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42 Things Winners Do That Losers Don’t (How to Be A Winner At Life)

how to be a winner at life

How To Be A Winner At Life, Defy All The Odds & Achieve Greatnesss

If only there was a simple answer to the question: “how to be a winner?”, then there wouldn’t be any distinction between the successful and unsuccessful.

Everyone would win in life. Which is not possible in reality.

What’s possible?

To become a winner by adopting winning attitudes, behaviors and habits.

One thing is for sure, winners do things differently in their lives.

But, let’s see what exactly they do differently: Forty two things winners do that losers don’t.

A winning list of 42 traits, beliefs and ways that make winners to WIN at life and business.

The first, the seventh and the last one are my favorites.

When you finish reading this massive, winning article, don’t forget to let me know which are yours.

Let’s get into it.

But before, let me give you something even more powerful.

The understanding, that regardless of age, you can be a winner. Winners are not judged by the date they were born on. They are judged by their actions and accomplishments.

1.Winners Use Only What They Have & Still Achieve Greatness

While most people complain that they don’t have the means to achieve their goals, a winner laughs at them.

He knows he can achieve greatness using whatever means are at his disposal.

A winner’s mind and beliefs originate from the Ancient City Of Babylon.

Babylonians were some of the wisest men who ever lived.

They have built one of the most prestigious cities in the world. The hanging gardens of Babylon were considered one of the seven miracles of the ancient world.

Babylon was located in a flat, arid valley.

No riches and a few natural resources were available to them.

They lived in a place where most people would characterize as impossible for a city to flourish.

However, the Babylonians managed to acquire great riches and build an outstanding city that was envied around the world.

They didn’t cry because they didn’t have the resources.

They took advantage of what they had – the fertile soil and water in the river.

Their engineers constructed one  of the greatest irrigation systems of all time. And that brought huge prosperity.

They could have cried that they live in the middle of the desert. Instead, they decided to achieve greatness using the few things they had available.

How to Be A Winner At Life

2.Winners Say No Without Remorse

Most people tend to do things they don’t like just to satisfy others.

How many times have you been somewhere or done something without wanting it 100%?

I bet many times. I have done it many times. But I don’t do it anymore – or at least, I try to reduce it as much as possible to a degree that’s acceptable for my values.

Saying “no” will probably hurt the feelings of some people. There will be times, that this “no” will earn the other side’s respect.

But you shouldn’t focus on the other side – whether your “no” will make them satisfied or not.

You should focus on YOUR SIDE. What makes you satisfied?

If that’s to stay home instead of going to a place that you don’t want to go – then say NO and stay home.

If your friend/partner/relative really cares for you, then he will eventually understand.

If he gets pissed off and holds grudges forever, fuck it – he didn’t really care for you. So why should you care?

Put yourself first.

All the others come 2nd.

3.Winners Learn New Things Every Day

You can’t be a winner without being a lifelong learner. You can’t be a winner in life without taking the extra step of acquiring more knowledge.

Most young people from 12-20 years old rely on schools to give them knowledge. That’s something better from nothing.

Yet, not enough.

Why don’t take the extra step and start reading more on your own?

That way you won’t be working at the same underpaid job at 24 like you did when you were 15.

Also, winners keep learning after they graduate.

Learning never stops for a winner.

Warren Buffet is so rich because he is a lifelong learner. He is 85 years old and still reads and learns new stuff.

Warren Buffet is a winner.

The mass (losers) stop learning after graduation. That’s about 23-28.

Then, they may learn something new, but periodically. They attend a seminar once a year. They read a book when on vacation.


Acquisition of knowledge must be daily and consistent. It will help you no matter what you are trying to accomplish.

Want to make more money?  => Learn. Then, earn.

Want to succeed in business? =>  Outsmart your competition.

Want to be an artist? => Broaden your horizons.

Want to be a winner? => Be a lifelong learner.

How to Be A Winner At Life

4. Winners Put Power Over Desire

Winners take control of their thoughts and emotions. Losers, however, let their desires control their lives.

Acting on impulse, letting your emotions control your actions without applying logic and critical thinking can be devastating.

From small choices like eating pizza when you are trying to reduce your body fat, more important ones – like buying a fancy car to show off (when you can’t afford it and get a loan to pay for it).

A winners stays congruent with his goals and plans.

