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4 years ago

How To Be Free, Truly Free, In A World Of Illusory Freedom

how to be free

“But I am already free. I live in a free country”  – you might argue.

Unfortunately, even though you think you are free, this is a lie.

Except for a few select winners of life, most of the rest are not free. They are enslaved.

  • Enslaved by their jobs.
  • Enslaved by their relationships.
  • Enslaved by their financial troubles.
  • Enslaved by their college education.
  • And worst of all, enslaved by their own personal limitations and regrets.

Isn’t it absolutely disheartening to live a life full of limitations, regrets, constraints and uphill struggles?

You may have been convinced that this is the way things are. That you cannot make big changes in your life.

That you can’t have the cake and eat it too. That life should be hard. That you do not need to know “how to be free”, because you already are free.

Listen, nothing could be further from the truth…

The truth is that you do not have to compromise with living a life of limitations, regrets, disappointments and uphill struggles.

The truth is that you could be free, truly free, in a world of illusory freedom.

But before I tell you how I do it, let me tell you a story.

I have always wanted to visit New York City. The typical destination of a 20 year old Greek is Mykonos, for partying, drinking and worthless sexual pleasure with other drunkards.

Those who set their sights to foreign countries typically go to low budget destinations such as Budapest, Prague, Barcelona etc.

While these are beautiful cities for someone to visit, I am not the type of person that compromises with something typical. I prefer to do things that are out of the sphere of the ordinary.

For instance, when I visited Dubai, I really got a kick out of it.

So, New York City is likely the next “big” destination.

However, I had real trouble trying to find someone eager to come to NYC with me.

Most of them faced the following problems:

  • They do not have the money.
  • They have college and can’t leave Greece for 1-2 weeks.
  • Their parents are financing them, and they would never give them so much money for a trip.
  • They are working at a job where they can’t leave or they will be fired.

Please illuminate me.

Where is the so called “freedom”?

If your parents are paying for your expenses and all you do is wasting your time and their money trying to get a dead-end degree while enjoying your time through college as if it’s the best time of your life?

If you have to work all day long and your kids grow without you being there for them?

There is no freedom to that kind of living.

Freedom, by definition, is the power to act as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

If you are restrained by your parents, your college, your job or your financial troubles, then how the hell are you free?

The Typical Life Of A Person In A World Of Illusory Freedom

There are three main types of people in life.

Educated Drones, Roaming Bums and Free Men.

Unfortunately, most people (like 99%) belong in the first two categories.

1. Educated Drone

The lie that if you go to college and study hard and get your degree, is the one and only lie that’s biggest than the lie of “being truly free”.

As a solution, most people attend universities in hope of increasing their freedom.

They don’t know how to be free, so they think that going to college and getting educated is going to offer them more options after graduation.

To a certain extent, that could be true, but times have changed and this thought pattern is no longer applicable in the real world.

Here is what happens in the real world nowadays:

Put yourself into 4-5 years of exams, boring classes, even more mind-numbing assignments and 2-3 years of post graduate studies just to end up working a 40 hour work week for 1500E a month.

And that’s only for the lucky ones, because a great percent of those following that path will end up unemployed, living with their parents at 25.

Even for the lucky ones, that’s just $9 per hour and only after having graduated.

The time you have spent in college wasn’t even taken into consideration and the same applies to what you could have achieved if all that time was better used.

That’s without even taking into account the possibility that you had to take student loan case, in which case you will have to face a mountain of debt after graduation.

Just take the simple case of no student loans:

7 years x 6 hours a day on average for studying, attending classes and learning = 61.320 hours.

You were not paid for all that time, but you were made to think that you “invested in yourself”

If you have worked all that time, you would have made $551.880.

Of course, that’s a very random example made on the idea that you could have started working for $9 an hour even before having graduated.

However, doing so would definitely be possible nowadays. Just learn a basic skill and monetize it online.

In a few months after I started my self-employed/entrepreneurial endeavor, my ability to produce went over $60 per hour.

Then came the realization that I no longer had to work for an hourly rate. That’s when my income skyrocketed.

