For Getting Laid a Lot

Chris has one of the best websites I have read and when it comes to getting laid he has some pretty good information that you would find really helpful.

Take Home Messages From This Article

But if you don’t want to fuck like crazy and want to focus on business, fitness, travelling or something else while still having sex and knowing how to make girls like you here is the approach you should follow:

Step 1:

Separate yourself from the crowd. Don’t sleep with a random girl just because you want to have sex except she fits your standards.

Your partner determines how successful you are and how great you look. That’s why you should improve yourself if you want to make hot women like you.

You should always have high standards when you seduce women and never ignore these standards.

Step 2

Understand what a woman needs: She wants you to save her from boredom and anxiety. You should fulfill her emotional needs while being the leader and taking decisions.

Step 3

Adopt a more dominant mindset and always be eager to leave her. If she doesn’t want to be around you then she is the one who has something to lose. Remember the earth-moon-sun simile.

Step 4

If you want to seduce hot women you should feel comfortable when talking to them. That’s why you should talk to all types of women even if you are not sexually attracted to them. This develops the habit of talking and feeling comfortable around women.

BONUS: Step 5

Now you know how to get the girl.

But what about after that?

If you want to learn how to keep it and have a happy relationship, read this.

What do you thing is the most important thing that a man should do to make girls like him?

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How to Make Girls Like You:4 Easy No BS Steps to Have More Sex

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