He never acts on impulse.

And never lets the desires and instant gratification derived from them to control his actions.

Otherwise, these goals and plans will remain dreams…There is no other way around it.

You can’t simply sit on your couch and watch TV for hours when you are broke and try to build your business.

How will you accomplish build your business if you spend most of your time “relaxing”?

Sure, relaxing is tempting.

Going out for a drink is tempting. Watching your favorite TV series is tempting. Eating a big waffle with 2 balls of ice cream is tempting.

Butdo these desires have more value than your goals?

Will you stay congruent with your goals or not?

Will you be winning in life?

Or not?

Now, I know that sometimes it’s hard to ignore these desires completely. But there is a way to do it. And it’s dead simple.

You just have to ask yourself one question. I will tell you shortly.

But why ask a question?

Because questions have the power to help you take control of your thoughts and emotions.

Questions change your focus and framing. They help you see things from a different perspective.

Each time I find myself ready to take a decision I ask myself:

Does this decision align with my goal?

Most of the times, the answer is a big NO!

But here is what happens when you ask yourself this question and the answer is no.

It’s less possible that you will succumb to the instant pleasure of satisfying your desire. You have just confirmed that taking that decision doesn’t align with your goals.

You acknowledge that it doesn’t benefit you. That it’s counterproductive.

Well, it’s really embarrassing to satisfy your desire if your answer was no. You will have failed yourself. 

Put your power over your desire. That’s what winners do. That’s what you should do.

When in doubt, ask yourself: Does This Align With My Goals?

If the answer is no, kick your desire in the ass and say goodbye…

How to Be A Winner At Life

5.Winners Believe That There Is No Competition

Being afraid of your competition is a loser’s attitude.

Winners know there is no competition. And that’s why they are winners.

When someone cares too much about his “competitors” he ends up living in fear of them. He becomes afraid of their capabilities.

In a winner’s eye, there is no competition.

He is the best. He acknowledges that there are many talents out there, but he is not overwhelmed by them.

6. Winners Have Written Goals

Losers don’t even have goals, let alone written.

They may have a vague idea of what they want to be, do or create.

But they are not fully committed to achieving it. Their idea is vague. And it will likely never be a reality just because of that.

Want to separate yourself from the mass in less than 2 minutes?

Take a piece of paper and write what you want to achieve in the next year or so.


If you belong in the 1% who actually did that, you are starting to become a winner in life.

How to Be A Winner At Life

7. A Winner Doesn’t Let Others Outrank Him

He always strives to be the best and doesn’t compromise with the second place.

Losers compromise with a safe job, safe paycheck, safe car and safe life. They don’t have that inner desire to thrive and be the best.

This desire is inherent in all people.

Yet, losers shut it down while winners let it drive them to greatness. That’s how winning is done.

How to Be A Winner At Life

8. Winners Are Builders

Losers are takers. Losers want to get things done for them without putting real work in. They are entitled.

They believe that only because they exist, someone should help them and give them what they want.

I have seen many people ask for money via crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a great way to gather funds and make an idea a reality. It’ also a great way to back up philanthropy projects, help others and accomplish lots of great stuff.

However, it’s not for begging or a source of free online money…

Some days ago I saw a campaign from a fat single woman who asked for money to support her 3 children and repair their home.

The reasons why someone should support the campaign include that she and her children deserve a better home.

Why exactly do they deserve it?

What have they done to deserve a better home? What value do they give to society?


They are just wasting the time and resources of others.

These are the people who will always live with the other’s support because they believe they…deserve to be given.

Get a fucking job instead of eating Big Macs all day. Being a single mother of three isn’t an excuse.

Winners are builders.

They build every day. If they want a pool with Jacuzzi they will work and build it. They won’t ask you to give them money because they deserve the pool.

how to be a winner

9. Winners Know The Rule Of Give To Take

You have to add value to the lives of other people if you want other people to give back to you.

Why should anyone help you?

A basic rule of human relationships is that you have to “give in order to take”.

You can’t be entitled to taking without giving.

Winners give without expecting to get back anything. However, they know that when they give, other people will give them back.

Want someone to help you?

Help him first.

Otherwise, why should he bother?

10. Winners Are Producers

The masses are the consumers.

They consume food, materials, ideas, videos, TV shows etc.

