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How Fiverr Works: The 4 Pillars Of Wild Fiverr Success

how fiverr worksMaking money on Fiverr is so easy. If you understand the basics about how Fiverr works!

Many aspiring Fiverrpreneurs go to Fiverr with lots of expectations.

But they focus on the wrong things.

If they focused on the basics, they would easily make money. Fiverr is an excellent place to make some extra hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

And just like any other money making opportunity, it can be turned into a full business if you want.


Anyway, whether you want to run a Fiverr business or just make extra money on the side, it all comes down to mastering the foundations.

Understand the basics of a system. Then, you can manage it with ease.

These are what I have found the 4 basic pillars of Fiverr Success.

After analyzing how Fiverr works for months in a row, I believe that these are the 4 areas you must get right to make money on Fiverr.

Many of you guys have made successful beginnings, and I am damned proud of you!

how fiver works When I get these messages in my inbox, I smile for the whole day.

Not only because someone’s life has changed for the better, but because these messages are the proof of what you can achieve if you dedicate yourself to a goal.

how fiver works

So, if you have been following my articles for a while and achieved some kind of success on Fiverr (or anywhere else), please let me know.

I get so fired up when I hear from you.

And it really makes me want to keep on writing every day. You give me the pleasure to see these wonderful messages.

I give you back with all the best tips I know.

So, with that said, let’s see how Fiverr works and which are the 4 basic pillars of wild Fiverr Success!

Fiverr Success Pillar 1:  Demand

If you want to make money on Fiverr, you have to sell a service that has a solid demand.

No matter how good you are at duct tape art or tattooing vehicles, you are probably not going to make any money off that.

What do you need?

You need a demand.

You need to sell a service that does one or more of the following:

  1. Solves a problem.
  2. Satisfies a market need.
  3. Saves people money & time.
  4. Helps people make more money.

And this doesn’t only apply to your Fiverr Business, but in any other business you are into.

If your service / product doesn’t satisfy a market demand, then it simply won’t pour money into your pockets.

How can you sell something that people don’t need?

The more people need something, the more chances you have to make money off that something.

Fiverr Success Pillar 2: Quality / Skill

When you have found a service with solid demand, you need to be able to satisfy this demand by offering top-line services.

If you want to succeed, you are not allowed to offer anything less than that.

Usually, this is the first thing you have to consider before measuring demand for a service you will sell on Fiverr (or anywhere else).

You think about what you are already good at, or what skill you are willing to develop.

Then, you think how this skill can satisfy a market demand or a market gap.

Beware: If you make the choice to go where the demand is, you will probably find yourself doing something you DON’T like.

Just because there is a huge demand in digital marketing services, it doesn’t mean this is the right Fiverr category for you.


Two reasons.

Number 1: You could probably be already extremely skilled in another area. Let’s say “song-writing”.

Internet marketing might had more demand than song-writing, but it wouldn’t be the smart choice for you.

Number 2: You won’t like doing it.

Even if there is big money in digital marketing, there is a chance you won’t like doing it. On the other hand, you could enjoy video editing much more.

Hypothetically, even if video editing had a smaller demand – you should go for video editing.

If you find yourself trying to do something you don’t like, you are going to quit.

Stop here for a second.

This doesn’t mean that if you pick a particular niche, you are going to like everything about what you have to do.

There will be mundane tasks.

There will be moments that you will have to learn something new, but you will be so bored to deal with that.

That’s unavoidable.

What matters though, is to enjoy the overall process of what you do.

When you notice that your countless hours of practice have finally yielded some results, you will like what you do much more.

People will compliment you and tell you a good word about what you are doing. Your morale will rise. And you will feel more confident in your skills.

Apart from that, it’s important to understand this:

If you want to make money on Fiverr you first have to choose a niche you want to dig in, learn and become an expert in.

Make sure you pick a broad category.

For example, you could pick the Graphic Design category.

Then, you will see what you like the most and specialize in sub-categories like eBook Design, Photoshop Editing, Logo Design or whatever you like.

Secondly, you have to measure the demand for the sub-category or the particular gig you are going to sell. Don’t measure the demand of the broad category.

Measure the demand-of the very specific gig you are going to sell.

For instance, the category of Graphics & Design has a big demand. Yet, you could pick a weird gig or sub-category that doesn’t have any demand at all.

Lastly, you want to make sure that what you offer is top-notch.

I think it was Elon Musk, who said that “The money you make is proportional to the value you provide to the world”.

Or something like that.

In simple terms, the better you are at what you do, the more money  you are probably going to make. That’s because you are going to provide more value.

Of course, several other factors play a role. Like how much of a pushy salesman you are.

Or how good your customer service is.


But these come afterwards. What you want to make sure in the beginning, is that your service is top-notch.

And this important fact takes you to the next point.

Fiverr Success Pillar 3: Presentation

Your customers know NOTHING about you before they purchase your Fiverr Gigs.

