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Healthy Body Fat Percentage: 10 Reasons Lower Body Fat Wins For Health & Aesthetics

Stop wondering what a healthy body fat percentage is.

The answer is lower body fat. Being lean and shredded (anywhere between 6-12%) is the ideal body fat percentage for optimal health, attractiveness, hormonal balance, survival and emotional stability.

low body fat benefits

I wasn’t always like that, but looking like that is simply what makes me feel & look incredible every single day.

Lower body fat is the ideal way to go.

People who claim otherwise do it for two reasons.

  1. They were never disciplined enough to become super lean or never understood how easy it is.
  2. They think they have to sacrifice the foods they like to eat to look like that, so they prefer looking mediocre.

But, this is nonsense.

Either way, maintaining lower body fat percentage levels is not only healthy for your body, but for your overall attractiveness and psychology.

10 Reasons Lower Body Fat Wins For Health & Aesthetics

1. Better Facial Shape / Model Like Jawline

Once you start getting lean, you are going to notice that your jaw and cheekbones will start becoming more pronounced.

You no longer look puffy like a muffin.

Decreasing your body fat can have a shocking impact on your appearance.

Have you ever seen a fat model?

No, because models should look stunning all year round. Keeping their body fat low (6-12% for men and 13-18% for women) makes them look 10x better compared to higher body fat percentages.

You might not be a model, but should this be an excuse for not looking impressive?

Hell no!

Getting lean, athletic and having a jaw-dropping physique is not only for models. It’s a prerequisite for anybody who wants to look awesome, feel fantastic and convey that feeling to others.

Yes, the way you look can have a huge impact on your success and interpersonal relationships.

2. Lower Estrogen Levels – Increased Testosterone

High levels of body fat are correlated with lower total and free testosterone as well as higher estrogen levels

Why is that?

According to research [1], the genes that regulate your body fat percentage are also responsible for testosterone production.

High estrogen and low testosterone are the reasons modern men look soft and behave like effeminate weaklings.

Lower levels of body fat can combat this. While several people claim that low body fat also impairs testosterone production, that only happens when you go too low (less than 6%) and also remove fat from your diet plan.

And that’s because sources of foods that contain healthy fats are essential for proper muscle growth and hormonal function.

The ideal body fat percentage for men is around 7-10% and 14-19% for women.

As you can see on this chart by The American Counsel on Exercise [2] – that’s within the range of “athletes”.

That’s where you should be to look and feel incredible.

At that level, you aren’t likely to suffer from low testosterone due to low body fat. Following a solid nutrition plan with healthy fats included can also keep your testosterone balanced.healthy body fat percentage

3. Improved Agility, Speed & Overall Performance

You can pretty much understand that this is self evident, don’t you?

I will give you a very practical example to demonstrate it. If you have a fatass and a badass, who do you think will be able to run faster, perform better and be more flexible?

The badass wins because he is better conditioned and doesn’t have to carry around the extra weight of his fat belly.

decrease body fat percentage

4. Skyrocketed Perceived Attractiveness

When you are lean and mean, you are also considered incredibly sexier. This is true for both men and women.

If you take a look at the top 101 sexy celebrity pics on the web, you will notice that all these hotties are very lean. They belong in the optimal body fat percentage range for women, which is 14-19%.

In the same sphere, men with abdominals carved out of steel are also considered strong and sexy.

While there are women who claim that there is some charm in men with a little belly, that’s absolute nonsense.

If a man with a belly is attractive, then he is so because of his character, achievements, riches or all of these. It’s not due to his fat belly.

Real, masculine men should be shredded and look athletic. While not every woman will admit she cares about rock-hard abs, no woman would ever say that being ripped and muscular is not attractive.

On the contrary, tons of women would say that being fat is plainly disgusting and unattractive.

5. Enhanced Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

When you look fantastic you feel fantastic

When you feel fantastic, great things happen just because you feel that way. Winners look fantastic, because good looks create winners.

Looking yourself in the mirror and feeling ashamed of your body is the worst way to destroy your self-confidence. Cutting down to low body fat is the best way to skyrocket it.

6. Enjoy Massive Cheat Days Without Any Remorses

Eat all you crave without feeling bad afterwards.

They say that you can’t eat like that and stay lean. I say that you can stay lean and eat whatever you want.

I didn’t accomplish that level of leanness by eating salads and starving to death daily.

Instead, I eat whatever I want almost every day.

And when my cheat day comes, I nail it completely:

how to reduce body fat

Upper squares: cheat day meals – Lower squares: regular meals (lunch)

You see, dieting is not at all about avoiding the foods you like eating. Unless you don’t know the correct way to diet.

If you know the simple rules of dieting, you can be ripped without sacrificing the joy of eating well.

7. Your Muscles Look Sharp & Super Defined

A few days ago, a guy in the gym asked me: “Wow, how did you become bigger so fast?”

I didn’t become bigger.

I measure my chest and arms every week. They remained the same.

Yet, I dropped several pounds of fat and got rid of excess water weight. This made my muscles look bigger and more defined than when I had higher levels of body fat.

(Like in the image below)

healthy body fat percentage

Sculpting your body is not only about getting as big as you possibly can, but also about creating muscle definition.

In that image, I simply look like a fatass.

In fact, that was a few months before I started cutting down to lower levels of body fat. The lightning is crappy, but I don’t look good at all.

That’s because I gained about 14 kg in a course of 7 months and my body fat probably went over 20%. However, once I started getting leaner, my muscles started looking incredibly sharp and defined.

8. Increased Overall Health

Usually, maintaining low levels of body fat correlates with good heart function.

The reason is self-evident.

While you can decrease your body fat percentage by dieting alone, most of the times, you are also going to lift weights and do some cardio.

As a result, your overall health and wellness is improved.

Like 2+2=4, exercising improves your health as opposed to sitting down on a couch and watching TV all day. You don’t have to be a nuclear physicist to understand that.

What’s more, you can’t maintain low body fat if you eat junk food all the time, so staying lean and mean instantly promotes your overall health.

There is some room for sugar, sweets and fast food – but nothing in moderation could do you big harm.

9. Discipline & Focus

When you learn how to decrease your body fat and achieve that sexy, lean physique you also learn to be disciplined and focused.

You can’t be in top notch physical shape unless you are disciplined and focused on what you do.

And if you learn to do that in the gym, you can do that in anything you want to accomplish in life.

10.You Never Feel Ashamed To Take Off Your T-shirt

Whether you are heading to the beach or at home with the girl you picked up at the club, you will never have to second guess about taking off your T-shirt!

And that alone, feels plainly damn fantastic.


Now that you know why you should keep your body fat percentage low, it’s time to learn how you can actually do it.

I have created these additional resources for you, to help you cut down to low levels of body fat and finally look ripped like a Hollywood model:

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Check Resource #2:

How to Reduce Stomach Fat & Build a Body You Can Be Proud Of

Do you have any questions about body fat, weight loss or fat loss?

Hit me up in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

Keep Daring and Conquering,

Damian Pros

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Healthy Body Fat Percentage: 10 Reasons Lower Body Fat Wins For Health & Aesthetics

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