On the other hand, the winners are the producers. Not only from a financial standpoint.

Those who produce are for sure the ones who make the most money. Those are also the ones who have the ability to enjoy life to the utmost.

To become a winner, you have to shift your perspective.

First Produce => Then Consume

The masses do the opposite and that’s why they remain mediocre. They ONLY consume and rarely or never produce.

On the other hand, the winner is a producer.

He sells products instead of buying them. He teaches classes (and gets paid for it) instead of buying classes.

He builds his own business instead of building someone else’s.

Let me give you a simple example to understand the separation between producers and consumers:

Ellen DeGeneres is a producer. Thousands of people watch the Ellen DeGeneres show. Ellen produces the show and those who watch it are the ones who consume it.

The consumers get entertainment and kill their time. Ellen gets millions of dollars, fame, prestige, authority and recognition.

What would you prefer?

11. Winners Don’t Get Easily Offended

Losers are too concerned of other people’s opinions.

Winners don’t give a shit about what others think of them. It’s impossible to make everyone like you. 

Some will be jealous. Some will not agree with your ideas / message / beliefs. Some will say negative stuff about you.

That’s not a problem for a winner.

Because a winner is not a pussy. And he doesn’t get so easily offended to worry about what others think of him.

Have you ever seen a lion caring what a sheep says?

how to be a winner lion

12. Winners Understand The Power Of Ace

The Ace is ranked as the highest card in most card games. But what does it mean to understand the power of Ace?

It means to focus on the one thing that you want to achieve – instead of constantly shifting your focus.

Winners focus on one thing in life and don’t quit.

They know that this is necessary to get results no matter what they are trying to accomplish.

Losers shift their focus constantly from one big thing to another.

When they don’t see results, they instantly try something new. Even if they see results, they will try something new.

One month later, another new trend will come up.

One year later they find themselves trying to run twelve businesses. Obviously, none of these will be really successful.

Winners don’t divide their focus in 12 different things.

They stay focused on that one goal.

That one business. And when they make this one profitable and sustainable, then they move to the next one.

Only when they have an Ace, they can shift their focus and build another Ace.

how to be a winner in life

13. Winners Are Obsessed With Their Goals

Losers feel that obsession is something bad.

Well, I wouldn’t have achieved anything in my life without being obsessed with my goals. I was being told that being so obsessed with something isn’t good…

At first, I admit that I believed it.

It was when I started to exercise. I was so obsessed with calculating macros, balancing my nutrition, eating healthy, planning my meals and going to the gym.

I wanted so badly to go from skinny to muscular. Some people really made me feel bad I did that.

“Damian, you are too obsessed. Come enjoy a drink. Don’t workout today. You can do it tomorrow”

Do you know what happened when I listened to them?

My progress stalled!

I began losing gym sessions, not paying attention to my nutrition and not sleeping well.

It took me a while to get back on the right track. But that experience taught me that you have to ignore these voices which say that “you are too obsessed”.

Some people started telling me I was too obsessed with my website and businesses.

That I was too obsessed with making money and taking care of my future (why the fuck is that bad?).

Well, I suppose if I was working like an underpaid slave at a normal job or if I was complaining about the financial crisis, then they would understand!


Being obsessed to the point you don’t do anything else than succeeding is not bad.

That’s how you succeed.

That’s how you accomplish your goals. That’s how you build a body. That’s how you make real money online.

win money online

A caption of the first 1000 something Euro I have every made by working for myself.

Be a winner, be obsessed and don’t let others make you believe that being obsessed is something bad.

14. Winners Are Adaptable

Life changes fast. Nothing is permanent. Nothing lasts forever.

One day you may be at the top. The other day you may find yourself hitting rock bottom and vice versa.

Winners understand that and adapt to changes really fast. The real winners are the ones who never stop progressing and adapt to changes.

On the other hand, losers remain complacent for too long when they achieve something. When change hits them, it’s either too late, or they refuse to adapt.

I still remember my high school biology classes about Darwin’s Natural Selection Theory.

This theory claims that it’s not the strongest species that survive and live longer. It’s the ones that better ADAPT to changes.

Life is like a river. Imagine putting your hand into that river.

The water that passes after 10 seconds isn’t the same like the one that passed the moment you put your hand into the river.

That’s how fast life changes.

You might not experience the change in 10 seconds, but it can happen after 10 months or 10 years.

