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How To Beat Anxiety Using The Most Powerful Question In The World

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Subject: Learn How to Beat Anxiety, Increase Your Longevity, Stop Worrying and Overcome Your Fears

It’s not easy to overcome fear and anxiety. Except you use one simple question. It’s really incredible how two little words can teach you how to beat anxiety. Two little words can help you overcome any type of fear.

Two little words can make you look 15 years younger (read more and you will understand).

You can beat social anxiety and stress, fear of failure and conquer your doubts. But only if you ask this question every time you are facing a challenging situation.

These two words had a positive impact in my life from the first time I used them. They changed my mindset and made me more assertive.

If you are one of those who are easily conquered by negativity and doubts then this question can be a redemption for your soul. It has the power to make you not care about other people’s opinion and see life in a different perspective.

How To Beat Anxiety Using Only 2 Words

It’s question towards yourself. It is such a simple one, but this question contains so many answers which overwhelm the difficulties and doubts you are encountering.

A question which is the answer itself. 

The question is: “So What?”

I told you, it’s simple. You don’t need overcomplicated techniques to beat anxiety and overcome your fears. You don’t want to suffer from paralysis by analysis.

Sometimes simplicity is the best choice you have. Especially in this case. So many guides and books are written on how to beat anxiety.

Yet, the answer is not so complicated. Complication makes your problems more difficult to solve.

On the other side, if you start using these 2 words you will understand the power they have.

These two words made me redefine my desires and the way I think about life. The answer to this question is as subversive as difficult were the doubts that you raise and put to yourself.

Let me give some examples:

You have to make a lot of money, otherwise people will consider you a failure. So what?
You need to study and go to a good university because if you don’t you won’t be accepted by the norm. So what?
I think I will speak to this guy/girl in the bar, but I am afraid I will be rejected. So what?
You need to get a new car, better than the neighbor’s car so people can see that you are better. So what?
I’m in love, but she/he doesn’t like me. So what?
I’m afraid to pursue my goals, because there is a chance of failure. 
So what?
My friends from college have a bigger house than mine. So what?
Everybody has the new i-phone but I can’t buy it.  So what?

Can you see how effortlessly you can beat fear, anxiety and self doubts by using only two words?

Every time that you feel stressed, every time that you feel the fear of doing something try to question yourself.

Ask yourself: so what?

You will notice a sudden sense of calmness overwhelming you.

You will start to stop worrying about what other people think of you. Instead you will start caring about what you really want.

You will start pleasing yourself instead of living to please others. Whether the “others” are friends, family, teachers, relatives society or aliens.

You will do the things you were afraid of and you will understand that it was silly to live in fear.

You don’t believe me? Continue reading.

how to beat anxiety

85% Of The Things You Worry About Never Happens

A little worrying is normal. However excessive worrying can be destructive. Especially when you worry about things that will never happen!

A study by the University of Cincinnati found that eighty-five percent of the things we worry about never become a reality. In fact, even the 15% that becomes a reality is not a problem.

The researchers found that 79% of us are able to handle this 15% using our creativity and problem solving abilities.

Worrying for things that haven’t happened yet is like trying to prove the existence of mermaids and dragons.

It’s pointless.

Excessive worrying destroys your every day life and prevents you from living a happy life. This is called Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD.

Jeffrey Strawn, MD, child & adolescent psychiatrist says that “when you worry about everything, the anxiety literally affects every area of your life”.

For example, it’s perfectly normal to worry about a test or job interview. However, worrying if the alarm clock will work that morning or worrying if the road will be full of traffic is life consuming.

Especially when these situations might never happen.

It’s good to have back up plans and be well prepared, but don’t confuse that with unnecessary worries. Even if your plans don’t go well you will find a way to deal with the situation.

Getting Rid Of Worries Increases Your Life’s Span and Makes You Look Younger

Personality traits such as neuroticism can have a big impact on your longevity. A neurotic person is someone who is conquered by anxiety, fear of failure and worries.

Men who have a neurotic personality have lower chances of survival, according to a study conducted by the Psychological Science Journal.