They don’t know how much you are in need of money. They don’t know if you are the Holy Saint Of Clairmont. They don’t know how great your services are.

They can judge your service only by two things:

  1. Your Presentation.
  2. Your Reviews.

Both are extremely important.

Generally, excellent reviews are the natural aftermath of 1) top-line services and 2) exceptional customer care.

But let’s say you are in the beginning and have zero or a few reviews.

Your presentation is the only clue a prospect has to see if he will buy your services or not.

So, it’s incredibly important to present yourself like a professional..

The easiest way to learn how to do that fast, is to give a look at some of Fiverr’s top rated sellers.

Analyze the successful. Then simulate.

Do not copy.

There is a big difference between simulating and copying. The worst thing you could do is copying others.

You will look like a rip-off (guaranteed).

Your prospects are not idiots. They are humans like you and if you try to fool them, it will backfire.

Be genuine and original and you will be rewarded.

However, analyze the successful sellers in your category. Identify what makes them successful and try to do the same thing with your own twist.

When it comes to presentation, there are 4 things that will make or break your success on Fiverr:

  1. Your portfolio images.
  2. Your videos.
  3. Your profile page.
  4. Your description.

Let’s take them one by one:

1. Images

If your images look sloppy and poorly edited your Fiverr Gigs will hardly sell.

Going to a stock site – or even worse, going to Google – downloading a couple of photos and putting them on your gig won’t help you make money on Fiverr.

Create unique images. Showcase your services. One image is worth one-thousand words.

Show your prospects what you can do for them.

Here is some food for thought. You sell a translation gig. Do you use this image or not? 

Think and tell me in the comment section.

 how fiverr works

By the way, you don’t have to be a Photoshop wizard to create decent images for your gigs.

There are many tools online for that.

Some great (and free ones) are:

2. Videos

Fiverr on its own says that gigs with videos sell 220% more. It makes sense to put a video on all your Fiverr Gigs – whatever category you are in.

This is not debatable.

Obviously, creating a video takes a little more time.

But if you expect to go on Fiverr, spend 5 minutes to set a crappy gig and then wait to get rich, you have false expectations.

Invest your time into looking professional. This will separate you from the dozens of unprofessional sellers.

There are many ways to create a video. The simplest one is to record yourself.

If you feel uncomfortable with that, just record your screen with a tool like Open Broadcaster Software. Record and showcase your work.

If you are not a native English speaker and find it hard to speak English fluently, you could simply hire someone on Fiverr to do a voice-over for just $5.

In the worst case that you are so broke you don’t have $5 and can’t speak English, you can simply use some royalty free background music.

Just get a video up there.

Generally, the more effort you put in your video, the better results you are going to get.

Of course, this doesn’t mean “spend $400 to produce a stunning video clip”.

3. Profile Page

I talked about this again in the Definite Guide About Making Money On Fiverr (point 18.)

In simple words, the fuller your profile looks, the more “real and trustworthy” you look.

A “shady” profile with little information doesn’t create an aura of trust with your potential customers.

Think of your profile page like the physical store of a brick & mortar business.

For this example, let’s take Starbucks.

 how fiverr worksImage is property of © Starbucks

When you see that, don’t you feel like you are going to get a good product?

The professional interior appearance of the coffee shop creates you the perception that the products sold there will be equally good.

On the opposite hand, if you were going out with your girlfriend, would you take her to a restaurant with that kitchen?

 how fiverr works

Image From Flickr

Apparently, no!

You would take her somewhere nice.

That’s how each of your Fiverr customer’s makes a choice when it comes to buying from you.

If your gig presentation (and profile page) is sloppy like the kitchen above, he will look for someone else to get the job done.

4. Description

Writing a solid description is not that hard.

It all comes down to having decent English skills and knowing how to sell yourself.

Everything is sales so you better know how to sell.

Selling your services on Fiverr comes down to 1) realizing what your buyer needs and 2) offering him a solution to his problem or a way to satisfy his needs.

For example, let’s say you sell eBook covers to Kindle Authors.

Ask yourself: “What do eBook authors want”?

They want to sell lots of books, get people to pay attention to their writing and if possible becoming Amazon Best-Selling Authors within their category.

So, instead of saying something self-centered and start writing about the magnificence of your eBook designs – you should write something along the lines of:


Are you looking for professional, eye-grabbing eBook Cover Designs that sell your books in seconds?

Stop wishing for becoming a best-selling author. How can people value the quality of your writing if they don’t even read your books?

Get them to buy and read your books using charming, yet professional eBook Covers. 

Place Your Order Now & Join The Best-Selling Author Club!

As you can see, I say nothing about myself. I only focus on my customer’s needs and desires.

You could spend some time and learn a bit of copywriting basics so you can write compelling sales copy.

