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How to Get Success In Life By Delaying Gratification (Scientifically Proven)

how to get success in life

How to Get Success In Life, Become a Repetitive Winner & Live The Way You Want To Live

Most people are prisoners in their own lives. They live in cages surrounded by “supposes” , “musts” and “can’t”, They can’t unlock their true potential and remain mediocre for their whole lives.

They don’t know how to get success in life because no one has taught them the right way. They are just following others without knowing where they are heading.

But is that a way to live? Do you want to live your life without knowing your purpose? Without knowing where you are heading to?

But you think you are different, you think that you know where you are heading. I hope so. However, just knowing where you want to go doesn’t matter.

You have to take some steps that will drive you there. Even if you know that you want to become an entrepreneur, it’s not enough.

Have you thought how you will achieve it? Have you made plans yet? Do you have goals and deadlines to meet?

These are critical for succeeding at anything you do.

Why People Are Unhappy With Their Lives & Regret Their Choices When They Get Old

If your answer to the 3 questions above was no, then you are probably killing your time doing random things. You know where you want to go but instead of walking until you reach your destination, you are doing circles around yourself.

How much can you keep doing circles before you become dizzy?

When you will start feeling dizzy you will fall. It will be a hit from nowhere. It will be a TKO. And you will be done. Because you have wasted all your time doing circles. Now you don’t have energy to go where you want to go.

That’s how most people live their lives. They are walking mindlessly through the motions of life without fully experiencing it.

They don’t take time to figure out how they will leave a better life. They want to enjoy the moment.

Have you heard about the YOLO? It’s an acronym for “you only live once”. It’s the idea that you should enjoy each moment in your life because you have only one life to live.

The YOLO idea makes a valid point. You really have only one life and you should enjoy it to the utmost.The irony is that most people misinterpret YOLO in the following ways:

1. They don’t care about their future when they are young:

When you are young, your choices have a big impact in your future. A choice you make in your 20’s triggers a sequence of events which can impact your life either in a positive or in a negative way.

They choices most people make in the ages from 15-25 is to have sex with as much people as they can, party hard almost every day, enjoy their nights getting drunk or playing unlimited hours of video games.

Where are these choices going to lead them when they reach 25? Will the people who live this way enjoy a blissful life?

Or will they be doomed to a life full of mediocrity, difficulties, regrets and hardships?

The “have unlimited fun while you are young and fuck the future” aka YOLO ideology is one of the biggest reasons that people can’t live their lives as they would like.

When you only care to have fun now, when you neglect your future, you are doomed in mediocrity.

2. They think that they care about their future but don’t work on their goals:

Another big percentage of young people is a little more life-conscious. Still they are doomed in a life of mediocrity as well.

These are the people who believe that the only thing the need to live a happy life is to get a college degree. Then everything will take the right way and the universe will take care of them.

As a result, they live the YOLO ideology but in a smaller extent. They go to parties, they have some sex and fun and know where they want to go and how they want their lives to be in the future.

Yet, they never live their ideal lives because they had never taken steps towards this life.

When you are waiting for the universe along with a college degree to give you a happy life you are still doing circles.

You still don’t have deadlines to meet and no definite plans to achieve your goals.

How do you know that you belong in this category?

You believe that the way to succeed in life is to find a job after college, get married and have children. Then you work overtime until you are 60 when you don’t need to take care of your childs and you can finally live your life.

Meanwhile you have been working overtime and never had time for yourself or your children. You see your loved ones passing away, your health fades and you reach a point that you are struggling to go to the toilet alone.

Here comes the part when you realize how much of your life you have missed.

How to Get Success In Life: Read This Shocking Truth!

I bet you don’t want to be 60-year-old, unable to take care of yourself.

Do you know what the worst part is? To be 60-year-old and feel regrets about what you didn’t do when you were young.

I am not talking about YOLO here. I am not talking about endless partying and having fun. These are fine when you don’t cross the limits and you can fit them in a balanced lifestyle.

What I am talking about here is your dreams.

A nurse called Bronnie Ware spent several years of her life taking care of patients in their last 12 weeks of their lives. Bronnie questioned them what they would have done differently in their lives and what regrets they had.

Then she wrote down her experience in a book called ” The 5 Regrets of The Dying”. Almost all had the same answers. Let’s see what they told her:

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected from me.

2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

3. I wish I had the courage to express my feelings

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends

5. I wish I would let myself be happier

Do you still want to live a life full of regrets? Do you want to get to the point where you feel that way? To the point that you hate your work?

Do you want to hate yourself because of living the life others expected from you?