Either way, that simple math calculation I did above showed me how much I would have lost had I continued with my Chemical Engineering studies.

You start to think very differently when you realize that going to college

costs you half a million dollars

in potential earnings (in the best case).

What if you managed to build a business that operates “almost” passively and made you money beyond your wildest dreams?

The potential loss is far more than half a million dollars.

Educated drones cannot realize the loss, until after having graduated. That’s only when they can finally comprehend that their time was wasted in exchange for a piece of paper with their name on it.

Some educated drones “make it” by society standards. But do they really “make it”?

Would you know Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz, had they continued with their college education?

Someone else would have built Facebook.

Zuckerberg and Moskovitz would be two unknown fellows, probably working for the guy who would have built Facebook instead of them.

By society’s standards, they would have “made it”. They would have a college degree from Harvard, a nice job with good salary and benefits and two weeks of vacation every summer.

Well, instead of going that way, they blazed their own path in life. The result?

Mark Zuckerberg purchased the four homes surrounding his own villa to ensure his privacy for a total of 30 million.

That’s called freedom.

They say money doesn’t buy happiness and they are right.

Money buys freedom and choices, which has the power to make you happier.

On the other hand, most educated drones have no freedom whatsoever.

None of my old friends is able to accompany me in my travels because they either have college classes or they do not have the money to travel.

Some of them have worked their asses off in the summer, because they have finally realized that their parents are not going to support them forever. They now have the ability to go for a short 3-4 day trip somewhere in Europe, but that’s all.

Talk about North or South America or Asia, and they are looking at the possibility of this happening with binoculars.

2. Roaming Bums

Generally, I am not a fan of traditional education or colleges and universities.

It’s not that I despise them, but they are just not worth it for most of us. Finally, we live in an era where becoming successful does not require holding a degree.

It’s such a shame though, that so many people interpret that as “I don’t have to go to college to learn, so I will just do nothing, but my life will be great because I deserve it”

That could not be further from the truth.

The only reason it makes sense to let go off the traditional educational path is to get on the fast track to knowledge and wealth.

Why take the slow track, when there is a better and faster way?

People, instead of getting on the fast track, choose to just roam around like bums.

They go to work somewhere just to make ends meet. These are typically people working for minimum wage or low wage.

Waiters, secretaries, delivery boys and all sorts of commodity jobs that anyone could do.

They could easily be replaced by the next applicant. As a result, they end up roaming around from job to job, doing all sorts of things just to survive. Then, they complain that life is hard and that they were never given adequate opportunities.

They do not take any time to educate themselves on their own, which is a prerequisite of success if you do not attend a university.

You can’t just sit back and wait for riches to come your way. Going from rags to riches is possible, only if you make it possible.

While becoming an educated drone is a terrible choice, being a roaming bum usually tends to be even worse.

3. Free Men

Here we come to the best of all categories. Want to know how to be free?

Simply do what it takes to get here.

The Free Men make the top 1% of the world.

Free men have the money and freedom to live life on their terms. They typically make at least $10.000 a month while some make up to several millions a month.

Not all rich people are Free Men though.

Do not confuse having money with being free. Many have to pay a very high price to get the money they have made. Hence why there are many rich, but unhappy people, a phenomenon that has polularized the saying of “money does not buy happiness”.

Free Men are outliers, contrarians and non-conformists.

They hate being politically correct and they do their own thing without giving a damn about what others say about them.

They invest in themselves a lot and only surround themselves with winners.

Free Men offer real value to the world and have the power to make a positive impact on the lives of others, either via giving advice or by using their wealth in a positive way.

At the same time, they are not constrained by society’s standards and expectations. After all, they have the money, power and knowledge to live life on their terms.

Step into the clan of Free Men and I assure you that you will never gonna leave.

Going back to being an Educated Drone or a Roaming Bum is not even a possibility when you experience true freedom as a Free Man (or woman).

Hard work pays off = Lie Focused, organized and consistent action pays off => Truth #GoPro @gopro

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Until next time,

Keep Daring and Conquering,

Damian Pros

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How To Be Free, Truly Free, In A World Of Illusory Freedom

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