Your description needs to have 3 basic things:

  1. Attention-Grabbing Headline
  2. Benefit-Driven Body Copy
  3. Enticing Call To Action


Fiverr Success Pillar 4: Optimization

You might have the best service in the world. The most professional Fiverr Profile. A high-end gig description. Perfectly edited and visually stunning Gig Images.

But nothing of these matters, if people can’t find your gig right?

Last but not least, it’s important to make sure that you have done your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work right.

Just like 1+1=2 – the higher you rank in Fiverr’s searches, the more orders you are going to get.

Ranking high on Fiverr isn’t as hard or complicated as ranking on Google.

You need:

A) To use the right keywords.

B) To increase your pageviews.

C) To get more reviews.

D) To increase your sales volume.

I won’t get into details as to why these matter and how Fiverr’s search engine works. Let’s keep it simple.

Ranking high is a combination of these 4 factors. Okay?

They are all connected and interdependent. Each of them affects the rest.

For instance, if you get a couple orders and get a 5-star review for every one of them, your social proof increases and more people are going to buy.

As a consequence, it boosts your sales volume.

At the same time, increased reviews and sales volume push you higher in searches. This leads to more people clicking on your gig and increasing your pageviews.

Do you see how triggering one of these causes a series of events that trigger the others?

I could write for hours about B, C and D.

However, these were covered extensively in Conquering Fiverr which many of you got as a gift for Christmas. (I bet that was one of the best ones you’ve ever got. Who else has given you a license to print money?)

Anyway, let’s focus on (A) now.

This is of utmost importance.

You have to put the right keywords in your 1) Title 2) Description and 3) Tags.

But most importantly?

In your title.

That’s what I have found to be the major ranking factor. And it makes sense.

That’s the only thing people see in searches before they even click and read your Fiverr Description or see your Gig Extras.

To give you an idea of what’s the right way to write a title and what’s the wrong one, let’s consider this example.

Wrong Way Of Writing A Title For Your Fiverr Gig

“I will write an 800 word article for you”

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

First of all, it’s too short.

It’s not unique or compelling.

And most importantly, it’s not SEO optimized.

Which is the keyword you use in the above title? The only possible keyword is the word “article”.

Okay, how many people would search for that?

Most Fiverr buyers would search for something like “article writing” or “blog article” or “SEO article”.

Why don’t you add another keyword in the title so you can have more chances to rank for this too?

So, the right question wouldn’t be “how many people would search for that?” but “how many people would search for something else?”.

You are probably going to be outranked by those who have used the keyword “website article” in their titles.

Add more keywords without over-optimizing your title.

Don’t say: “I will write a 500 word piece of website content blog post SEO article”

That’s an extreme example, of course.

Right Way Of Writing A Title For Your Fiverr Gig

“I will write 800 words of highly ENGAGING website content”


“I will write an IN DEPTH website article of 800 words in 24h”

What pattern do you notice?

Both use an adjective that points out a particular benefit of the service (in depth / engaging).

This creates a sense of uniqueness and originality.

You don’t just write an article like everyone else. You write an IN-DEPTH article!

Sounds much better, right?

I bet you would prefer to buy an “in-depth article” than an “article” – if you were the customer.

On top of that,  I used two keywords. Now I can rank for both “website article” and “article”.

Maybe I could also use the word SEO in the title (If I offered SEO optimization).

In this case I could rank for considerably 2 more terms like “SEO website article” and “SEO article”

Got it?

That’s how Fiverr works. That’s how search engines in general work.

In essence, your Fiverr Gig’s Title should be “original and benefit-driven while also using as many keywords as possible in the least amount of words”.

Do that and you will see your sales skyrocketing.

That’s why I urged you to get your hands on a Copywriting book. Just learn the basics.

My recommendations would be:

How Fiverr Works: Final Thoughts

Some of you have asked me if Fiverr has become saturated.

I will answer with another question:

Do you think the internet is saturated?

There are over a billion websites and more are registered day after day.  The internet is not saturated. Opportunities still exist for internet entrepreneurs.

In the long term, the websites that will make money are the ones that provide value.

Value never becomes saturated.

Is Amazon.com saturated?

There are thousands of sellers on Amazon. I guess they are more than Fiverr’s Sellers.

Some people make fortunes selling on Amazon. Six and seven figures. Others don’t make anything.

In my opinion, those who spread the “doom and gloom” about saturated markets are the ones who expected to get rich in a week without providing any value.

(And quitted because this never happened.)

Don’t fall into the trap of listening to all the doubters, naysayers and crybabies. It’s a waste of energy.

Now that you know how Fiverr works, it’s time to go up there, kick some ass and make some money!

Talk Soon,


PS: How far have you gone on Fiverr?

Tell me your story in the comments and then SHARE this post with your friends on social media to help them dominate Fiverr!

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How Fiverr Works: The 4 Pillars Of Wild Fiverr Success

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