The study followed the life of 1663 men, aged 43 to 91, for 12 years. First, the identified neurotic persons using a personality test and studied how “neurotic personalities” change over time.

At then end of the study only 50% of men that had high or increasing neuroticism were alive…On the other hand, 75-85% of men who had low or decreasing neuroticism were alive at the end of the study.

Even a small increase in worries, anxiety and depression during the study led to a 40% increase in death rate.

Although the study was done on men, there should be no difference in the results if the subjects were women. Especially when women score even higher in neuroticism than men.

This really shows the importance of getting rid of worries if you want to live a happier life.

The “So What” Question Can Make You Look 15 Years Younger Than You Are

One day I was asked to help a neighbour move some things into his new house. He was described to me as a 60 year old man and I assumed that he would really need help especially if his furniture and other stuff were too heavy.

When I met him I was surprised to find out that he didn’t look like 60 years old at all. At most, I could tell he was about 45.

However, when I asked him his age he told me he was 59. I was astonished. He didn’t look like 59. He was actually pretty jacked. Most men at 59 are wasted. They look like 70 years old and they are weak and misery.

This man was full of life! He had more energy than you could imagine and he had a well-built body as well.

I asked him how he was able to look so young and he told me that his secret was that he never worried. He told me that each time he was afraid of doing something he asked himself the “so what” question.

The decision to stop worrying was the best decision he has taken in his life. He avoided tons of needless stress and looked younger at any level. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

how to beat anxiety

Live Your Life & Don’t Worry About What Others Expect From You

When you are not concerned about their expectations something magical happens. People feel that you are not hungry for their approval.

Don’t be hungry for love, sex, relationships and you will have an abundance of these. Hunger” makes others feel the emotions of pity and compassion for you.

You don’t need any charity in your life. People will never truly respect you if you are in need of their sympathy. They will respect you only when you stop being hungry for their attention.

As soon as you stop seeking approval, they will naturally start to please you and win your attention.

[bctt tweet=”Real men don’t seek approval. They listen to other opinions but don’t let other opinions define their lives.”]

Do you want to gain respect from other people? Stop being hungry for their attention.

Aren’t You Impressed By People Who Act Confidently?

Think about how many times you saw a successful friend of yours getting rejected by a woman, failing in business or losing his job.

What if he felt rejection? He didn’t give a shit and moved on. He didn’t start to cry about what happened to him.

His girlfriend cheated on him? So what? Who wants to be with a cheater? He will find someone who deserves being next to him.

He was rejected in a job interview? So what? He will move on with the next one.

Do you know how many times my articles have been rejected for other publications that I applied for guest posting?

I don’t even know, I have lost the number. But so what? I moved on and got published on sites that are read by millions all over the world like LifeHack and PickTheBrain.

If I have started worrying and thinking that my writing isn’t good enough I would have stopped trying.

Rejections & Failures Are Part Of The Game

Do you think that your road to achieving your desires will be paved with bricks and have beautiful little flowers next to the side-walk?

Huh, hell no! It will be a road full of bumps.

Don’t be afraid of failures like they are the BugBear. Wear your gloves, step into the battle and be ready to fight hard.

They say “fall down seven times, stand up eight”. You will fall and you will fail. But in the end what matters is to keep trying.

Ir requires inner strength to withstand defeat, accept it and learn from it. Not everyone can do it and you should be proud of yourself if you can.

But most importantly, stop feeling anxious and stressed when you lose. Don’t let worries overwhelm you.


Each time you find yourself in a stressful situation, in a situation that you are afraid of trying something new or getting out of your comfort zone ask yourself this question. So what? What’s the worst that can happen?

And go do your thing. You will not regret it.

Most times we regret the things we choose not to do. Not the things we do.

Each time that you are worried about what others will think of you ask yourself: So what?

Fuck them. Ignore them. Do your own thing. That’s the only way to feel good with yourself.

And if they don’t like your decision…SO WHAT?

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How To Beat Anxiety Using The Most Powerful Question In The World

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