You have to be adaptable.

15. Winners Are Humble

Many people misinterpret humility as submissive behavior or lack of pride.

It’s not at all something like that. Actually, it’s exactly the opposite.

All winners – from great entrepreneurs to pro athletes – take pride in their accomplishments and believe they are great.

Yet, this doesn’t stop them from becoming greater.

Even when they reach a level of success that most people never reach – they still learn.

The willingness to learn constantly and from ANYONE- whether that’s a pro or a newbie is key for constant progress.

Nobody knows it all.

There are people who know a lot and keep learning more. And there are people who think they know it all but actually know shit.

Winners are humble enough to learn from everyone and not pretend that they know it all.

Instead, they see opportunities to learn.

Anywhere, anytime and from anyone.

16. Winners Are Not “Talk Talk” Types

Losers only talk talk and never learn learn or do do.

They talk and talk like they know it all.

Winners keep their mouth shut and their ears open.


Because they are humble. And humble people talk less and listen more.

So they can learn more.

17. Winners Welcome Hardships

Even if they are hard – winners are aware that if they get through these hardships, then they will be really benefited in multiple ways.

On the other hand, losers let hardships beat them down. And then whine because life is unfair.

A winner sees each difficulty as an opportunity to grow, while a loser sees a difficulty as an excuse to quit.

Such a small difference in perspective, yet a huge game-changer in life.

how to win in life by finding solutions

18. Winners Are Action Takers, Not Excuse Makers

Losers find excuses to make them feel better when they lose (like 99% of the time).

They would have succeeded If X and Y didn’t happen.

It’s not their fault. It’s either the universe, government, someone else or their bad luck.

How many times have you heard someone saying: “I could have done that IF I wanted, but blah blah blah”

Well, if he could have done it – then he wouldn’t say BUT. He would have done it. End of story.

Everything after the “but” is just the excuse a loser tells himself to make him feel good about losing.

Winners don’t say excuses to make themselves feel better.

They take action, kick asses, accomplish their goals. Only then they feel better, because they achieved their goal.

Why feel good when you have achieved nothing?

19. Winners Accept Their Responsibility

A winner doesn’t blame others for his own failures or misfortunes.

When something goes wrong, the winner accepts responsibility for his own mistakes.

On the other hand, a loser fails to accept responsibility. As it was said above, he will blame someone in order to feel better.

You can’t change your life if you don’t accept responsibility.

The moment you realize you are in control over certain things in your life, that’s the moment you start getting what you want out of life.

20. Winners React, Losers Passively Accept

There are always things you can’t control. But there are things you can. Like how you react to what life throws in your way.

Obviously, you can’t foresee anything. You can’t anticipate the weather, government policies, financial crisis etc.

Yet, what you can do is to CHANGE the way YOU REACT to those situations.

Losers passively accept the situation and whine that they didn’t get good cards to play with.

Winners learn to play -and eventually win- with the cards they’ve got. Even if these weren’t the best ones they could possibly get.

how to win in life

21. A Winner Grabs Opportunity

How do you get lucky?

“Grab the opportunity” would be the most accurate answer. While most people believe that luck is merely winning the lottery or making 2000$ at the casino, it’s not that.

A winner gets lucky more times than the average Joe because the winner accepts the opportunities presented to him.

On the other hand, the average Joe does one of the following:

1. Waits for the perfect time (there is no such thing).

2. He is afraid to take the risk and grab the opportunity. 

3. He falsely thinks the opportunity will be there forever.

4. He sacrifices opportunity for instant pleasure. Like choosing to buy a car he doesn’t need as soon as he gets some money – instead to invest that money and make more money.

While the winner doesn’t take decisions without taking it into serious consideration and examining all the aspects of the deal – he still doesn’t wait forever.

He grabs the opportunity while there is still time, acknowledging the potential risk but without letting it paralyze him.

Then he succeeds and the average Joes who sees him, calls him “lucky”. 

He is not lucky.

He is a winner and opportunity grabber.

22. A Winner Doesn’t Act Needy

He isn’t needy of other people’s love, attention, help or money.

He feels great when someone offers him any of these, but he doesn’t need them.

He knows that if a source of these goods is not available for him at a given time, there are other sources out there.

