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Grant Cardone Meeting (Being a Millionaire NEVER Felt So BROKE!) – 10X Rule feat. Damian Prosalendis

I had a meeting in Miami with my mentor Grant Cardone, world renown author of 10X Rule, public speaker, hecta-millionaire and manager of the 750 Billion dollar fund: Cardone Capital.
I recorded it all, and compiled some of Grant’s best advice in this video:

This advice applies to every New Age Conqueror in here.
I could have kept it private, and that’s what Grant suggested actually
Grant told me “dude make money, screw this documenting thing, don’t you wanna make money?”
But I didn’t listen to him on that regard.
When I was broke at age 19, and had to pick a mattress up from the trash to sleep on, I didn’t have access to this kind of information.
I didn’t have 700+ New Age Conquerors to give me advice, support me, give me direction. I didn’t have any mentors.
I was lost.
Damn, I WISH somebody had given me a kick in the but earlier and showed me what’s possible!
Why didn’t I learn about this when I was 14 years old?
Nobody told us…
  1. Our parents didn’t because they didn’t know….
  2. Society didn’t because they probably didn’t want me (or you) to know….
  3. The school didn’t tell us because it had other plans for us…
But low and behold because you can only keep a Conqueror chained for so long before they discover the god damn truth!
Give me the choice, show me all the options and let me choose motherfuckers.
Don’t shove your preferred option down my throat and tell me there is no other way.
Because there is another way.
Ordinary people read the story they were given and accept it unconditionally.
New Age Conquerors change their god damn story to fit their own worldview no matter what.
We DO WHAT WE WANT, and get rich as fuck in the process!
What I am here to do for you, is what nobody was there to do for me when I was 19, broke and hopeless.
That’s what great mentors do.
They make you feel uncomfortable when you start getting comfortable.
It’s hard for your ego, but it propels you to greatness.
What this family is here to do for you, is whatever your family and close environment failed to do.
To be truthful and supportive and push you to greatness.
If you have watched the video of my 10X meeting with Grant Cardone in Miami once, watch it AGAIN.
I have watched it 5+ times. This is a GOLD video and you MISS OUT big time if you only watch it once.
If you haven’t yet watched the video, you MUST watch it now.
Until next time,
Keep daring and conquering
Damian Prosalendis – Self Made Multi Millionaire New Age Conqueror
PS: Check out the video’s description on YouTube. There is an amazing CONTEST going on to celebrate our first 1000 subs on YT.
Let’s take over the fucking world.

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Grant Cardone Meeting (Being a Millionaire NEVER Felt So BROKE!) - 10X Rule feat. Damian Prosalendis

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