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How to Get Good Luck Even If You Think You Are Unlucky

how to get good luck

How to Get Good Luck & Get Whatever You Want Like Gastone Garder

Have you ever read any Disney Comics about Donald Duck?

If you had, you might have read stories about Donald’s extremely lucky cousin named Gastone. Gastone Garder (or Gladstone) is known as the luckiest duck in the world while Donald seems to be extremely poor and unlucky.

While both are very lazy, Gastone has the universe working for him and attracts almost anything he wants.

Gastone embodies everything that the unfortunate Donald would ever want: to become lucky, successful and assertive. Gastone has been always “free and beautiful” while his cousin is the impersonation of bad luck.

In the comics Gastone always get whatever he wants without even moving his little finger. He just sits on his couch with the window open and waits the breeze to bring him a 10.000$ check.

When he wants cash, Gastone walks down the road and finds a wallet full of money.

Does he want an airplane ticket to travel to the other edge of the world?

He simply goes to the airport and all of a sudden a woman has to get off the plane because her husband is in the hospital and gives her ticket to the lucky Gastone.

Whatever he wants, he can get it without much effort. Just pure luck.

Cool, huh?

Wouldn’t Be Great If You Could Know How to Become Lucky Like Gastone?

Yes, it would be.

But guess what: In the real world, that kind of luck would suck.

It would be great at first, but after some time the emptiness inside you would keep growing until it would have destroyed you. Or until you have lost all your money.

When luck isn’t a product of your efforts, when you are given everything you want without working for it, the fulfillment that derives from achieving your goal doesn’t exist.

You feel empty, depressed and unhappy. That’s the reason many kids with wealthy parents aren’t happier than normal kids even if they have everything.

That’s why some people say “Money doesn’t buy happiness“. You can be wealthy and unhappy. You can also be wealthy and extremely happy. It depends on how you claim your wealth.

If you just focus on wealth and neglect other important aspects like relationships (family & friends) or yourself (your health for instance), you end up with a 7 digit bank number and a giant black hole in your soul.

You have no one to spend this money with or you aren’t able to spend it at all.

That’s because you will be probably very old with health problems. What will you do with 7 million dollars if you can’t walk to the toilet without help? They are useless…

Even if you were lucky like Gastone you would probably be very miserable.

On the other side it wouldn’t be cool to be a real world Donald.

Donald is the personification of laziness. When I say laziness, I mean the “bad” kind of laziness. Because there is “good” laziness as well.

How To Change Your Luck From Bad to Good

Is there good and bad laziness?  Let me give you some examples to explain what I mean:

“Bad Kind of Laziness” or “Donald’s Syndrome”

Which are Donald’s favorite “hobbies”?

Answer 1: Sleeping in his hammock or lounge char.

Answer 2: Watching TV and resting on his lounge chair.

As far as I remember these are the most common things that Donald used to do in his free time. Ah and hiding from Uncle Skroutz because he had a huge debt to him.

The problem with Donald’s situation was that he was waiting to inherit Uncle Skroutz’s fortune and didn’t care of building his own.

Donald didn’t have a purpose in life. He was just breathing and waiting the years to go by. He was spending his time on meaningless activities that didn’t offer him any benefits.

He was unaware of the importance of time management.

It’s ok to get some sleep or watch a movie once in a while. Exaggerating isn’t ok.

Doing this in your whole free time isn’t ok and won’t lead you anywhere worth being. It won’t fulfill your dreams, it won’t let you live the way you would like to live.

“Donald’s Syndrome” is the path of least resistance. It’s the easiest way that someone can choose to take in his life.

Easy to walk roads don’t lead to beautiful destinations.

That’s why Donald is unlucky. He has chosen the wrong road. A road that is paved with bricks and has beautiful flowers in the sidewalk. A path that doesn’t challenge him to grow and develop his character.

A road that doesn’t force personal growth is a road in which luck doesn’t exist. You can’t become extraordinarily lucky if you follow Donald’s example.

RULE: Your “bad luck” is directly reflective of your own actions.

Donald has bad luck not because he was born with the “unlucky” gene, but because of his attitude on life.

“Good Kind of Laziness”

This happens when you are forced to do something you don’t like to do. When you must do something that you don’t enjoy.

In this case your brain doesn’t produce hormones like dopamine that show excitement.