Obviously he turns for advice to those who are wise and successful. But he doesn’t act needy, neither he demands their help or even worse: beg for their help.

Winners are self-reliant.

23. Winners Care About Their Physical Condition

Not taking care of your body and health is a terrible mistake. Winners exercise and take care of their health and nutrition.

Winners acknowledge that you can’t win over the long-term without being in peak physical condition and having good health.

Losers neglect their health & body.

They never or rarely exercise. They have fat bellies.

They lay on the couch and watch TV for hours.

At the same time, they open the fridge and take out two 250ml colas and grab a bag of chips from the cabinet.

They over-sleep, when they could wake early and bang some pull ups for their daily morning routine.

Be a winner, do your pull-ups, fast and burn fat and then eat like a king.

24.Winners Value Their Physical Appearance

A winner knows that dressing well and taking care of his physical appearance is at the top of his priorities.

Whether his grooming routine contains a clean shave or a well-trimmed beard, a winner makes sure he looks amazing.

Taking care of his physical condition has done 50% of the job. He now has clean skin and a strong body.

He already looks better than the average Joe.

A winner may not dress in a suit and tie every day, but makes sure he looks stunning, clean and well-groomed all the time.

25. A Winner Knows It’s Impossible To Win All The Time

how to be a winner

Sometimes he loses.

But this doesn’t make him a loser. He doesn’t passively accept his loss and give up like a loser would do.

He keeps moving forward even if he lost.

As they say: “He lost only a battle, not the war”.

Nobody can win all his battles, yet you only have to win more battles than you lose. Or win a battle that’s definitely more important than the other ones.

In the end, what matters is not how many times you fall, but to stand up every time.

Cliche, I know, but absolutely true.

26. A Winner Is Intrinsically Motivated

He doesn’t need YouTube motivational talks to make him take action.

He takes action on his own. His goals are big enough to motivate him. Not having a back up plan also pushes him forward.

While most people do circles, he marches towards his goal on a straight line. There is no back-up plan to distract him from hitting his target.

27. A Winner Thinks Big & Acts Small

Donald Trump says in his book The Art Of The Deal: “If you are going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big”.

What he forgets to mention is that a winner shouldn’t only think big, but act small as well.

Thinking big pushes you to achieve success.

Acting small keeps you from letting your success take over your mind. Complacency could be your grave.

28. A Winner Wakes Up Every Day Feeling EXCITED


Because he has a vision to live for. A message to spread. An obsession to fuel his passion.

Those who don’t have that vision, wake up feeling afraid.

They have no goals or plans to feel ambitious about. As a result, they want to stay in bed longer. They would prefer staying home than going to work.

They hate waking up.

On the other hand, the winner can’t wait to wake up.

29. A Winner Never Really Works

Because working for him is a pleasure. He loves working because his job is his life or even more than that.

While most people wait until Friday to escape or count the days until the holidays, the winner loves doing what he does 24/7.

There are no days off. Every day is a combination of work and holiday.

how to be a winner in life

30. Winners Don’t Overestimate The Value Of Material Possessions

They don’t need a big house or car to show off.

A winner doesn’t feel the need to prove that he is better or richer than his neighbors or coworkers by showcasing his material wealth.

He might live in a big, comfortable house and drive a fast car, but that’s because he enjoys it.

Not to show how much more successful he is than the guy next to him.

And if he owns any of that stuff, he never, ever gets emotionally attached to his belongings.

31. A Winner Values Simplicity

He appreciates luxuries and comfort, but he can definitely live without them.

Living in a big villa with a pool and home gym would be a great experience, but he could also live in a shabby one-room apartment before he gets there.

32. Winners Know How To Sell

Everything in life is sales.

Those who know how to sell get results in business and life that other people crave.

Selling applies to anything and everything.

From picking up a girl at the club to selling your own products or applying for a job.

Winners don’t feel bad about selling. They know that it’s an  indispensable part of life and essential for winning.

So they learn to sell.

33. Winners Elevate Their Social Circle

Most people keep the same friends for ages. They don’t evaluate their friendships to see if they help them to grow as individuals or if they slow them down.

Winners spend their time with people who are better, smarter and richer than them. They know that this is the only way to become better, smarter and richer themselves.

They know that the attitude, beliefs and lifestyle of people close to them are contagious.

