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Home Based Business: From $2 To $2000 And Eventually $20.000

Almost every day I get e-mails of people telling me that they want to make a living online.

Everybody wants financial wealth.

Especially when this wealth is combined with the utmost freedom and independence that comes from running a home based business.

A home based business offers several advantages to starting a real, brick & mortar business. Let alone working at a cog-job.

Starting a home based business is the best way to enter the world of entrepreneurship in a smoother, less-risky and overwhelming way.

Yet, why do so many people attempt to make a living online and fail miserably?

As someone who has succeeded in running a home based business, I can pretty much understand what they do wrong.

And I am going to tell you, so you don’t have to make the same tragic mistakes.

Why Most Home Based Businesses Fail Miserably (And How To Make Yours Succeed!)

Almost every day, I hear things like:

“Damian,  I want to make a living online like you do. I want to leave my job, be my own boss and make $2000 a month working from home.”

Okay, I say.

Have you ever made $5 on the internet?

99% of people admit that the answer is “no”.

Then how are you going to make $2000 or $20.000 (whatever your income goal is), when you have never made even $5?

When I started as an entrepreneur, my goal was only to make an extra $300 on the side.

Back then, I was living off the $200 my parents were giving me each month.

I thought that making $300 would 1) help me live a little more comfortably 2) relieve my parents from this burden.

It started as a side gig, but soon expanded into a real, internet based business.

I have never thought I could make thousands upon thousands of dollars from my computer at only 20 years of age.

Money that I couldn’t even touch if I had my college degree in Chemical Engineering + Post Graduate Studies!!

I would think about doctors and lawyers making $4000 a month and think that these guys must be really rich.

Well, I now believe that $4000 a month are pennies, but let’s leave this story for another article.

Take out your notepad and grab a pen.

Start taking notes because what I am going to tell you today is going to change your financial life.

2 Essential Steps To Go From Broke To Wealthy Running A Home Based Business

home based business

The reason that people aren’t able to quit their jobs and make a shit-load of money as entrepreneurs (web or not) is because they try to take big leaps forward.

You hear self-help gurus and motivational speakers telling you that you should aim for the sky.

Which is indeed right, but it’s not the whole truth.

You can’t aim for the sky if you have never aimed for the ceiling.

Here is what Charlie Munger, the billionaire suggests:

 “Step by step you get ahead, but not necessarily in fast spurts. But you build discipline by preparing for fast spurts. Slug it out one inch at a time, day by day, and at the end of the day – if you live long enough – you will get out of life what you deserve.” – Charlie Munger

Big leaps forward are risky and increase your chance of failure. It’s easier to quit when you try to accomplish too much.

The goal seems colossal and you feel so small and powerless.

Fast spurts and big leaps forward are not the way to succeed. Whether you run a home based business or try to make  your way up the corporate ladder.

Step 1: No Fast Spurts

As Charlie Munger suggests, you have to slug it out one inch at a time – day by day.

This means:

  1. Small baby steps towards a goal.
  2. Consistent effort.

There is no other way around it.

You will fail in business and life if you 1) try to achieve a colossal goal 2) or if you don’t put in consistent effort.

Let’s say you want to lose weight. You decide to drop 30 pounds of fat as fast as possible.

But you have never lost even 3 pounds of fat.

Trying to lose 30 pounds right away is hard if you have never done it before. The goal is too big for you and you will probably fail if you do that.

Or, you might follow a diet for a month.

But, the next month you start eating candies and biscuits. In the end, you get all the weight back because you weren’t consistent.

Then, you diet again. And this vicious circle never ends!

That’s how ignorant, average and unsuccessful people really live their lives.

Then, they complain that “life is hard”. It’s not. You just make it harder than it should be.

Do what I did to grow my business, which is what Charlie Munger recommends:

Go ahead, step by step.

HOW can you possibly make $2000 from your computer, sitting on your sofa and drinking your morning coffee if you have never made even $2 online?

