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How To Be Stress Free: Lessons From Vietnam Prisoners Of War

how to be stress free

How To Be Stress Free: 2 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Worries

 Coping with stress is hard. Especially if you have a lot of things to worry about – like bills, debts, mortgage payments, annoying parents, irritating co-workers etc.

Most people find dealing with stress incredibly difficult. Some of them even let stress ruin their lives completely. Because they don’t know how to handle it.

While it’s not easy to manage your stress – especially if something serious is going on – you have no other choice than doing it. Provided that you want to get out of that horrible situation.

However, many people have to deal with stress and worries that are completely insignificant.

The question to ask yourself is?

“Is that thing that causes you stress worthwhile to worry about?”

Most times we worry about insignificant things that don’t matter. And about 80% of these times, the things we worry about never happen.

But you will probably say:

“Yes, but the things I worry about are really important for me”

Hmm, you might think so. But actually they are not so important.

What do I mean?

I have recently read an incredible book called Defiant: The POWs Who Endured Vietnam’s Most Infamous Prison, the Women Who Fought for Them, and the One Who Never Returned.

The story is about men who were prisoners during the Vietnam war.

These men have faced incredible difficulties, struggles, torture, fear and of course… lots of stress. They have been imprisoned in Alcatraz and suffered for years.

However, they managed to cope with all that stress and didn’t give up when things became difficult.

Their godlike tenacity helped them to make it through the worst situations. Situations that ordinary people never experience.

And that’s my point.

If these men were able to deal with tons of stress, fear and torturing, then why are so many people stressed about insignificant things?

The answer is that most people are weak-willed. They are easily frightened and let insignificant things negatively affect their lives and cause stress for no reason.

Do you want to know how to be stress free?

1.Stop Being Weak-Willed.

These POWS (prisoners of war) have gone through struggles and difficulties that you will never have to get through.

Obviously, I don’t know what demons each of you is facing in his life, but 95% of us never have to deal with terrible torturing. Or being closed in Alcatraz’s prison cells without food, water and light for days – right?

Some people have gone through situations that are extremely worse than what have encountered in your life.

Even if you think that your problems are so big that you can’t deal with them, then you should remember that someone out there is facing worse problems than you.

When you are resting in your comfortable sofa worrying why your girlfriend left you, there is someone out there sleeping on the sidewalk.

This man would gladly change his place with yours. Because you have a fucking roof over your head and you are sleeping on a sofa. The other guy out there is sleeping on the floor, no matter if the weather is cold or warm.

So, you should better show a little gratitude about what you’ve got.

Because most of the times we tend to forget what we’ve got. And we get stressed about the things we don’t have.

This type of stress is worthless for two reasons:

1.Because some of the things we worry about will never happen.

2.There are always people who have made it in worse situations.

So, here is the first way to be stress free:

Each time something in your life makes you feel stressed, remember that someone out there is facing worse problems than you. And say “thanks” for what you have in your life.

Also think about these prisoners of war and what they have gone through. You would be a pussy if you let your stress rule your life – except you live in Alcatraz and being tortured every day.

how to be stress free

2. Put Your Problems In Perspective

Excessive worry can really lead to debilitating anxiety.

Yet, no matter how intense your worry is, it will never solve your problems.

Go spend your whole day worrying about something. Will that action fix the situation? Will that prevent future problems from happening?

Of course not!

You already see that there is no benefit in worrying. It only increases your anxiety and makes you feel more stressed.

No matter if you are worrying about small things like computer problems or bigger things like a job loss, your worries do nothing but causing more stress.

There is a question that I have found really helpful in freeing myself from stress and worries – especially when these are coming from relatively insignificant things:

“Will that thing matter 2 weeks from now? What about after a year?”

You will probably realize that it won’t matter. That there is no reason to worry about it.

When my mother was really sick some years ago (cancer) I really used to worry about what would happened if she died.

But no matter how much I worried, she wouldn’t get better.

So I decided to stop thinking about it so much and let life happen.

I accepted the worst that could happen – to lose my mother from cancer. After that point, I didn’t worry so much.

I didn’t realized what I did, until I read it in another amazing book called “How To Stop Worrying And Start living By Dale Carnegie”

Dale Carnegie says that one of the best ways to eliminate worries, is to accept the worst that can happen and try to improve upon it.


She eventually recovered and everything was fine. But even if she hadn’t recover, I would still have moved on with my life.

In both cases, worrying about her illness had no significant positive impact on my future.

Of course, you are human and sometimes you will feel stress, worry or the fear of failure. That’s normal but only if you don’t cross the limits and let it affect you over a long period of time.

If it does, then here is the second way to be stress free:

Think again about your problem and ask yourself:

“Will that thing matter in 2-3 weeks or months from now?”

If your problem is an insignificant one, then you will see that it won’t.

If it’s a more serious one, then ask yourself:

“Will I solve the problem if I worry more about it?”

The answer will obviously be no.

Then just accept the worst that can possibly happen and move on. If possible, try to minimize the loss and prevent the worst from happening.

Conclusion On How To Be Stress Free

That’s all for today guys.

If there is anything making you feel stressed, feel free to share it in the comments below. Sometimes, just talking about something and getting it out of your mind can really help you forget it.

Also, if you know any other ways to be stress free and effectively deal with worries – I would love to hear it!

Talk Soon,

~Damian Pros

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How To Be Stress Free: Lessons From Vietnam Prisoners Of War

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