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How Losing Fat Can Shockingly Change Your Appearance

losing fat

How Losing Fat Can Shockingly Change Your Appearance


The point of the article is to show that you don’t need to have royal genes to start looking great.

Many people believe that they are genetically limited to looking fat or ugly. But that’s not true…

Do you know what’s the “easiest” way to become incredibly hot and attractive?

Most people say that it would be to dress in expensive clothes or gain muscle. Or that it’s not possible because looks are determined by your genetics.

While all these answers have a legitimacy, they are not the entirely correct. Sure, dressing sharp, gaining muscle and having good genetics help in looking hot.

But what matters more is how much body fat you have.

Have you ever thought why models are so lean? 

The answer is that they can’t look awesome if they are not lean. They need to maintain low body fat if they want to look perfect at photo shoots.

The truth is that if you manage to decrease your overall body fat, then you will experience a huge change in your physical appearance. And vice versa. If you gain lots of fat…you will become uglier…

I assume you know the actor Matt Damon, right? He is pretty popular and women could also say he is very attractive.

losing fat

He looks awesome right? He has a solid dressing style, looks like having good genetics, and has some decent muscle size.

Let me ask you question:

Do you think that you can or can’t look like Matt Damon?

You can rest assured that you can! Even if you don’t have his genes!

And you don’t have to do a plastic surgery.

The trick is to lower your body fat while trying to maintain or increase your muscle size. 

It’s not that Matt Damon is inherently more beautiful than you. It’s that you probably:

  1. Don’t dress good enough
  2. Don’t have enough muscle size
  3. Have higher than 15% body fat.

If you dress well, increase your muscle size and decrease your body fat you will be able to look hot like Matt Damon or any other Hollywood Star you like.

But the most important part of the equation is to keep your body fat low. You might have decent muscle mass and dress sharp but without low body fat, you won’t look really attractive.

Think about Russel Crowe’s body in the movie Gladiator. He has lots of muscle but nobody cared so much when Gladiator came out.

But what about other movie stars like Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth or even Gerard Butler in 300?

All these physiques have wowed both men and women. Because they all were a great combination of decent muscle size and low body fat.

Here is how it works:

If you have low body fat and low muscle mass, then you look skinny.

If you have high body fat, and low muscle mass, then you look fat.

But if you have low body fat and high muscle mass, then you look awesome!

And that’s what you should aim for.

But let’s get back to the subject.

Let’s see why losing fat can shockingly change your appearance:

Here is how Matt Damon looks with 30 extra pounds of fat!

losing fat matt damon informant

If I was a woman, I wouldn’t call him sexy if I saw that picture…

But that’s the BIG difference some extra body fat can make! Matt Damon took on about 30 pounds of fat to play in the movie Informant and kind of turned himself to an ordinary looking, middle-aged man.

Yet, when he loses that extra 30 pounds he comes back at looking great.

He played in the movie Informant in 2009. Check his body in the years after to see the difference. Matt Damon lost lots of fat and got back in shape for Elysium in 2013 and The Martian in 2015.

And he did that even though he was in his late 30’s!

Now, you might come up with the excuse that he is a millionaire and had an army of personal trainers and nutritionists helping him.

Yes, he probably had the assistance of experienced people. But he was also busting his ass of in the gym every day for hours.

The truth is that you can find one million excuses on why you can’t achieve the same result. But what matters is to get out there and work hard until you start looking awesome.

And you can certainly look better than you do now if you lose some extra pounds of fat.

That’s not a coincidence. It’s not that is happening only with Matt Damon. You can see it on ordinary people as well.

But I chose to show you an example of a Hollywood actor so you can see that beauty is not always determined by your genetics.

It is at a certain degree. But you can certainly manipulate it and try to reach your genetic limit.

Most people never try to reach it and that’s why they remain average looking.

Now let’s see another example of a famous actor whose appearance has shockingly transformed after losing fat.

Do you know Christian Bale?

Right, the guy who played in the Batman trilogy.

losing fat

He looks great, doesn’t he?

Look at his jaw line – I could say that he is about 10-15% body fat in that photo.

But, what happened to him after gaining a massive 43 pounds to play in the movie American Hustle? He became really unrecognizable!

losing fat

That’s what happening when you gain 43 pounds of weight – with most of that weight (if not all) being fat.

Now, losing that fat could have the exact opposite effect.

And could end up with you looking like a Hollywood actor!

Christian Bale and Matt Damon look good but I don’t think they have incredibly better genes than you have. And you can see how awful they looked when they got some extra pounds of fat.

There is a noticeable change – not only in their bellies but in their whole body – and especially in their face.

Having low body fat – in the range of 6-15 % enhances the way your face looks.

The lower body fat you have, the more defined your jaw lines will be.

That square, sharp face look makes you look incredibly masculine. Of course, the roundness of your face is determined by your genetics as well – but the less body fat you have, the more defined your face will look.

And that’s the easiest way to enhance your looks and look dramatically better.

Reduce your body fat. You can rest assured that when you will have sculpted looking cheeks and a chiseled jaw line – you will look like an Armani model!

Still Don’t Think It’s Possible? Ok, Check These Regular, Next-Door Guys  – No Famous Actors With “Good Genes”…

losing fat face change (1)

losing fat face change (3)

Obviously, it has some nice lightning and editing but it’s still an insane difference – look how defined his jawline is at the second picture!

And here is one for the ladies as well:

losing fat

There are also many others that you can find here and here if you want to check out more!

Now your questions might be: “how do I lose all that fat?”

Theoretically speaking, the answer is extremely simple. Just eat fewer calories than your body needs to support its current weight.

I have already talked about that stuff extensively in the past. So if you haven’t read about it, I will link to three articles that you can read right now to start losing fat instantly:

1.How to Reduce Stomach Fat & Build a Body You Can Be Proud Of

2.Intermittent Fasting Results Will Change Your Body Completely

3.Reduce Fat Fast: The Definite Guide to Becoming Shredded Fast

Read these three and you will know what it takes to start losing fat and achieve that chiseled, model-like physique.

Of course, losing fat is not the only requirement to achieving that look. Losing fat is only the first part of the story. The second part is to lose fat without losing much muscle.

Or if you are already lean: to gain muscle without gaining much fat.

All in all, your end goal is to increase your muscle mass while keeping your body fat low – about 7-15%. If you manage to do that, you will start looking and feeling ten times better than now.

The problem is that most people focus on building muscle continuously and end up looking buffy. That’s not bad if you want to look that way.

But if your goal is to become more attractive while having a beautiful looking, healthy-body, then you need to put on muscle without gaining much fat. Or to lose fat while keeping your muscle mass.

Start reading the three articles I listed above and follow every tip you learn there. You will shred pounds of fat easier than you have ever done before!

Talk Soon

~Damian Pros

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