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Set a goal to make the first 2 damned bucks.

Oh, that’s not enough to quit your job right now. Of course, it’s not dummy. If it were, then nobody would be working at a cog-job he hates.

Everybody would happily run his home-based business from any place in the world he desired.

Everybody would be able to wake up anytime he wanted in the morning, without the dread of the alarm clock shouting: “Get up you have to go to work!”

Even if $2 not enough to quit your job instantly, it’s enough to start rewiring your brain.

Have you ever tried to make just $2?

That’s ALL you need.

If you make $2 online, then a) your mind starts believing that it’s possible and b) you discover a formula that can be escalated. Then you keep doing the same thing and make $20.

Shit, it’s not enough yet.

Again, you keep escalating it and then you make $200. It’s still not enough!!!

But, trust me, if you are able to make $200 online, you will soon be able to make the $2000 you want to quit your job.

And you will also be able to make $20.000 pretty soon, being able to not only quit the cog-job you hate – but living a life of wealth and freedom that a few people can live.

(20k monthly income and you are in the top 10% earners of the world)

Remember what Munger said:

Step by step you get ahead, but not necessarily in fast spurts.

It works like a miracle whether you run a home based business or if you want to be a Hollywood Start or pro athlete.

Step 2: Momentum

And this brings us to the 2nd and key step.

First, you have to slug it out one inch at a time, day by day.

Do you know why you do that?

Because that’s what creates momentum.

When you make $2, you see how easy it is to make money online and then you keep it up and make $20, $200 and then $2000. Then, this momentum pushes you towards $20.000 and beyond.

That’s why I believe Fiverr is the best way to start making money online.

It’s ridiculously easy to get an order and make your first $4. Soon enough, you create winning momentum that changes your life.

Michael is only one of the several guys who listened to me, started a Fiverr business and now make pretty good money off it.

Hash and Caleb are another two. (Note: Those of you who started to kick ass on Fiverr or business in general, send me an e-mail and let me know about it!)

Caleb even told me he is now in the process of outsourcing his work, which will probably skyrocket his earnings to 5k+ a month.

But it all comes down to a) starting small and b) achieving multiple small wins.

Each win pushes you forward to win another time. Before you realize it, you put your hands in your pocket and grab the money, instead of your pants’ fabric.

When I started as an entrepreneur, I only started trying to make an extra $300 on the side.

When I saw how simple it were to make $300 – I tried to make $1000.

Then $4000, $10.000 and so on.

I didn’t say: “Oh, I will do this right now and instantly make $20.000 a month”.

That’s the stupidest thing in the world.

The people who believe that you are not an entrepreneur if you make only $300 extra a month are even more stupid.

“Oh, it’s just $300 – no big deal. My employer pays me more. Yet, I have to wake up every morning at 7 am, drive to work for 1 hour and spend half of my day doing something I despise. But, making just $300? No thanks!”

Great buddy, keep slaving away at your stupid job.

I will definitely send you a post-card from Italy and UK that I will be having a vacation during the next months – while working from my computer.

I had the perseverance to start small and be consistent with my businesses.

And it paid off.

Listen, it takes momentum to reach your desired level of success.

Step by step you get ahead, but not necessarily in fast spurts.

If you want to build a billion dollar business, you have to first build a million dollar business.

If you want to get down to 9% body fat, and look chiseled, you have to first lose 2 kg and not take it back.

If you want to win the world chess championship, you have to first win a smaller, local tournament.

You build your way up, step by step.

Each step creates momentum to take another. Soon enough, you are running while everyone else is simply walking.

It doesn’t take a lot of time before you’ve reached the finish line where you can enjoy the utmost wealth and freedom.

Let others suck someone’s cock, beg for a paycheck and pray to not get fired when the economy goes lame.

By then, your momentum is untouchable.

Keep daring and conquering.

Until Next Time Conquerors,

Damian Pros

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Home Based Business: From $2 To $2000 And Eventually $20.000

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