For that reason, a winner surrounds himself with people who have winning attitudes, beliefs and the lifestyle he desires to have.

He doesn’t waste time being with people who don’t bring value to his life.

Even if that means spending less or no time with old friends and family.

how to be a winner

34. A Winner Lifts Other People Up

Most people are overly competitive. They look everyone as their competition.

As a result, they try to bring other people down and make them fail.

Most people have an inherent fear of feeling inferior. And they find joy in bringing others down or discouraging them from succeeding.


Because this makes them feel less inferior.

On the other hand, a winner helps other people grow and lifts them up. He gives them a helping hand instead of cutting their survival ropes.

A winner pushes, encourages and brings the best out of people.

If someone takes advantage of that, then the winner simply kicks that someone out of his life.

He has nothing to lose. Only the other party has something to lose by betraying the trust of the winner.

how to be a winner by helping others

35. Winners Value Their Time More Than Anything

They don’t allow anyone and anything to waste their time.

This includes a big list of:

[bullet_block large_icon=”17.png” width=”” alignment=”center”]
  • Whiners
  • Crybabies
  • Doubters
  • Excuse Makers
  • Yolo’s
  • Average Joes
  • TV
  • Video Games
  • Other Losers

Instead, they use their time in more beneficial ways. Like learning, taking care of their body, health and appearance.

36. A Winner Is A Dreamer

He has grown up. He is ruthless and fearless.

Yet, his heart still remains young like a child’s. He still keeps dreaming every single day about his future.

When most people stop dreaming, the winner keeps dreaming even more.

A winner never fails himself and his dreams. He, then takes action and makes these dreams a reality.

how to be a winner in life

37. A Winner Chooses His Future

He doesn’t follow a predetermined path that others set up for him. He doesn’t sacrifice his happiness to make others happy.

He goes to college only if he wants to. Not because mommy and daddy said so.

He chooses a career based on something that makes him feel energized to wake up in the morning and win at life.

Not based on how respectable the society considers his job.

38. Winners Enjoy Listening To Those Saying “You Can’t Do It”

Listening to the bullshitters and doubters is the biggest motivational talk a winner could hear.

The joy of proving these naysayers wrong is as big as the joy of succeeding.

That negative talk only makes him more determined to accomplish his goals.

39. A Winner Goes Against The Rules

Some years ago a girl submitted an application to a ballet academy.

They told her that she didn’t have the right body for ballet. That she was too old to be considered as an applicant – she was 13.

That age is considered “old” for ballet. Girls must start much younger.

When she started, she was living in a shabby hotel room with her 5 siblings. The rules and odds would say that she had no chance.

Did that “age rule” discouraged her like it would do to most girls?

Apparently, no.

Misty Copeland became the first African-American woman promoted to soloist for the American Ballet Theater.

Then she was promoted to principal dancer, making her the first African-American woman to ever be promoted to the position in the company’s 75-year history.

Misty was a winner.

 how to be a winner ballerina

40. A Winner Never Says “I Don’t Know How”

I don’t know how is a phrase only losers say. It’s an excuse to cover their laziness.

How could you say I don’t know how when you have so many resources available?

A man says: “I don’t know how to build a business”.

And what does he do about it?

Nothing. He has no desire to figure it out. He just uses it as an excuse to quit.

A winner doesn’t always know how. But always finds out how.

There are resources everywhere. But only a few have the willingness and courage to jump into this abundant well of information and find the answer to their questions.

It’s easy to seek the easy solution and expect someone else to tell you the answer.


41. A Winner Doesn’t Seek The Easy Way Out

He knows that the road to success is not paved with bricks and flowers at the edge of the sidewalk.

It’s a dirty road, full of obstacles and bumps. It’s not easy to drive on that road.

Yet, the destination is worth putting in the effort.

How much effort does a winner put in? 

42. A Winner Puts In The Maximum Effort

Whatever he does, the winner gives his 110%.

He never does anything mechanically. He either gives his best self, or he doesn’t enter the “game”.

He always acts like being on the battlefield. Like it’s win or die. He takes his endeavors seriously and never plays a game for fun.

He plays to win.

The fun comes afterward, when he has already won.

PS: What else do winners do differently?

Let me know in the comments and then SHARE this post with your friends on social media to help them win in life!

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42 Things Winners Do That Losers Don\'t (How to Be A Winner At Life)

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