I am sure that you don’t. Nobody wants to feel that way and I really hope that this opens your eyes a little bit. You really don’t want to grow old and feel any of these emotions. They will destroy your soul.

Escape This Future & Take Control Of Your Life

In order to avoid this shitty future and get more out of your life you have to think of one single thing. I have to be a little macabre and extreme here.

Don’t get me wrong. If something can wake you up, this is it.

What you need to do is to just remember that one day you are going to die.

What if today was your last day? Would you spend it fooling around, watching tv & eating snacks or playing video games all night long?

[bctt tweet=”If you want to live in a way that others will never live you have to do things that other people can’t.”]

Things like chasing what you want, moving towards your obsessions and crushing your goals.

People might don’t like what you are doing. So what? It’s your life. Why should someone else tell you how to live your life?

No one has the right to do that. Not your parents, not your friends or relatives. They won’t feel the regrets you will feel in your future. Only you will hate yourself.

Don’t do that.

Do what you want, listen to your gut and fight as hard as you can. Even if you lose, you will have tried at least. You will be a victor, while the rest are victims.

Victims with no identity, no passion, no life and no goals.

how to get succes in life

The Solution For Becoming Successful In Life & Living Like No One Else

Do you know which is the most important characteristic of successful people?

Being able to delay gratification.

In 1970, Walter Mischel, a Stanford Professor conducted several psychological studies which revealed one of the most powerful ingredients for success in any aspect of life.

Have you ever heard of the Marshmallow experiment? If not let me tell you what it was.

In 1972 researchers at Stanford including Mr.Mischel tried to test if little kids could delay the gratification of eating a marshmallow for a certain amount of time. The ones who could, would be given a second marshmallow.

The researchers put several 4-5 year old kids in a room and told them to sit on a chair. The kids had in front of them a table, a plate and a delicious little marshmallow.

The researcher went away for 15 minutes and if the kids hadn’t eaten the marshmallow when he returned then they could eat two marshmallows.

On the other hand, If they have fallen in the temptation of eating it they would not get a second one.

So the concept of the studies was to see if kids had the ability to put the instant gratification aside and get a bigger reward for their efforts after some time.

This is identical to how things in real life work.

If you can delay the gratification of partying all night long, you can wake up the other day and go to the gym or work on your business.

If you can delay the gratification of getting our every weekend you can save the money and go to a great 5 days trip.

But only a few people are able to delay gratification.

Do you know what’s the most shocking? The people who can delay gratification are more successful, have better social skills, get better grades and have better health.[1], [2]

The researchers followed the kids that participated in the marshmallow experiment for 40 years.

All the kids from the group who waited for the second marshmallow were more successful in every aspect of their lives comparing to the kids who ate the sweet!

How to Get Success In Life By Developing Your Ability to Delay Gratification

A newer study by the University Of Rochester replicated the marshmallow experiment but with a little twist.

The researchers separated the kids into two groups before doing the marshmallow experiment.

First Group

The children in the first group were given a set of crayons and were promised to be given a bigger one later. However the researchers never gave them the bigger set.

Then they were given a sticker and were told that they would be given more stickers later. However they researchers lied again and didn’t gave them the stickers.

Second Group

The children in this group were given everything as promised.

Do you know which was the result of that behavior on the marshmallow experience?

The children from the first group didn’t trust the researchers and believed that delaying gratification is something bad.

As a result they ate the marshmallow.

On the other hand, the kids from the second group have programmed their brains to think that they can delay gratification and that delaying it is something beneficial. They waited four times longer than the children from the first group.

As you can see, our life experiences and surroundings determine if we can delay gratification or not, thus get a bigger reward in the future.

It’s not something only naturally gifted humans can do.

Of course, the decision of a 4 year old kid won’t necessarily determine his whole life but this experiment gives you a significant lesson.

If you are able to be disciplined, delay gratification and don’t take the easy road you have increased chances to become successful in life.

But What If You Are Not Good In Delaying Gratification?

You can build the habit of delaying gratification and program your brain to consider it something worthwhile.

All you have to do is promise yourself something and the keep this promise. You can even ask a friend to help you with that.

It’s important to find something which is relatively easy. At first you don’t want to start with something very complicated as this will make it more difficult.

On the other hand, if you go ahead with baby little steps you will gradually become better at controlling yourself. Soon you will be able to delay gratification and put your success first instead of taking the easy path and falling into temptations.

What’s your experience with delaying gratification? Do you believe that it’s essential for achieving more?

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How to Get Success In Life - (Scientifically Proven Behavior)

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