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How To Be Better Than Anyone Else With This Shockingly Effective Strategy (At ANYTHING You Do)

Could you imagine how awesome it would be if you could be better than anyone else no matter what area you want to excel in?

If you could effortlessly get impressive grades, build a better looking body and perform at a higher level in your business?

Yeah, I suppose you’ve already made the image into your mind.

You at the top of a hill made of green bucks, women drooling over your rock-solid abs and men jealously looking at you from the bottom.

Or something equally satisfying, but more close to reality – like that:

how to be better with the one more principle


Yet, this has not happened for 99% of men. And one of the reasons it will probably never happen is this principle I call “the one more”.

A principle most men fail to apply in their lives…

A principle that if applied, will help you be better at everything you want.

Let me Introduce You To The Relentless Power Of The “One More Principle” 

The Best Strategy To Use To Be Better At Anything

how to be better than others

Fact: most people quit too early…

There is always a limit – which is a mental one, most of the times – and for some crazy reason nobody wants to push beyond that limit.

Pushing beyond that limit feels uncomfortable.

Discomfort is not a feeling that everyone is willing to endure right?

I am glad you agree!

Because if you don’t agree, it certainly means that you quit too early.

How do I know?

It’s simply because you don’t recognize the limit. How can you transcend limits that you can’t see?

Not seeing the limit doesn’t mean you are limitless. It probably means you are blind and tend to give up too early…

Limitless is someone who acknowledges his limits, but still tries to push beyond them and raise his standards.

So, with all that said – it’s time to talk about the “One More Principle”.

It’s really, really insanely simple.

Most people give up at a certain point – no matter what they do. They stop when they start feeling uncomfortable.

But you won’t stop there!

You will do “one more”.

It doesn’t matter what you are doing. The “one more” principle can be applied to anything.

All you have to do is to not stop when you are supposed to stop, but keep doing what you are doing for “one more”.

  • The “one more” can be one more minute of cycling.
  • It can be one more page of a book to read.
  • It can be one more repetition when you are bench pressing in the gym.
  • It can be practicing one more song when you play guitar.
  • It can be running one more mile.
  • It can be eating one more chicken breast to get another 30 grams of protein when you are full and ready to throw up.
  • It can be approaching one more sexy girl in the club.

You get it, right?

No matter where or when you apply this principle, the results will shock you – if you keep doing it over and over again – not just once.

This is one of my secrets for getting things done in a more effective way that leads to better results than what others get.

My other secret is that I understand the power of neuroplasticity and use it to my advantage.

Seriously, this small, little, teeny tiny detail can yield BIG rewards in whatever you do. One reason I succeeded on Fiverr is that I applied the “one more” principle.

When I had to publish two new gigs in a given day, I would get one more ready. Or something like that.

I apply it to everything I do in my life!

Are you looking for a “shortcut” to success?

Then, you’ve found it. That’s the ultimate shortcut: Do “one more”. 

You can’t imagine the profound progress you will make – and how much better you will be – if you apply this simple strategy in your life…

What You Get When You Apply The “One More Principle” To Your Life:

be better

A. Discipline

It toughens your character. When all the others stop, you learn to not give up and go for more.

That’s what winners are made of.

The desire to go for one more even when it’s hard.

So, be a winner and go for one more. Always go for one more.

B. Success

The “One More” principle teaches you to travel beyond your limits.

The best thing about it is that it happens gradually, which makes it seem ridiculously easier.

Have you ever had tons of work to do and immediately got intimidated by all that effort you needed to put in?

Probably yes. It has happened to me.

Well, transcending your limits is the same.

You don’t have to put tons of extra effort. If you think about it that way, you will quit just by imagining all the effort you have to put in.

However, if you condition your brain to do only “one more” (even a little one) at anything you do, it’s much easier.

C. Progress

This is obvious, but if you do 1 more rep every time in the gym and workout 5 days per week, you will be doing 240 more reps in a year.

When a typical exercise consists of 4 sets, you will be doing 60 sets more than someone else. Theoretically, you are going to have a better body.

I know it’s an arbitrary example, but you get my point.

You do more, you progress more, you achieve more, you get more!

Eventually, all the “one more” little steps you take will add up. It can make a profound difference over time.

It’s exactly like growing grape vines.

Check the image below.

These are four, fully written pages of A4. I have written both the front and back side.

I only spent one hour every day for 5 days to re-write successful ads so I can learn from them and master their tricks.

That’s a tip my buddy Robert from 30DaysToX recommended.

be better

This is the result after only 5 days of hand writing these ads.

Can you calculate how many A4 papers I will have written 6 months from now?

I guess about 180. Both sides.

I will be much a better copywriter after 6 months of doing that.

But, if someone else does the same thing like me – I will be even better than him because of the “one more” principle.

When I devote 1 hour to hand write these ads and the 1 hour is over, then I keep on writing until I finish “one more” paragraph.

It only takes 5-10 extra minutes.

After 1 hour, I am tired and I want to stop. But I keep on writing because I know it will make a big difference over time.


Are you going to do “one more” and finally be better?

Or will you quit when you start feeling tired and uncomfortable?

That’s up to you.

But if you choose the first, then that fantasy of you, the big pile of money and the sexy women drooling over you won’t be far from becoming a reality.

Keep daring and conquering,

– Damian Pros

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How To Be Better Than Anyone Else With This Shockingly Effective Strategy (At ANYTHING You Do)

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