When you wake up in the morning and you are bored to go to work, it’s an indicator that your job is an activity that doesn’t bring you emotional joy.

An activity that you should find an alternative for.

That’s the main cause of procrastination: Trying to force yourself to do things that don’t make you feel excited.

Good laziness is the best indicator that shows you what you should cut from your life, what you should stop doing.

This doesn’t apply for school and basic education. Basic education(until high school) is necessary or you will lack of knowledge you could have for free.

Who on earth wasn’t bored to go to school at least one time in his life? I was bored many times. This doesn’t mean I didn’t go.

how to get good luck

This doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy school. The fact is that when you finish school you realize that it was one of the best parts of your life because you actually had a good carefree time there.

When I say “good laziness” I refer  to unpleasant tasks. Stuff that you hate doing but you do them anyway because you are forced to do so.

Why spend your life doing unpleasant stuff? !

If you want to change your luck from bad to good you have to limit the activities that belong to the “good kind of laziness”. Don’t spend your time in nothing that doesn’t force personal growth.

How To Get Good Luck In Real Life by Creating a Momentum

Do you know why lucky people are lucky?

Because they are working their butts off.

Luck is a residue of your effort and engagement. It is a product of your dedication. It’s not something that magically happens.

If you work your butt off, if you try to improve every single day, you will automatically become lucky:

There are two friends who have a dream to become top-notch and famous architects. Let’s call them Mark and Alex.

Mark is a huge believer that luck is required to get rich. He spends his morning going to the architecture school, chatting with other students during the class or scrolling his Facebook timeline. He keeps some notes here and there.

Meanwhile, he imagines his life after college: Working in a top architecture firm, getting paid 300.000$ per year and spending his summers in Florida with a harem of girls, travelling the world, owning a yacht and driving a corvette.

In his free time he sits on his couch to “rest” from the school, reads gossip blogs and plays PS3. Afterwards he goes to clubs to meet girls and get drunk.

Then we have Alex.

Alex also studies architecture and has the same lifestyle goals. The only difference is that Alex spends his evenings researching the newest practices in architecture, reading marketing and business books to sharpen his mind and connecting with well-known architects.

Alex spends his weekends in architecture workshops to gather more knowledge. 

While Mark is killing enemy soldiers in Call of Duty, Alex has taken a rough path of continuous development and commitment to his goal.

Who of them will become lucky?

People who believe they have bad luck should really change their beliefs about how luck is obtained.

You can’t call “lucky guy” someone who has become a millionaire.

Luck doesn’t create millions. Commitment and action does.

People tend to mention “luck” as the reason that other people achieve success and blame “luck” for their own stationery style of living.

Stop being one dimensional and understand that 99% of successful people don’t become successful because they are luckier than you.

They succeed because they have done the hard work that you are not willing to do.

Delete the belief that you have to be lucky to make your dreams work. Start working on your dreams to become lucky.

Luck is a by-product of your action, dedication and exposing your work to others.

When you are committed to your goal you become lucky because of doing the right things and being in the right places the right time.

This will never happen if you endorse Donald’s behavior.

If you want to become a Gastone you will have to get into the game and play it. You have to enter the gauntlet.

You will have to engage in the process of creating what you want.

You won’t become lucky and you won’t be in the right place the right time if you are in the club getting drunk till the morning every day.

Be aware: Luck can create wealth and opportunities in the way of lotteries and casinos, but this won’t be long-lasting wealth. Be sure that it will leave as easy and quick as it came into your life…

Only repetitive and coordinated action towards a purpose can create “luck”.

Luck is created by increasing your possibilities to succeed. You increase your probabilities by getting out there, doing the work and exposing your work to the world.

Who of the two friends do you think that will live his desired lifestyle?

Of course not Mark, because he is suffering from “Donald’s Syndrome”. His creativity doesn’t go beyond eating pop-corns and watching the Big Bang Theory.

How to Get Lucky: Spend Your Money Wisely, Only For Things That Matter

You have to take continuous action toward your purpose in life and “get yourself out there”.

It’s time to evolve from a one-dimensional Donald to a self-created Gastone.

This is how you will bend possibilities in your favor. Better possibilities equal to higher chances for getting good luck.

Don’t wait for luck to happen, bring luck in your life.

What do you think that it takes to get good luck like Gastone? 


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How to Get Good Luck Even If You Think You Are Unlucky

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